Only those who could [can] be controlled [via blackmail or like-beliefs] were installed in critical leadership positions across all political & non-political Control & Command Positions [CCP].
CCP [necessary] to ensure protective blanket [insurance].
Traitors everywhere.
[D] leadership in joint ops w/ China [CCP] in effort to regain power?
It was never about the virus.
Sequence of events.
Flynn 1st strike designed to 1. cripple 2. prevent exposure of illegal acts [Hussein WH CoC] through NAT SEC [intel] discovery 3. Install ‘controlled’ replacement [rogue1_McMaster].
McMaster removal of ‘loyalist’ intel community_NAT SEC
Install ‘controlled’ [rogue2_Coats_DNI] prevent DECLAS [House-Senate blockade].
Pre_Install [rogue3-6] > referral(s) to POTUS re: McMaster_Coats_Wray_Bolton_+++
Install ‘controlled’ [rogue7_Bolton]
Bolton removal of ‘loyalists’ intel community_NAT SEC
Intel community [NAT SEC_WH] essential to control [infiltration] to prevent DECLAS_public exposure of true events [illegal surv [R] candidates 1&2, House members 1-x , Senate members 1-x , Journalists 1-x , Amb 1-x] +
CLAS 1-99 events.
Mueller installed [Comey termination_loss of power][POTUS inside of a box][prevent counter-attack].
Impeachment installed [Mueller termination _loss of power][POTUS inside of box][prevent counter-attack].
C19 insurance plan _above fail
C19 installed [Impeachment termination _loss of power][POTUS inside of box][prevent counter-attack].
C19 _stage 1: Inform POTUS [intel + CDC + WHO + S_advisor(s)] _nothing to fear _do not close travel _do nothing [the political ‘set up’]
C19 _stage 2: Inform POTUS of Dooms Day ‘inaccurate’ scenarios [models] predicting death count 1mm+ [the political ‘force’] _lock down [wipe economic and unemployment gains]
C19 _stage 3: Activate ‘controlled’ [D] GOVS to ‘spike’ death count + project statewide fear by presenting ‘alarming’ on-ground conditions [hospital [care-supplies] projections].
C19 _stage 4: Push testing, testing, testing to spike ‘infected’ rate incline due to daily testing inc [the political ‘set up’] _controlled MSDNC failure to report death count [rates] proportional to ‘infected’ rate _deliberate miscounting of infected numbers [%] _change non_
positive to positive _label death of non_C19 as C19 _etc.
C19 _stage 5: Eliminate / censor any opposing views [anti-narrative]
[Ready when needed] Activate 4-year BLM narrative 4x power [use as division + [2020] C19 infect rates to justify close-limit until Nov 3].
C19 calculated [D] political gain:
1. Eliminate record economic gains
2. Eliminate record unemployment gains
3. Shelter Biden from public appearances _limit public exposure of mental condition
4. Shelter Biden from Ukraine exposure _narrative change _media focus C19
5. Shelter Biden from P_debates [requested demands due to C19]
6. Delay [D] convention _strategic take-over of nominee post conf
7. Eliminate_delay POTUS rallies _term energy
8. Eliminate ability for people to gather _ divide
9. Eliminate ability to find peace – strength in time of need [strict Church closures]
10. Promote mail-in-voting as only ‘safe’ method _bypass NSA election security [installed midterms +1].
11. Push state-bailout stimulus [CA][NY] + wish list items
12. Increase national debt [place China into controlling debt position _regain leverage]
13. Test conditional limits of public acceptance [obey]
14. Test conditional limits of public non_acceptance
15. Test conditional limits of State authority [Gov-mayor]
16. Test conditional limits of Media [social] censorship
Who benefits the most?
China [CCP]?
Russia is the enemy.
China is our friend.
[MSDNC [social media] programming]
All assets deployed.
Everything seen yesterday, today, and tomorrow = calculated political moves/events designed and launched by [D] party in coordination with other domestic and foreign entities in an attempt to regain power over you.
Prevent accountability.
Your voice and your vote matters.
Patriots stand united.
Welcome to the Revolution.

• • •

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14 Jan
If the USA were already surrounded by CCP troops both in Canada & in Mexico, would the government even tell us? Also, if Biden is allowed to be seated as @POTUS would this then trigger the "invasion" Red Dawn scenario? #TheMoreYouKnow @SecPompeo
Would the swearing-in of their compromised choice, Joe Biden, then trigger Biden just allowing the invasion to happen? As Commander-in-Chief, him being actually compromised (tons of evidence + stolen election) would the communist overthrow be entirely complete?
In this scenario, the Republic is lost for future generations for all time-the exact opposite of what 74M Trump supporters wanted. If Patriots allow this INFILTRATION, I'm seeing pointers to an immediate INVASION of the USA. Someone somewhere must end this potential timeline.
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12 Jan
Since 2018 I have warned multiple times that Hillary and Bill were trying to get Kamala Harris into the @WhiteHouse. Then, when she polled at what, 2% I thought it was over. She talked to Joe like a dog @ debates. But you see, that was all PART OF THEIR PLAN to insert her.
"Moderate" Dems didn't know that was the plan when they voted for Biden thinking he was somewhere in the middle somehow (I can't explain their logic) but the Radicals knew Kamala was always the PLANT from the Clintons.
The Voter Fraud was a key integral part of the con which is why HRC put the word out for ole Beijing Biden to "never concede" because she knew they had the districts they needed on standby ready to Ruby Freeman all night long and get the job done for Joey Bribes.
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12 Jan
"The first thing he did was to prohibit regular uniformed police from interfering with Nazi Brownshirts out in the streets." Sound familiar? @IvankaTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr

And this: "Neither the instructions nor the affairs of the Gestapo will be open to review by the administrative courts." This meant the Gestapo was now above the law and there could be no legal appeal regarding anything it did.
And this: Suspected anti-Nazis would now vanish without a trace into the misty night never to be seen again. The desired effect as stated by Himmler was to "leave the family and the population uncertain as to the fate of the offender."
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11 Jan
In the late 90's, when I began publishing news online, many different people used to steal my content & also my headlines word for word. I never complained about it. It still happens today. Don't want fame. Don't want celebrity. Just want my country back in full. That's it.
I have been waking people up for 26 years. Untold number of posts in total. I've been loved & I have been despised. The truth doesn't always make ppl happy if it doesn't fit their own conceptions of reality. The truth, much like God, doesn't need your approval to be or exist.
There is only information and disinformation. There is only intelligence and counter-intelligence (which is basically the same as the first sentence). Disinformation agents often gate-keep which means they don't tell the FULL STORY although they know it.
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11 Jan
--- -. . / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / .- .-. --. ..- . / -.. . -- --- -.-. .-. .- - ... / --- .-. --. .- -. .. --.. . -.. --..-- / ..-. ..- -. -.. . -.. --..-- / .- -. -.. / -.-. .- .-. .-. .. . -.. / --- ..- - / .- / ..-. .- .. .-.. . -.. / .. -. ... ..- .-. .-. . -.-. - .. --- -.
-- ..- .-.. - .. .--. .-.. . / ..-. .- .. .-.. . -.. / -.-. --- ..- .--. / .- - - . -- .--. - ... .-.-.- / .-.-. ..... ----- / .- - - . -- .--. - ... / --- -. / .-.. .. ..-. . / --- ..-. / .--. --- - ..- ...
- .... .. ... / -- --- .-. ... . / -.- . . .--. ... / .-.. .. -... . .-. .- .-.. ... / -... ..- ... -.-- / ..-. --- .-. / -.. .- -.-- ... .-.-.-
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