Sri #Aurobindo discussing the laws and mores of different jaatis in Dharmika India. A crass uniformity was never the case and nobody had the right to interfere. 56 inch @narendramodi and @ChouhanShivraj should read, understand and stop making fools of themselves,
Sri #Aurobindo
It was not the business of the state authority to interfere with or encroach upon the free functioning of the caste, religious community, guild, village, township or the
organic custom of the region or province or to abrogate their rights, for these were inherent
because necessary to the sound exercise of the social Dharma.
More on the topic from Sri #Aurobindo. #Unity and not #Uniformity
Indian polity was the system of a very
complex communal freedom and self-determination, each group unit of the community having its own natural existence and administering its own proper life and business,
set off from the rest by a natural demarcation of its field and limits, but connected with the whole by well-understood relations, each a copartner with the others in the powers and duties of the communal existence, executing its own laws and rules,

• • •

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11 Jan
One of the more interesting and lovable customs in #Silchar hotels used be the utensils cleaning by the guests. The waiter would bring a tub and a jug of water and every guest would water and rinse his own plate before eating.
Does it still happen?
The Barak river does a U-turn. Beautiful scenes on the riverfront.
God knows how many waterfalls on the route between Lumding and Silchar. Surely one of the most scenic routes in India.
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19 Nov 20
Remember how the #DiwaliCracker ban was implemented.
1. Sivakasi employs child labor. No evidence found.
2. Sound pollution harms. They imported a gora from Australia to preach. More about this gora in the next tweets.
3. Animals are harmed said the animal eating anushkas.
4. Then air pollution. IIT Kanpur study found Diwali cracker pollution so very negligible that they didn't even mention it.
5. Crackers not mentioned in the Ramayana is the latest reason. Nothing that isn't mentioned in the Ramayana is to be allowed? Insane.
6. Meanwhile a few thousand Hindus have gone into jail, a few murdered as well it seems.
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18 Nov 20
Does Roopa understand the following things.
1. Its supposed to an anti Pollution job
2. Air pollution in places like Delhi reach murderous proportions much before #Diwali
3. Effect cannot come before cause and therefore #Diwali pollution cannot take effect before Diwali
4. Its the job of the government machinery(public servants) to ensure clear air for citizens and create a situation where citizens can celebrate their festivals with joy.
5. IIT Kanpur did a study on Delhi pollution.…
Is Roopa aware of that.
6. That study enumerated causes of air pollution in Delhi. Diwali contribution was miniscule. Didn't merit a mention.
7. Its been 7 years since then. What steps have been taken. The pollution gets worse every year. Does Roopa feel apologetic. Seems to be getting insolent
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13 Nov 20
विवाह करने के उपरांत 56 इंच ने पत्नी को ५० वर्षों से विधवा की तरह रखा है, खुद रण्डवा बना हुआ रहा।
ये त्यौहार, पर्व, उमंग, बच्चे क्या समझेगा?
#DiwaliBan #Diwali Image
विवाहित होने के उपरांत भी विवाहित जीवन का सुख नहीं, बच्चों का सुख नहीं, अपने बच्चे की किलकारी नहीं सुनी ,उनके साथ क्रीड़ा नहीं किया।

प्रधान मंत्री बनने के उपरान्त समस्त देश के बच्चों के साथ दिवाली पर पटाखे बजाता, काशी में गुड्डी उड़ाता परन्तु शापित प्राणी ५६ इंच @narendramodi
हम हिन्दू हैं, यहाँ हर एक बाल श्री कृष्ण का रूप होता है, मुक्त हो कर खेलते है, माखन की मटकी फोड़ता है, कभी सुना है किसी ने फूटी हुई मटकी को गन्दगी कहा, बच्चों के खेलने के उपरान्त बची वस्तुओं को गन्दगी कहा?

ये कुत्सित प्राणी।
56 इंच। Image
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30 Aug 20
#Islam, #Quran, other Islamic holy texts, prophet and other Islamic figures, and social media posts.
Let me start by stating certain facts.
1. Islam is a world religion, is in the public domain and its doctrines are published in the public domain.
2. The Quran is similarly 1/n
available in the public domain. It is propagated as the fount of all wisdom by certain people.
3. The prophet is held up as the ideal human being by some people, as an important world figure by others.
4. #Islamic doctrines, #Quran are published on social media.2/n
Nothing wrong so far. However, there is nothing right about the things that happen next.
Consider the following situation. Somebody publishes a post on social media saying that Islam and its prophet reformed some pre islamic society, somebody publishes a post comparing Islam 3/n
Read 11 tweets
7 Dec 19
This tweet series is for #Hindus and other humane people trying to understand the anti Brahmin, anti Hindu rhetoric and violence being spewed by the christian controlled media in India and christendom.
The aim is to do a #Rwanda.
christian white colonialists set themselves up in #Rwanda. They were Belgians but that isn't important at all. Its the religion that regulates the behavior.
The colonialists created a division in Rwandan called Tutsi and Hutu. Nothing of the sort had ever existed.
The Tutsis were supposed to have different ear sizes or whatever. Colonial administrators classified each and every individual as Tutsi or Hutu. Then they created a Hamitic Invasion Theory whereby the Tutsis were supposed to have invaded and subjugated the Hutus.
Read 7 tweets

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