I feel a lot of these "Biden should call off the Dems" op-eds from Republicans are vastly misunderstanding Biden's relationship to Democrat voters.

He's not our emperor-god, the way Trump is for Republicans.
"Biden should tell his followers to back off of impeachment" like haha lol, motherfucker I'm already prepared to call Biden EVERY DAY to press for liberal policy, I can EASILY add impeachment to the list.
Biden's Twitter team is *already* making meek and tentative calls for unity, and we're all largely ignoring that shit because it's bad and we know it's bad.
There's really nothing he can do, right now or later, to convince voters to hug a Republican. We don't idolize him in that way. He isn't our Trump.

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12 Jan
I haven't done a live-watch in forever for a lot of reasons, but tonight we've pulled up the Amazon Prime offerings and found that "I, FRANKENSTEIN" is available. Imagine my glee. #AnaWatches
#AnaWatches "Two hundred years after his shocking creation, Dr. Frankenstein's creature, Adam, still walks the earth. But when he finds himself in the middle of a war over the fate of humanity, Adam discovers he holds the key that could destroy humankind." So, NOT the book.
#AnaWatches Kissmate, beside me and very tired after a long Monday: "Did they make him hot? Why is he hot? Who is Aaron Eckhart? Why am I okay with them making him hot?"
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11 Jan
People keep telling me the technological improvements we need to give cops so January 6th doesn't happen again and it feels like too many folks missed the part where cops were taking selfies with the rioters.
Giving them Batman gear doesn't help if they're on the side of the insurrectionists.
They took selfies with the rioters. There's at least one video of them opening gates for them. There's another video of cops blandly saying "wait stop you can't go in" to a stream of people they're making no attempt whatsoever to stop.
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11 Jan
Ok, you know that little button in a cat's butt that likes scritches? marked "OMGYES!" on the chart attached?

Why is that? And does that spot have a name? A chart of a cat and where to pet, divided up into sections.
*On. On the butt. My terrible autocorrect strikes again.
I read a while back that cat tummy is veeeeery sensitive and most humans pet way too roughly and hurt them.

When I got the @KissmateKittens, I only ever petted their tummies veeery gently, and they've never "trap" clawed me. Their tummy offers are real.
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11 Jan
I'd really like to see someone cost out, line by line, how much this insurrection tour cost folks on average. Plane ticket to DC, hotel bill, all that tactical gear, those flexi handcuffs.
Like, I have no idea about plane tickets and hotel rooms (in DC, no less!) but those handfuls of handcuffs they were waving around are, like, $100 a pack. (Someone screenshot a website.)
I'd like to know who has hundreds or thousands of dollars they can just drop on a whim to go do an insurrection in the middle of a work week, because I sure as hell can't imagine it.
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11 Jan
Hi, quick question: is this legal? Even the most gun-friendly states tend to have regulations against bring guns on government property.
And if it's not legal, then I feel the reasonable follow-up questions here are:

- Planned by whom?
- Are they currently being detained and questioned?
Feels like the FBI should be good for more than just a "heads-up, guys, avoid downtown for the rest of the month so you don't get killed by the violent insurrection", you know?
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11 Jan
It's increasingly looking like the Jan 6 riot was a covid super-spreader event and I'm even more upset that the rioters were allowed to go home afterwards and spread the germs they acquired.
Any 3D chess explanation of why the rioters weren't arrested and were allowed to go home needs to account for the fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic.
It is my own personal belief that they were allowed to go home NOT because of any 3D chess reasoning, but rather because elements of the government were either actively obstructing arrests or dragging their feet hoping it would become somebody else's problem.
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