After looking carefully, I am unable to conclude that Trump - though culpable - legally “incited” violence

In fact, he specifically caveated his words with “legally & patriotically”

Words *must* matter

And these speeches - from the summer - appear worse
Listeners will recall that I said “culpable but not incitement” multiple times on my @LBC show last weekend

I hadn’t read the below but I am glad Andrew Koppelman, a constitutional law professor at Northwestern University, Illinois, confirms my assessment…
“It looks to me like Trump was culpably reckless. But it seems to me the Brandenburg standard requires intention,” Koppleman said

He said Giuliani’s exhortation sounded more like a metaphor than an incitement to violence. “It’s like the word fight. It’s often used as a metaphor”
Here is a different clip from that same @LBC show of mine last weekend, decrying Big Tech’s hypocrisy in banning the President over this “incitement” charge
No fair assessment - and crucially no fair journalist - can ignore the below words of the President. Especially when they are contrasted against words that appear *far worse* (in the first video above) uttered by those who are now alleging “incitement”

“Trump didn’t even come close to incitement”
I suspect that top US constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz (…) would know that of which he speaks.

Many misunderstand whatabouttery:

I ask why you don’t like apples, you say “but Adam doesn’t like apples either”
= whatabouttery

I ask why you say you don’t like apples when I offer, yet you accept some when Adam offers
= pointing out hypocrisy

Let’s try not to be hypocrites.

• • •

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They fail, because sheer anger clouds their judgement. My explicit words on this have never endorsed what they have been slanderously claiming. In fact, I have said the opposite of their claim here:
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