FACT: The PCR or lateral flow tests do not test for Covid19 nor do they test for even a single or even many SARSCoV2 particles or virions.
The PCR is meant to test for 3 single genes, or small sections of DNA, not even a single virus particle in its entirety. However, these fragments are not identified from the real virus, but in a computer model by 2 people called Corman & Drosten working in a psychiatric hospital.
Corman & Drosten, who work at Charité psychiatric hospital in Berlin, recreated what they think SARSCoV2 is in a model, not in reality, basing it all on a single Chinese study on paper from January 2020, which could be flawed or even entirely fabricated as far as anybody can tell
Corman & Drosten never had access to what was called the SARSCoV2 virus at any stage of the compiling of the protocols of what we in the West use to allegedly test for SARSCoV2. The virus may or may not have been fully isolated, but certainly not by Corman & Drosten at any stage.
"Our" PCR test is based on 3 genes taken from this entirely hypothetical model of SARSCoV2 based on a Chinese paper. However, in April 2020 even the requirement for all 3 genes to require a positive result was altered. Read this thread to dig deeper:
The Lateral Flow test does not test for a virus particle, pictured below, but only for a specific protein in a virus called the N protein. Again, not the entire virus particle itself. Image
The lateral flow tests for the N-protein, or the Nucleocapsid protein, one of at least 4 different protein types in a single SARSCoV2 particle. Image
How do we identify an N protein of SARSCoV2?How do we know what it is like in reality? Once again we rely not on people who have isolated the virus themselves to design the tests, but on a Chinese paper:
Is this N protein, even if correctly identified in the Chinese research, exclusive and specific to a virus called SARSCoV2 & is there a margin of error in both its identification & how specific it is? Let's quote from the above paper:
"Sequence analysis showed that it has 90.52% identity to that of SARS-CoV..Molecular evolutionary analysis of the N proteins showed that SARS-CoV-2 belongs to lineage B betacoronavirus which lies in the same branch as SARS-CoV and two bat coronaviruses"
"The SARS-CoV-2 N protein shares high homology with the SARS-CoV N protein, with a sequence identity of 90.52%."
But here is where you realise that in the end it's all based on the PCR test anyway. If the PCR test/s is/are not fit for purpose (it is not) then neither will the lateral flow. Read carefully how they identified the N protein from blood samples in the Chinese paper:
"Serum samples were collected from recovering COVID-19 patients admitted to the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC between Jan 30 and Feb 23, 2020. 👉All patients were confirmed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 by use of real-time RT- PCR (rRT-PCR)👈"
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The bottom line: we need to look at symptoms & stop testing asymptomatics thinking any device can replace a doctor.
If you want to link the Covid19 disease & science, but are afraid of symptoms (far too human) ⬇️
What happens when you exclude symptoms from the definition of a Covid19 case & rely on "tests". Thread:
If you test the asymptomatic, statistics eliminate false positive effect only if 30% of the population is infected all at once!
Recipe for a casedemic:
1 Eliminate symptoms from testing
2 Mass test asymptomatics
3 Define positive tests as Covid19 cases even if tests do not test for Covid19
4 Repeat ad infinitum that every positive test is a Covid19 case
5 Base graphs on 1-5
Et voila! Casedemic served!
1 Stop testing asymptomatics, PCR & lateral flow protocols confirmed by international scientists without conflicts of interest, not WHO or SAGE
2 Take vitamin D in winter minimum 2,000 IUs
3 Early treatment kits in pharmacies
Why Vitamin D & Omega 3s make a difference (as well as zinc) not lockdowns. Thread:
Thread on why there are false positives in PCR tests:

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