1/ We are about to see the first woman in the history of the United States ascend to the White House. As @VP, @KamalaHarris will be the most powerful woman ever democratically elected. Arguably she will become the most powerful woman in the history of the world.
2/ In any sane, normal moment we would be talking about this. American women, and women around the world, deserve to rejoice in this moment. Yet Trump, the bloated toad squatting over American public life, has robbed women of the celebration of Kamala Harris.
3/ But Donald Trump, who among his infinite list of defects and failings, is, just like his patron Vladimir Putin, a misogynist, may rob us of joy in the moment; he will not rob us of the joy in the next four years when 162 million Americans will finally be led by one of our own.
4/ I did not support @KamalaHarris in the primaries because she was a woman. I supported her because there was no stronger candidate on national security and intelligence. (As some of you may have noticed I am mildly interested in that topic). But it certainly helped.
5/ Without Donald Trump’s treasonous collusion with the Russian state, @HillaryClinton would have been President. The fact she cast her vote as an Elector for the first woman @VP, defeating Trump, is a glory.
6/ That Senate Intelligence Report on Russian collusion? @KamalaHarris drove it. No amount of misogynoir from Anna Wintour @Vogue, no amount of “me me me” from the obese, bankrupt future convict squatting in the oval, can obscure the fact a woman is about to ascend to power
7/ And a prosecutor. A patriot, with an abiding love of justice that has driven her through her entire life. Truly, @KremlinRussia, you should have left America alone. Because you and all your allies are about to pay.
@KamalaHarris For the People. All the people, women included.
8/ God bless America. Thank you @JoeBiden, for being the best ally women ever had. Congratulations, Madam Vice President Elect @KamalaHarris. Can’t wait for America’s next chapter.

• • •

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More from @LouiseMensch

31 Dec 20
Let’s get this straight. @HawleyMO isn’t “attempting a coup” because he knows this will fail. He doesn’t give a single damn about Trump’s voters vs the majority. He doesn’t care about Trump either.

He cares about his personal Presidential run and nothing else.
2/ Hawley is an intelligent man. He doesn’t need it explained that this has no chance. He doesn’t care that it will ‘harm the GOP.’ He doesn’t care about Georgia. He doesn’t care about Moscow Mitch.

Hawley cares about gaining a primary advantage over all other GOP candidates.
3/ Trump’s base will say “only Josh Hawley stood up for Trump.” Hawley is playing them. He can’t stand Trump. If this had any chance of working, Josh Hawley would not do it. He doesn’t want 4 more years of @realDonaldTrump. No way.
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24 Dec 20
Whatever anyone tells you, Presidential pardons are criminal and invalid if granted for corrupt purposes. In 2001 Bill Clinton pardoned the fugitive Marc Rich. @FBI subsequently investigated the pardon to see if it was a crime. (They closed the investigation in 2005, no charges.)
So when various talking heads say ‘too bad, the pardon power is unlimited under the Constitution’ just remember that is factually false; a lawful act done for an unlawful purpose becomes unlawful; and not only is there precedent to investigate that, there is recent precedent.
Do you know what else is unlimited? The President’s power to fire the FBI Director. But Trump’s firing of @Comey was nonetheless investigated as a crime, because a lawful act (the firing) would have become unlawful if done for an unlawful purpose (obstructing justice).
Read 4 tweets
3 Dec 20
Working w @ninaandtito last night my strong guess is the would-be #pardongate prisoner is George Nader; that the person who is “not a lawyer” with whom privilege was broken when emails were forwarded to him was Elliott Broidy; and Gates is whose clemency petition is discussed.
Elliott Broidy is a lobbyist, which fits the discussion of the lobbying Act prosecutions; and Nader and Broidy were together when @FBI seized Nader at the airport; entirely plausible Nader sent on his defense lawyer’s read, breaking privilege, as discussed
Read 10 tweets
2 Dec 20
A tweep points out “Gates” ends in an S. But look it’s probably a no-name. @AdamSchiff would know.
The person whose name ends in S is already convicted... i guess. Can a clemency petition be filed on an uncharged crime? Too, the name is a surname. This is not in quotes, so prosecutors would use the surname
Read 12 tweets
29 Nov 20
Mini-thread: 1 not a fan of @Netanyahu who acts against Israel’s best interests. His latest assassination obviously an attempt to pre-empt @JoeBiden and I hope it will not go unpunished by Biden-Harris
2. Israel is analogous to Turkey. The problem is not the nation; it is the leader. The US should aim punitive actions, IMO, at Bibi and Erdogan personally rather than important allies
3. Netanyahu wagged the dog to shore up his flailing popularity at home at the expense of America’s progress with young Iranians who hate the regime and want freedom. Many will now revert to hating America, Israel’s protector. Thanks Bibi
Read 6 tweets
28 Nov 20
No, I wouldn’t go there. Interesting hosting arrangements. Interesting SOA records. Interesting recent ASN. cc @fbi @us_cybercom @gchq. ipinfo.io/AS19551
ASN peers, upstream and downstream (plenty of other RU included).
Read 5 tweets

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