Let's chat about the McCarthy article and why I state that he cannot maintain a consistent position within the article. Let's look at this:
In the space of a few paragraphs, he goes from He did not want them to storm the building. He did not want people to be killed and injured to reckless encouragement and depraved indifference. McCarthy is stating that Trump did not and then did have mens rea as is convenient.
Not only is that intellectually inconsistent, it's outright insulting that McCarthy thinks we will not remember what we read not a few seconds before. Not to mention that McCarthy said this at the beginning of the article:
From one SENTENCE to the next McCarthy said it cannot be gainsaid and then immediately he gains the say. I will grudgingly give McCarthy credit for at least gesturing towards a good faith interpretation of Trump's words. But McCarthy's position fails immediately by his own words.
Now, back to the first bit. There is nothing inappropriate about a political demonstration outside the Capitol. Nothing at all. The elision here between people demonstrating outside vs those who broke inside is more vile because of his attempt to deny he's doing it.
The claim is that Trump's actions were impeachable because it led to violence by those who broke into the Capitol. His reference to (inappropriately) at the Capitol is yet another attempt to claim that all those at the rally were acting improperly. He just, poorly, insinuates it.
Either state that everyone attending the rally acted inappropriately or don't. Be an adult and state what you mean, don't try to be sly and then wide eyed that's not what I typed when called out. It's childish and, again, insulting of the intelligence of those reading the piece.
And then there's the truly nasty bit. What is reprehensible and impeachable about citizens gathering to protest what they see is a wrong? What is so awful about primary challenges and political opposition to those people see as failing to act in a manner they deem important?
Read what McCarthy wrote very closely. His position, to the extent any coherent through line can be determined, is that Trump had an opinion as to how the claims of electoral improprieties should be handled and he asked supporters to rally about that. Bad things happened IMPEACH.
Look, I may not be the best person on the Pence gambit because I took one look at what people were saying, rolled my eyes, and then ignored it. But just because I found the position ludicrous does not mean I think it is the Worst. Thing. Evah. I do not think it's subversion.
I think it is a position which is wrong and not supported by the text of the Constitution. Others disagree. That's fine. Those people are, in fact, allowed to rally to express that view. It's not impeachable to advocate for an incorrect view. And it is assuredly not subversion.
That whole piece boils down to bad things happened at the Whatever and Trump had the rally and Trump is bad and stupid and his supporters have no right to support him or to make their support known and how dare they attempt to influence people impppeeeeeaaacccchhh.
It is not a serious article. It is not a serious position. And it is not presented in anything approaching an intellectually coherent manner. Orange Man Bad did things I think are Bad so Orange Man should go away is more honest than that drivel. *assume corgi here*

• • •

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22 Dec 20
In which I make friends and influence people: To all y'all who are shocked and stunned at the COVID relief act being attached to a must pass spending bill and then that bill being larded up with everything but what the relief act is supposed to be, how new are you, exactly?
It has been ever so. For as long as I can remember, this is how Congress operates. Play brinkmanship with something, anything, that there is public clamoring must be done, then attach that to an, at best, somewhat related spending bill and lard it up. This is decades old.
The only thing that surprised me about the bill is that it didn't top 6,000 pages and that actual physical copies of it were printed out for show before the vote took place. All the rest of it? Of course that was how it was, it was always going to be.
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7 Dec 20
Since I have been highly critical of the manner in which those on the Right are trying to get those in GA to vote for the Republican senators, I feel it is only fair that I set out how I would go about it rather than simply sniping from the sidelines. So here we go.
Given the last few years, to say nothing of the last few decades, it is reasonable for those who lean more towards the conservative side of being a Republican to feel that promises are always made by the GOP but nearly never kept. This does not engender trust by the base.
Likewise, every election is the most important ever and if you do not vote Republican you are assisting in electing Democrats and it will be the end of life as we know it! At a certain point, weariness over such claims is natural. That is one of the lessons of Peter and the Wolf.
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1 Dec 20
I do not care who you are, if you state that the way I can help the Republicans win in GA is to give money, I am ignoring anything you say about that race forever. No. Get your hand out of my pocket. Next up after election fraud? Let's look deeply into campaign spending.
I am by no means wah wah wah campaign financing needs to have stricter rules wah wah wah. No. Nope. But I do think the incestuous world of consultants and advisers and PR firms and ad agencies and ad buyers needs scrutinized deeply by those who donate.
There have been many pixels slain regarding the various and sundry PACs that spring up to take advantage of the crisis du jour. That is good. But how about looking deeply into the NRSC? How about the RNC itself? Let us yarn wall those connections, shall we?
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30 Nov 20
Yeah, this bit below is why I do not take seriously the claims by the Republican political punditry class that they truly care about election fraud. The hand wave here is a middle finger. And, yes, I read the whole article.
Either election fraud matters or it does not. And the tone of the discussion about it matters deeply. That op ed was a primal screech about how horrible Trump is. That's fine. It is beyond fair to note the court losses. I am utterly agnostic on all the Dominion stuff.
But what is contemptible, and I am stating this with the exact same degree of contempt that article has for Trump and that tuned to the finest degree, is to throw in there the in passing oh sure there were issues yeah we should look at those. Oh please. Give it up.
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18 Nov 20
So. About these flash drives that apparently are used all over the country for votes and I'm just going to set all of that aside. I have the following questions:
1. How are the drives sourced?
2. Are the drives completely reformatted prior to be used for election purposes?
3. How are the drives marked to identify the precinct for which the drive was used?
4. What human being is given custody of the drive initially?
5. What human being is given custody at the precinct?
6. Is only one person allowed to use the drive? If not, how many users are there
7. Is an audit trail kept of every single human being who had touched the drive?
8. How is the data transferred accomplished?
9. What training are the people using the drive given on the data transfer process?
10. What program is used for the data transfer?
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10 Nov 20
There's been a lot of discussion about why MLB tv ratings were down this year with most of the discussion focused on get woke, go broke. While that is certainly a part of it, I think that the herd of elephants trumpeting loudly and trampling about is being very pointedly ignored.
The Astros cheated and the only consequence to the players involved was that they won a World Series. That's it. Yes, yes, there were some punishments here and there but for the players themselves? Not a single damn thing. The lesson there? Cheating is worth it, big time.
The Astros kept that World Series even though it is indisputable that they cheated throughout the season. Why? *handwring handwring* Well, there's no proof it caused them to win the Series and we can't just go back and take it away and the integrity of the game!
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