@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 She equated Jimmy D.'s simple "F you AOC" on youtube w/ actual violence. Which was a response to her gaslighting activists on forcing a M4A floor vote. And she seems to have an army of "shut down" trolls who speech-police people on the left for challenging her - 1/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 not via logical argument, but fallacious ad hominem & strawman attacks. Trolling, basically. And I've been noticing her own rhetorical tactics lately. She engages in a lot of disingenuous dissembling, which I find pretty creepy in a kind of foreshadowing sense as to where 2/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 this is heading for her, politically. All her bullshit over tossed salad on home video RE VZ, too, along with her "I haven't decided yet about Assange." I mean, I'll say it too: fk you, AOC. 3/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 On VZ she was literally spouting CIA and Big Oil talking points for overthrowing an elected gov for OIL. And she's supposed to be all about a GND? But she's plugging for an oil coup d'etat? And then she's so horrified by this storming at the Capitol bldg? 4/
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 What does she think she's promoting for Venezuelans? Someone posted today she follows Guaido's account & we've seen her post in response to anonymous VZ coupist accounts -obsequiously thanking them for their *erudite* political advice; i.e. the same way she fawns over Pelosi
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 She seems to align herself in shallow ladder climbing ways. She's more interested in that than muscling through any real or significant legislation .. why she originally said she wanted to get elected.

Very disappointing.

@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 7/7 The kindest thing I can say? I think the Dems were really stupid to put her out there in front on TV after what happened Wed. At best, she's too inexperienced.

But maybe they don't want to succeed in throwing Trump out. They should have done it at the beginning but it was
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 8/8 *only* ordinary Americans being killed - not members of Congress being threatened instead. And we all know they don't give a sh't about any of us.
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 9/9 One more thing .. I read - shortly before this Wed "storming" - and before the reelection of Pelosi - a small group of "Force The Vote" (for a M4A floor vote) non-violent activists conscientiously wearing masks went to the Capitol Bldg to have a sit-in at AOC's office-
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 10/ (as she has advocated for people to do to representatives) - and to talk with her about withholding votes for Pelosi. I'm understanding they weren't allowed into the building on the basis of the pandemic. Yet here they allowed an entire unmasked mob in -
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 11/ so, clearly they weren't worried about the pandemic. They felt instead threatened about being held accountable on single payer legislation -which they've been jacking the public around on - and bullsh'tting them on for decades to get votes w/out delivering the goods.
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 12/ AOC, now known to be no exception, herself counting on the reliability of American political amnesia. Meanwhile - on Wed, 4,000 American died of Covid-19 and by early Feb we are on track to see 1/2 million people dead bc of this pandemic.
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 13/ Yet what was AOC advertising herself as doing? Getting coffee and pastries guaranteed instead - and for her traumatized colleagues - along with on-site counseling - already paid for by our tax dollars for their cushy health plans, along with an additional 5 million dollars -
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 14/ we just gave these pol's for additional upgrades to their already deluxe on-site Congressional health clinic.

And while they refuse to hold a floor vote on Medicare For All.

You know if a floor vote was a bad idea, Pelosi would have done it already.
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 15/ These so-called progressives? They're Pelosi's window dressing. They're bullsh't. "Mama Bear?"
What kind of work culture is this? Make me vomit. More like Mama Mafia. They serve and protect her. Other Dems didn't have a problem not voting for her. Why should they?
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 16/ They act like she's Mama Mafia. Or even, the Madam of a brothel they work in. It's sickening. They don't act like law-makers. They can't even bring themselves to say to this 17 termer: "We won't vote for you if you don't do this. Take it or leave it." #FraudSquad
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 17/ The more they go after us for exposing them, the more they expose themselves. So they can either listen and deliver like grown-ups. Or they can nose-dive.
@Ihavenousefora1 @shipman96 18/
In the meantime, we are going to further begin discussing possible related strategies of no longer voting for prog Dems AT ALL.

Unless they deliver the goods on Medicare For ALL. #AllMeansAll

• • •

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More from @OldSaukRiver

10 Jan
#SinglePayerSunday Real #MedicareForAll supporters don't insist "citizenship" be a requirement or advocate felonizing the delivery of health care to the undocumented. They also don't pretend AOC's gaslighting on forcing Pelosi to hold a #FloorVote is "wisdom." It was ka-ka. 1/
2/ Last but not least, they also don't get a bunch of trolls to gang up on, or bully and harass, advocates of #ForceTheVote

#SinglePayerSunday Wonder who we're referencing?

#SinglePayerNOW #MedicareForALL
#M4A #USA #M4AVoters
#MedicareForALLVoters #M4Anow #SinglePayer
Health care is a human right! Pass it now! #MedicareForALL (and by "All," we mean ALL). Farmworkers are human beings who need health care too! So are all people in the United States! Delivering health care is not a crime under ANY circumstance!

#SinglePayerSunday #ForceTheVote
Read 6 tweets
9 Jan
And now his impeachment & removal, at this last stage of the game, while probably a good idea to barr him from future fed offices, is nevertheless another distraction by Congress to evade their responsibility to pass #MedicareForAllnow & #retroactiveStimulus2000 in this #pandemic
It also makes him ineligible 4 benefits under The Former Pres's Act. Tho frankly, I think many members of Congress should be ineligible for theirs (healthcare, for example, NTM pensions) while they neglect responsibilities to the American public on #M4A & liveable #socialsecurity
On second thought, I'll change "probably a good idea" to "perhaps" - needing time to think about it more carefully. And given the grave deceptions and hypocrisy of Congress altogether.

There's also their interpretations of law AFA Trump is concerned on this specific matter.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jan
*5 dead at Capitol* Such drama. They keep pushing this b.s.

2 died of natural causes - a heart attack & stroke. 1, in an accident of their own making.

Only deaths relevant to what happened is the possible murder of a police officer & the police murder of an unarmed protester*
* We know she was unarmed bc she was using her arms to climb. Like, who couldn't handcuff or non-lethally arrest or stop. She was executed while climbing. Maybe she had mixed-up opinions, but these same people defending an execution are also claiming a moral high ground on-
"respect for the Rule of Law" "There is nothing higher than the Rule Of Law"

Well WTH do they think COTUS is? It's o.k. to execute her bc you don't like her opinions? I don't either - but it doesn't mean it's o.k. for the police to execute her. That *is* yr "Higher Rule Of Law"
Read 8 tweets
9 Jan
1/ Quite a thing watching liberals advocate 50 years in the U.S. gulags for putting your feet up on Pelosi's desk & diminishing him on the basis of WC status (i.e. "the guy who changes my oil at Jiffy Lube"). However reprehensible the man's other views & the grotesque disparities
2/ in justice in our legal system - on the basis of BOTH race & CLASS - the point is not making the Kafkaesque cruelty apply to everyone instead - but the reverse.
3/ Figuratively speaking, this is exactly what we should be seeing, in challenge to Pelosi's BOGUS honor & authority, but ITO of the real bread & butter issues facing all Americans - instead of the highway robbery instigated and protected by BOTH Democrats and Republicans -
Read 5 tweets
9 Jan
We are the tax-paying majority yet w/NO say on how OUR $ is spent, while a wealthy minority pays ZERO yet has ALL say in how OUR $ is spent @JoeBiden

We demand what's normal & common sense in other 21st C nations

Retroactive mthly #Stimulus2000 #COVID19




Enough is enough! #NationalStrike
Read 4 tweets
13 Jun 20
@BenjaminNorton VZ has no death penalty either - while we stand among the worst w/ largest prison incarceration in the world, we have disgusting gulags.

Plus, VZ has among the cleanest elections systems, w/Maduro "the dictator" elected by popular landslide via a full national audit.
@BenjaminNorton +they are moving forward in social programs at what would be considered break-neck pace in the U.S. where we can't get anything done w/that cesspool of corruption & incompetence in Congress - and I, personally, have no confidence left in our elections-primaries or general.
@BenjaminNorton It's a bad joke listening to the DP telling people to vote in primaries "like your life depended on it" - as if it was an election against Trump? It's the damn primary totally rigged for Biden. So when you see voter suppression in George - it's for Biden. @Greg_Palast
Read 9 tweets

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