Here's the challenge with disrupting militia plots: most militia dudes are Dunning-Kruger levels of incompetent, but not Dunning-Kruger levels of dangerous.
So the problem is that militia culture is wrapped up in this sort of virtue signalling nonstop. It's all around trying to project yourself as a leader, a military expert, a tactical master, based entirely on what you've read in Tom Clancy novels
So a militia might say things like, alright, here's the plan. We're gonna get 1000 guys, and we're gonna set up a barricade at each of the three entrances to the statehouse, and then we're gonna neutralize the security forces.
Super scary stuff! Just one problem.

Where are they gonna get 1000 guys? How are they going to implement a Command and Control structure for 1000 guys? What are they gonna make the barricades out of?
This requires a high-level of coordination and logistics support that they really just don't actually have the talent or network for. Let alone that the number of guys they claim is always a factor of 100 larger than the number of guys who actually guy.
But the practical realism of their plot doesn't detract from their intent, either.

So the problem of separating wheat from chaff is a problem is assessing competence and reach.
Jan 6 happened because a lot of guys did show up to guy.

But there was no unified C2, so the result was a lot of aimless people with no plan, and thank god for that.

Imagine if there was that level of coordination, though.
Scalability, followed by control, has always been the bottleneck for the white supremacist movements broadly. This is also the bottleneck to effective neutralization, because you have to not invest a lot of resources in stopping guys who have bad intentions but suck a lot.
So while the plan to "encircle the Capitol and kill democrats" is very scary, it is also very unrealistic.

A plan to build an RV bomb is much more realistic, and should represent the threat we should try to identify and isolate.

• • •

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11 Jan
Trust me, you want to live in a world where companies are legally forced to host people openly plotting to murder you a lot less than one where they can opt not to host the detailed plans for your murder
Imagine if someone was like, “hey, can you hang on to these papers for me for a few weeks I’ll pay you ten bucks” and you were like “yeah sure why not” and then they were like “yeah by the way these are detailed plans for blowing up a power plant *and* my beef stew recipe”
And then you couldn’t say no
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11 Jan
So let’s talk conspiracy. Conspiracy laws in the US generally require:

- two or more people
- coming together to agree on doing something
- and an overt act*

*some laws, notably drug laws, don’t require this
Broadly speaking, not every person in a conspiracy needs to know every other person in the conspiracy.

Also sometimes all it takes is for one person to take an overt act
So what this means for you is you can’t outsource criming. If you conspire with me, and I conspire with a third person, and that third person commits the act, we’re all in the conspiracy together
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11 Jan
Yes. Such positions are held through a lens of anti-subordination, not anti-discrimination, because anti-discrimination theory does not address the realities of existing power differentials.

This is a well-studied civil rights proposition.
Acting like this is some kind of gotcha just reveals the naivety of the digital rights movement.

Anti-subordination principles are in the minority compared to anti-discrimination ones, but they do exist and are gaining more acceptance.
When platforms treat all users equally, it creates a dynamic whereby the powerful dominate the oppressed, which has the effect of silencing the oppressed. Worse, when the oppressed try to use stronger measures to push back, they run afoul of the “equal treatment” principles
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10 Jan
A little primer for folks on the federal criminal justice process:
If an officer has probable cause to arrest someone on sight, they have a limited window where that person can be detained before charges are filed. Those charges are usually filed on the basis of one or more arresting officers’ complaints.
If a person is not arrested on the spot, but identified later or released without arrest, a law enforcement can still file a complaint with a magistrate judge and obtain an arrest warrant.
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10 Jan
I know we’re all enamored with the new Christmas tradition of blowing up an entire city block on Christmas Day, so I must join the chorus of concerned folks who worry that if we don’t provide a forum for people who want to blow up city blocks, a vital Xmas tradition will be lost.
If we don‘t let angry white men blow up city blocks, then we will lose so many other vital liberties. How can you connect with other people exploring gender, if your city blocks aren’t blowing up?
I’m here today to honor those dead in the latest Target mass shooting, a tragic but necessary cost of our freedoms, without their sacrifice we might not be able to express displeasure at our cable companies.
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10 Jan
“Everyone should be entitled to X, except for Nazis” is truly not the devastating sociocultural challenge people try to make it out to be
What if I told you society can just hum right along *without* a perpetual death threat and harassment factory
Envision the radical world where a healthy society grows even without endless mass violence against minorities
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