1.When you see these being given little badges & jackets, you might say, to go around collecting data ON YOU. Remember too, they’re not even taught any longer like the old police.The police used to have a training where they at least had to be civil to the public.
2. Now they're turned out through the filters of the Israel secret service training machines. There used to be a common respect of NO-NOs between local neighbours because things you say 👇
3. can make it all the way to the local café or where the cops go & have their coffee & so on & data is collected. Now you have posters splattered all over bus stops, train stations offering rewards & a direct line contact to a waiting Common Purpose ear.
4.A lot of Eastern Star women are involved in data
collection. Some of them have actually admitted that, that’s their job. So you have to be very careful, 👇
5. because Now is time to start guarding your thoughts because these lists have been drawn up for a very good purpose, a very Common Purpose & it won’t be just to give you a little fine for WRONG-THINK.
Very interesting the term *Jackstraw* has been removed. "When you see these *Jackstraw* being given little badges & jackets"......

• • •

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12 Jan
1. In the Covid-ClimateChange Agenda you have big New Age religion that they always create to bring the New Normal. A religion where, under the guise of being completely accepting of everything you are told & completely intolerant of anything or anybody with a different opinion👇
2. In the New religion of the Church of the CCC, tolerance is completely forbidden, along with Freespeech.Those with differing opinions are to be hunted down like game & muzzled into silence & jabbed in the arm.
3. There is no absolute right or wrong in this new religion & if you claim that there is you'll see how tolerant they become. We’re watching this happen & people are flooding into it really thinking & being brought up with it, many of them, thinking that it's all normal.
Read 16 tweets
12 Jan
1.There is much evidence now that we are being run by a communistic technocratic system. We know for a fact, for instance, that the West SET UP modern day China. Lord Bertrand Russell, in his own memoirs said that he was one of them to be sent over to teach them 👇
2. what they thought was communism. In the 70s & 80s, i used ask myself how come Britain had such a great numbers of Chinese students when they had no factories over there at the time. 👇
3. Britain & Canada were training them to become engineers & business men. As the factories dissapeared here, i realised they were setting up in China & we were training their future engineers & entrepreneurs for factories they didn’t even have at that time.
Read 8 tweets
11 Jan
You have a clear cut agenda at work here folks. And those Authorised & I say, State Authorised media out there the big one's that are put out there for you, they are training you right into the agenda, its a completly rigged State Authorised media.
The Police well they pick the easy targets.There are certain targets they won't even touch for fear of loosing their jobs, so no equality for us in that either. They can spot the easy target pensioners, disabled etc for not wearing masks even though they have excemption of law.
Well, i should say these obsure excemption laws. And, all those big elephant traps out there for you to jump in. Most people don't even care about the sexualisation of children at the best of times.
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11 Jan
What happens now? Well now the left go on a rampage of terror, that's the mantra from now on. Its completely prefabricated intelligence. Go back to the later nineteenth century & Russia watching their own country being taken down by inside forces to be revolutuionaries.
Its a War of terror by media and psychology...so far! The police & military have been indoctrinated. It only takes a few years to get a child to hate it's parent's
Same group running the show today they call themselves "progressives".Their purpose is to manage you from birth to death. Some folk will love it, socialisim stops you from thinking & having to make decisions for yourself. But, you will only love it for as long as they need you!
Read 9 tweets
10 Jan
Democracy this thing they call democracy with central banking & paid conmen to run the show that pretend to be politicians looking after your benefit & the central bank connected to the World Bank connected to about 13 families who run the planet financially it's A MAGIC ACT
The agenda for the New American Century plan published some years ago & before 9/11, had in it that they would
have to go into Iran, Syria & all these countries because the plan is really to standardise the world into the same democracy.
London’s Imperial College Covid-19 Task Force has been found to be the singular source of the false “left” v “right” narrative.
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7 Dec 20
We are living a most devious world with so called experts & the all media who are clearly out in force using persuasion & psychology to try & get the publuc with this Dystopian Technoracy Agenda!
The harder the times the less most people think because they are too busy surviving to worry about the in's & out's of the eugenic Dystopia thats coming.
I remember years ago when this front organisation for the 20 Big Banking families called the United Nations, put out info about how the gap between rich & poor was growing but it also meant the middle where the chasm was the middle class was disappearing.
Read 13 tweets

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