What we know about Trump's Insurrection:

Trump & Thugs organized for weeks this January 6th event.

Buses were rented to bring them all in.

Multiple extremist groups & radicalized individuals were brought in.

Trump & Thugs gave speeches engineered to incite & foment hate.
Trump intentionally gave orders to Capitol police & National Guard to keep them away from the Capitol building.

Of the few Capitol police on site, many of them joined in with the insurrectionist mob.

Several people in the Capitol building were communicating with Trump & Thugs.
Many of the people involved in the insurrectionist attack were ex military or police.

Many of the people attacking the Capitol came with weapons, including explosives, intent to harm or kill people in the building.

Many people chanted to kill Pence & Pelosi.

This was organized
It appears many of the people installed recently at the DOJ helped keep intelligence away from law enforcement & law enforcement away from the Capitol, while keeping the Biden Admin away from knowledge of this planned insurrectionist coup.

Much worse was supposed to happen.
Trump & DJTJ danced & celebrated, on camera, while they watched their insurrectionist mob attack the Capitol.

I can't help imagine what the StormTrumpers who attacked the Capital, and likely Trump himself, expected & wanted to happen, from taking hostages to murder.
We know they also intended to destroy the Electoral Slate votes, in order to "overturn" the election.

Using horrendous lies about non-existent fraud, Trump convinced these mouthbreathers he was more than the Loser he is. They were ready to murder for him. Charles Mason is proud.
If they had succeeded, Trump would have truly destroyed Democracy & installed himself as Dictator of the USA.

Those members of Congress that survived, had he won this coup, would have been forced out of office & likely arrested. Trump might have even used his firing squad...
And still, in Georgia, Trump installed a federal attorney to try to yet overturn the election in that state.

And still, Trump is planning a trip to Alamo Total Landscaping, Texas, in order to either incite a riot there or escape via the border into Mexico...
As Covid-19, our very own version of Stephen King's #CaptainTrips rages, killing over 3000 Americans a day & overwhelming hospitals, & a new mutation is racing through the populace (the gift that keeps on giving), lawmakers in Congress were briefed on 3 possible terror attacks.
Meanwhile, later today, Trump & Thugs are supposedly visiting a small town called Alamo, Texas, for want of a landscaping company, perhaps to start a fight at the border replacement or to slip quietly through to escape the country. Note how far away The Alamo, in San Antonio, is.
Meanwhile, I heard a Republican just use the word Unity...
Besides trump's terrorist MAGAT cultists & capitulating to their "negotiation" demands, what good reason is there for the D.C. A.G. to not just indict Trump for inciting an insurrection he seems to have wanted to end more violently, with deaths & destruction of democracy for all?
I heard a rumor that Trump was going to Alamo, TX - a 5-6 hour drive from any airport - in order to sneak across the border into Mexico & beyond...
Well, it's nearly morning & I'm exhausted. Covid news is depressing me. Trump's MAGATs are depressing me. I'm going to go dream I'm snuggling up to Alex 'Flaggsgard' now. Here's hoping Trump doesn't kill us all.
If I ever go to jail, I'm telling the Judge I only eat ORGANIC Thai & Indian food.
Let us now unite in a Trumpublican-lead partisan effort to overthrow the government via incited, angry insurrectionist terrorist mob.

• • •

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12 Jan
Just letting you all know that I'm still using this account.
This Vampire Smiley Emoji just suited my MOOD,
After Trump & Thugs incited a cultish rabid riotous insurrectionist mob to attack the Capital, and tried to get Congressmembers & the VP killed, so he could take over.
I've been playing with a Toonify app & my next profile pic will likely be one of these or something like them:
And here's a few more of my Toonify pics:
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12 Jan
These MAGAT Yahoos forgot to add the part where the Galactic Federation swoops in at the last minute to help make all the below happen to install Trump as Universal Supreme Leader of the Universe Forever:
I wrote two different threads on this now. lol
Or technically now this makes 3 threads about this craziness:
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10 Jan
From what I'm seeing, Trump put people in the DOJ to help engineer this insurrectionist cult riot by keeping federal law enforcement and national guard away while it was happening because he hoped this mob would kill Pence & Congress members for him & destroy electoral slates.
Trump & his criminal admin & cronies coordinated this failed insurrectionist MAGAT cultist coup. Read this thread for clarification on what happened:
Trump's own speech is all the damning evidence against him needed to show proof he incited this mob & fomented hate & lies in them to propel them like a weapon at the Capitol. It's obvious to anyone.
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