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12 Jan, 11 tweets, 8 min read
1/ Political violence is NEVER an appropriate call to action. It is certainly not appropriate for a sitting United States Senator like @CoryBooker to call on Americans to head to the Capitol to "get up in the face of Congresspeople." #incitement
2/ Threatening to physically confront your political opponents is NEVER inappropriate. It certainly wasn't appropriate for @RepMaxineWaters to call on her supporters to physically confront Republicans in the streets, in restaurants, and at church. #incitement
3/ Suggesting that violence is the ONLY way to bring about change is plain wrong. It certainly wasn't appropriate for @HillaryClinton to threaten continued violence unless Americans voted for Democrats. #incitement
4/ Calling for a revolution in a functioning democracy is NEVER the answer. It certainly wasn't appropriate for @Kaepernick7 to call on Americans to fight the police. #incitement
5/ Enabling insurrection by posting bail for those who assault police officers, riot in the streets, set fire to buildings, and loot retail stores is not appropriate. It certainly wasn't appropriate for @KamalaHarris to call on others to join her in enabling the insurrection.
6/ It is never appropriate for a leader of a nation to call for violence against a group of people based on their beliefs as @khamenei_ir routinely does here on Twitter.
7/ Overlooking threats of violence on platforms like Twitter normalizes them and allows them to be amplified spreading hate. Twitter routinely allows hate targeting police to remain on the platform for days, weeks, and even months.
8/ Conservatives on Twitter have had to deal with hate from the very start. Sometimes the hate is simply focused on our political party while in other cases it is focused on our race or gender. Again, Twitter routinely allows this hate to remain on the platform for long periods.
9/ Twitter is a cesspool of hate. The platform hosts thousands of accounts that openly profess their hatred of first responders and law enforcement. Their #incitement is tacitly supported by Twitter, Apple, Google, and Amazon.
10/ Twitter and by affiliation Apple, Google, and Amazon host thousands of accounts that openly profess their hatred of half of America because of their membership in a political party. Again, their #incitement is supported by #BigTech.
11/ Remember that time when @SpeakerPelosi called for uprisings all over the country. Why was her #incitement tolerated by #BigTech and the mainstream media?


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14 Jan
TWITTER HATE TREAD: The messages Twitter won't censor and Apple, Google, and Amazon won't suppress:
@dave_suspect Image
2/ Trump has never called for the death of anyone on Twitter and yet he has been banned. Iran threatens an entire religion and nation and their leader is still on the platform. @khamenei_ir Image
3/ Twitter users call for the death of supporters of the President of the United States routinely and yet they're allowed on the platform. @B1GBUD Image
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13 Jan
HISTORY LESSON: The media is calling what happened at the Capitol 'The Trump Insurrection'. The problem is that what happened at the Capitol wasn't an insurrection - not even close. #thread Image
2/ If President Trump had called for an insurrection on 1/6 at the Capitol I have no doubt hundreds if not thousands of his supporters would have attended (not this patriot btw) and they would have been armed wearing bulletproof vests and helmets. Image
3/ So what happened? Why were Trump supporters so ill-prepared to conduct an insurrection if their President had called on them? It might be useful to discuss previous insurrections to get an idea of what one looks like. Image
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13 Jan
CLARIFICATION: Only one person died as a direct result of the protest at the Capitol. She was a 35-year-old Airforce Veteran named Ashli Babbitt and was shot by law enforcement for refusing to follow a lawful command.
2/ The only non-protester to die was 42-year-old police officer and Air National Guard veteran who supported the president. The circumstances of his death are still under investigation, but his family has asked that they not be politicized against the president.
3/ The remaining three deaths were related to underlying health conditions that had NOTHING to do with the protests including a heart attack, a stroke, and a respiratory issue.
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12 Jan
SEDITION THREAD: Major corporations and the mainstream media have made it very clear that objecting to a state's electoral votes is an act of sedition. Scores of companies have announced they are no longer going to support any Congressperson who opposed the electoral vote.
1/ To help American companies I'm going to provide a list of Congresspeople who have opposed certifying electors for the winning candidate and thus committing the act of sedition against the United States.
2/ Eddie Bernie Jackson, D-Texas objected to Flordia's slate of electors for President Bush. Corporations who need to stop funding her include Lowe's, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Google, Exxon, American Airlines, and T-Mobile.
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12 Jan
BREAKING: In a new video @PBS's top lawyer is caught telling the truth about the contempt and hatred he has for conservatives. #Expose PBS
1/ @PBS's top lawyer explaining how he would like to see Biden's administration take children out of Republican homes. If you were wondering why Republicans are so worried about losing their freedoms just listen to his words. #ExposePBS Image
2/ The top legal officer for American's government-funded television service is explaining his plan to put the children of Trump supporters in re-education camps. For some reason, he thinks Trump is like Hitler and yet this is his plan? #ExposePBS Image
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12 Jan
FLASHBACK THREAD: The date was October 4th, 2018 when Soros-funded 'Woman's March Inc.' organized and paid for thousands of women to come to DC to take over the Senate's offices in the Capitol.
2/ Woman's March Inc. participants broke through security barriers and occupied "every hall on every floor" effectively shutting down the Senate.
3/ More than 100 Woman's March Inc. protesters were arrested for trespass, resisting arrest, and for assaulting officers.
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