Wild how 72 billion terrestrial nonhuman animals and 1 trillion aquatic nonhuman animals are sacrificed to this death machine a year
Anyway it’s tradition ! pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16701402/
I would normally add some caveat about how this data is totally consistent with that on the variation in biodiversity conservation and ecological impact across cultures and structures esp re: the state but since you guys won’t read them anyway I don’t really care
For the first claim weforum.org/agenda/2019/02…

• • •

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More from @yungneocon

23 Nov 20
Or we can just look at a much simpler explanation that relies neither on the WTO or ideology, and just realize that quite literally not one of these would be in the interest of the Chinese state lol
1st, the PRC has gone out of its way to build alternative trade, finance etc institutions precisely so that threat of trade or financial isolation do not bear on it so heavily. More to the point, any true sudden severing of PRC’s trade would heavily damage western economies.
2nd, it signs on to sanctions on the DPRK because it doesn’t want a war in the Korean Peninsula, involving Japan, ROK, US, etc, nor does it want a unified Korea not on its terms, nor does it want a nuclear & military power on its border than can’t be controlled
Read 14 tweets
23 Nov 20
There’s this cute toy that used to be popular outside the US where it’s a big train & a little train, and they case each other on a track, & it comes with a miniature figure of George Bush & Osama Bin Laden, and you could arrange the chase per your political preference
The ones I saw didn’t have a tank & skateboard tho, Cus that’s even funnier
Read 5 tweets
22 Nov 20
A lot of people who use the term ‘Orientalism’ seemingly haven’t read Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’
It does not mean ‘anything white people say or produce or represent about the MENA region and/or Islam, that seems slightly off to our sensibilities’
It refers
1. Nonpejoratively to an art & intellectual movement of the 19th century
2. Nonpejoratively to what we now call Near/Middle Eastern/Islamic studies
3. Critically (but not pejoratively) the ideological effects & system of the above
4. Pejoratively however y’all use it
Read 79 tweets
22 Nov 20
“Can’t decide who’s more annoying—the people who we don’t read or understand who hurt our fee fees or the Jewish teenagers we don’t like so we make things up about them”
Sometimes i think i am being self important & have a deep selection bias when I feel like it is precisely those issues about which I care the most that people are the most insecure vicious obsessive little whiny babies but then mfs confirm it totally independent of my will
Like ecology, prisons, extractivism, the state, anarchism, institutionalized anthropogenic mass death, retributivism, fascism, the impotence of the left etc are constantly brought up by the dumbest people with the stupid self certain extreme positions
Read 6 tweets
21 Nov 20
Hands down one of the funnier phenomena to briefly emerge from 2007-2015 was this movement of people in academia, punditry, politics & activism who sincerely proposed Islamic Finance as the universal solution to the problems of capitalism
I’m not talking about practitioners of it, nor official government & religious orgs statements in favor of it—though those did occur—because that’s totally different (why *wouldnt* they advocate that? ) but instead this was like Anglo/Euro nerd types
Calling it a movement is very generous of Me, because it never had an organized political base, but it nonetheless existed
Read 14 tweets
21 Nov 20
I don’t particularly care for said historical larpguments anymore but I’ll just say, their response is basically a red herring. Numeral is pointing to durable failure Van Halen, by implication, is pointing to a short lived success in response. Image
If they didn’t mean that they wouldn’t bring it up as a rebuttal—otherwise they would just “anarchism has no examples”—so their attempt at an own only works by way of backhanded compliment combined with a comparative self own
Presumably this is because if he focused on ‘never been tried’ or some formulation thereof, this takes down whatever actually existing socialist state project & parties they fetishize too. It’s the problem with trying to own anarchists from another left perspective.
Read 30 tweets

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