More indications that the disinformation networks that drove the spread of Covid-19 falsehoods are integrated with the networks spreading voter fraud disinformation and feeding the grievance-based violence that we saw on Jan 6:…
The article indicates that Dr. Simone Gold from “America’s Frontline Doctors” — the political organized group that spread misinformation about masks, social distancing, and vaccines — was inside the Capitol building during the violent siege there last Wednesday.
My understanding is that the producer of the Plandemic video — that spread numerous conspiracy theories about Covid-19 back in May — was also present around the Capitol building during the riots.

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9 Jan
Anyone have a high-res screenshot of any of Trump’s tweets from Wed? Dark background, if possible. One issue with the suspension is we can’t retrieve screen shots of his tweets.
Missing context here. I’m giving a presentation featuring ~10 of his tweets from the past several months to talk about disinformation. If you’d prefer to send via DM, let me know we can do a mutual follow.
Also, I have the tweet ideas and text (from data collections we’re doing), but I don’t have the screenshots.
Read 5 tweets
8 Jan
Reading today that Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA—sent 80 bus loads to the Jan 6 riot/attack. Kirk’s Twitter account is one of the top “superspreaders” of false voter fraud claims — playing a significant role in feeding the conspiracy-theory-driven grievance that motivated those protesters
For example, the “SharpieGate” narrative (false claims that Trump voters were intentionally disenfranchised by being forced to vote with Sharpies) took off with the help of Kirk: Image
And here’s our list of accounts that were influential (>1000 retweets) in spreading >10 different “incidents” or false narratives about voter fraud (from falsely framed narratives around discarded mail-in ballots to SharpieGate to Dominion): Image
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7 Jan
Let’s talk about how the attempted take-over of the US Capitol came to pass. For months leading up to the general election, Pres. Trump sowed the seeds of doubt in the election, repeatedly tweeting that it would be “rigged”. (Thread)
Hyper-partisan right wing media and social media influencers cultivated that doubt. They amplified his rigged claims, and combed the internet for stories that they could fit into their developing theories of voter fraud.
Ballots from 2018 round in a recycling bin? Fraud! Ballots accidentally discarded in a trash can? Fraud! An information card mailed to an old address in CA (mislabeled as a “ballot”)? Fraud!

This started in September and continues today.
Read 13 tweets
7 Jan
Notice that one of the tweets pushing this Antifa conspiracy theory is Paul Sperry. Back in the Spring, he helped bring the hydroxychloroquine claims into the right wing discourse. Same accounts, over and over, helping disinfo go viral. Even across contexts.
In the election context, we have a list of accounts that repeatedly spread false and misleading claims about voter fraud. Repeat offenders. Super spreaders. Most are blue check verified. They include Trump, his sons, RW media figures from fringe to Fox. And right wing activists.
Sometimes they create new content. Often they just amplify others in their network. At this point, the accounts are tightly connected. The networks are WIRED FOR DISINFORMATION.
Read 5 tweets
4 Jan
Welcome to my Twitter thread demonstrating how right wing media and political organizations exploit science — and the Internet Archive — to spread misinformation downplaying the threat of Covid. @holden, I’m hoping you’ll like this. (1/many)
@holden The story begins this morning, when my <loved one> sends me a cryptic email asking me if I’m aware of this study and if its findings (downplaying the impact of Covid) are still holding up. The email includes this link:…
@holden The URL linked to an article hosted by Internet Archive, originally posted Nov 22 to the “Johns Hopkins News-Letter", titled “A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19,” describing a “study” by a Hopkins-affiliated person claiming #s of Covid-related deaths are not concerning.
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2 Jan
As a researcher studying (since this summer) the Trump + right wing disinformation campaign to seed/spread this false narrative that the election was “rigged” — I’m honestly sickened to see so many GOP political leaders hitching their boats to this madness.
The narrative trajectory has taken twists and turns, like so many disinformation campaigns, throwing handfuls of mud at the wall, hoping something will stick. It’s the mail in votes. It’s the machines. It’s the sharpie pens. One after another, each claim has been refuted.
But that hasn’t stopped the smoke machines from pumping out more accusations. All smoke, no fire. And then these leaders go pointing at the smoke and saying “see, people don’t believe the election was fair, there must be something wrong”.
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