This is what happens when people are powerless.

A thread.
My lifetime - 43 years this year - has been in political terms about just one thing.

The relentless grinding transfer of power out of the hands of most people, into the hands of a very few people.

Most everything else happening is just a symptom of this.
In historical terms this is a reversion of to the norm. Those of us born in the 70s just happened to join the peak of political freedom in Western nations.

It's not all gone...but it's mostly gone. We're a long way back to the kind of vast power inequities of history.
This is somewhat disguised by rising material wealth. Or was. That pressure valve has been shut. Now many, many people are dropping into poverty, and realising there's nothing they can do about it.

We have no power.
"Politics" at this point is a theatre of competing bullshit narratives telling people why they are powerless.

The deep state swamp. Nasty immigrants. Russian interference. Evil Nazis. Etc. It's a long silly list we all buy into parts of.
There's a powerful bias.

We don't want to believe we're facing a powerful foe and have little power ourselves.

It's much more comforting to get angry at other powerless people, and the crazy behavior they're driven to.
All the media does at this point - traditional or social - is divide people into fake tribes using anger and outrage.

It's just a mechanism to keep us divided against ourselves.

There is no other side to defeat. There's just other people in the same predicament.
Is there a solution?

Of course. It's the opposite of everything we're doing now.

Stop joining tribes. Stop taking sides. Stop judging each other.

Turn our attention to our own failings and weaknesses and start to reclaim our own power.

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