#Archaeology31 #point

On many of the Iron Age torcs we've looked at there are lots of little punched dots either in lines or on the top of dummy rivets. Little points.

Thread. ImageImageImage
They are around 1mm in diameter and appear to have been made with the same punching tool used to create the linear infilling marks. ImageImage
So what made these marks? We believe it was a round headed punch, though not entirely spherical, as attested to by the little ripples in the linear punched marks.
@findsorguk database is full of little punches - e.g. this one from Kent KENT-E93BF5 - but as a tool that would have had multiple uses + had a design that wouldn't have changed much over the years, they inevitably have broad dates.

But maybe one of them made the marks above...😊 Image

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14 Jan
#Archaeology31 #Hidden

So much of the evidence from torcs is hidden. Sometimes it is hidden from eyes who don't know how to interpret it, sometimes it is too teeny to spot with the naked eye or is physically hidden within wires and terminals...

Thread. Image
When we started looking at torcs + had concerns about the standard theory that all terminals were lost wax cast + cast directly onto the wires, we knew we needed to be able to look inside for answers. But Newark, Grotesque + Great Torc are complete so we couldn't see inside... ImageImage
After some Googling, @bodgit_bendit found the Netherurd terminal - a detached torc terminal with a hidden story to tell.

The hidden evidence showed, as we'd suspected, that it was not directly cast on + not even lost wax cast, but instead created using three pieces of sheet gold Image
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13 Jan
#Archaeology31 #Gender

Often we talk about 'craftsmen', 'craftsmanship', 'he did' etc etc.....

But there is nothing - not one thing - that suggests goldsmithing was carried out by men only.

In medieval London, several female goldsmiths are recorded and we work with female goldsmiths and silversmiths who are more than capable.

There is no physical necessity in the craft that means it could not be carried out by women.
If we are correct in our belief that goldsmithing in the Iron Age was likely family groups, or kin apprenticeships, then the younger and more immersively you start to learn, the better skill you get.
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11 Nov 20
After long chat with @SaHreports last night, he told me this cartoon was result of a day spent at Stonehenge enquiry, overhearing conversations in 2018.

But, even if intended in jest, there's some hefty + unpleasant accusations contained within that need clarifying.

Firstly, EH trying to up revenue thru parking + pay to view - having been around SH enquiries + knowing those involved for 25+ years I have never heard this hinted, let alone part of the plan. For many years archs have discussed how best Stonehenge can be accessed and situated.
Wessex Archaeology - yes there are tendered contracts. Publically available.

Also confidentially clauses are standard in big projects - but the quotes in the cartoon make it sound insidious. It isn't.
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10 Nov 20
This Friday there will be a decision made about whether the Stonehenge tunnel will built.

Over the years I have seen many plans put forward for Stonehenge - from previous plans for tunnels to road widening and other associated works.

These previous plans have on the whole united the archaeology world in opposition. However, the current plan is different - it has divided the archaeological world in two.
Stonehenge is unusual. Unique in its scale, landscape and presence, it is nonetheless another monument which, many would argue, has been elevated in its status and focus, skewing archaeological thought towards southern Britain for many years.
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26 Oct 20
Ok following the 'events' of the last couple of days I thought it might be useful to provide a quick 'How to spot a nasty in an archaeological forum' guide, because they're not always obvious to those beyond the field of archaeology....

Which topics excite responses?

The short answer is anything that doesn't fit the 'white ancestry' trope, but may also include anything discussing non - traditional roles for women, the presence of LGBTQ+ people in the past, etc etc.
Favourite topics are -

Cheddar Man, Somerset.
Whitehawk Woman, Sussex. 
Roman Ivory Bangle lady burial, York.
Black Romans in the military. 
Viking women buried w/ military equipment, e. g, Birka.
Reframing of the history of stately homes to include their slavery connections.
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