These people are full of shit demagogues, using a deliberately narrow range of 5 years to make 2020 all cause mortality appear extraordinary, when in fact its only the 9th highest toll per 100,000 in the last 28 years.

BBC employs the same slight of hand, using a narrow 5-year range to posit a "15% increase in excess deaths" which are then standardized and compared to the prior whole, providing the completely inflated total of 697k.…
Read the third sentence in the BBC report very carefully:

"When the age and size of the population is taken into account 2020 saw the worst death rates since...

**the mid 2000s**."

Remember all those Plagues before the mid-2000's?

Yea me neither.

• • •

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11 Jan
Childish individualism. 'They' have 80,000 armed police, 100,000 armed soldiers, many more politicians and presstitutes, civil servants, agents and informants.

By all means disobey them, but don't pretend it's just some simple frame of mind.

Don't "forget the police", know thy enemy and act accordingly. The public cannot "turn on them" by the mere magic of pious thoughts, we must be organised and prepared to fight.
Ask Iraqis how the Despotic British Authorities deal with disobedience, and then ask yourself if you and yours are prepared to meet such violence.
Read 5 tweets
11 Jan
Remember the Great Plague of 1993?

Yea me neither...
The despots & the bedwetting dupes cry: "This proves lockdowns work!"

At the same time as wailing: "People are dying! These lockdowns are too soft!"
My apologies, it seems the UK will see approx. 35,000 more total deaths than in 1993.

But there were approx. 20 million more people in 2020.

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11 Jan
The ONLY reason we are not yet in an even harsher permanent lockdown is because of protest & resistance, and yet most of the pundit 'critics' are still outright refusing to support any attempt at public protest. They want you to think digital groveling will do the trick, it wont.
Or, in the case of wealthy lawyers, they want you to think mere wishful thinking will do the trick. That fascism will simply "fall apart" of its own accord.

Don't let these people lull you into a false sense of security, we must fight for our freedom.

Well, precisely.

The pundits know that for them to advocate a mass-struggle for democracy is to really risk their careers.

Read 4 tweets
11 Jan
You OWN this police violence, you have been DEMANDING fascists all over europe outlaw freedom of movement & assembly.

This was entirely foreseen & loudly predicted in March, yet you refused to listen to workers.

The Fabian Cult @CPBritain have outright refused to even speak against the British State's total abolition of free movement & assembly, instead helping them inflate the imaginary plague pretext.

And watched silently as the police battered elderly protesters in Trafalgar Square.
These so-called 'communists' have become so rotten they thought their perfomative commemorations could proceed without them bothering to struggle for the worker's interests in the present & the future.

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10 Jan
People who use juvenile slurs like "COViD denier" are damaging the worker's struggle against the medico-fascist regime, its not for you to dictate bounds of scientific inquiry.

Either prove a 'novel virus' is causing very typical disease, or be quiet.

In truth of course its them "denying" the existence of the flu, "denying" common respiratory disease has been rebranded as 'COViD' on the sole basis of a fraudulent PCR test, and at the same time as claiming to expose that fraudulent test. Cognitive dissonance on crack.
If they claim to know the test is fraudulent & they know there is no clinical distinction between so-called 'covid' & what used to be called 'influenza like illness/pneumonia', then they have no scientific grounds to assert a 'novel virus' is causing any disease. @pcrclaims
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6 Jan
The most damaging psychological aspect is the laughable myth that parasite billionaires have any interest in the health of the masses, whom they openly declare superfluous to their interests.

The so-called 'communists' purveying this nonsense are outright enemies of the workers.
Nothing could be further from the truth, the parasites don't need or want 7 billion of us, they openly declare their intent to massively reduce the population & get rid of 'useless eaters', ie: the elderly currently being murdered by deprivation of care & forced isolation.
Bill Gates & Jack Ma do not need your grandparents, they consider such people "a burden", a "waste" of their profits.

Equally, they do not need to skim measly profits from commodity production when they can just steal entire public treasuries; they already own everything.
Read 6 tweets

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