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this is terrible. can we pause for one moment ? Howie died by suicide after the events at the Capitol
"Liebengood, who went by Howie, was a 15-year veteran of the force assigned to the Senate Division. He was named after his father, Howard S. Liebengood Sr., who served as Senate Sergeant at Arms from 1981 to 1983."…
Rep. Tom Cole, i will not commend Pence for getting it right one time. at the very end. and far too late

no one is pressuring Pence to do anything. the 25th amendment should have been invoked a long time ago
Rep. Jamie Raskin:

our president is short of constitutional standards. how to remove:

1. defeat him in an election - done, but he has not accepted anything, which has led us here

2. impeach him in the House for having committed high crimes and misdemeanors
and try him in the Senate

3. invoke the 25th Amendment
this has been invoked numerous times, contrary to historical belief ! section 1 and section 2 have both been activated. section 3 as well

Rep. Jamie Raskin has done his research and it is replete with historical precedent. in this country. the United States
today we are looking at section 4
the President is not even minimally discharging his duties

it was meant to promote bipartisanship by asking the Vice President to helm the ship
giving everyone an opportunity to join on one side

Vice President Mike Pence, please, please declare the President incapable of discharging his duties
listen to Rep. Jamie Raskin, who is logically airtight, as far as i can see, and this in the wake of terrible loss

no one has a minute to grieve, Mike Pence
you did the right thing once by not overturning our election. great work
applause for you
please, for the love of this country, please remove the sitting President

please do not make Jamie Raskin spell out how Trump has neglected his duties
it is grotesque to make us do this. you do not force a country so fresh in the wake of trauma to recount
but you have to
how are we applauding Mike Pence for not being complicit in overturning the election ? as if that is heroism
but Jamie is a generous person, it seems. he is very charitable
"the Vice President and the Cabinet can transfer, peacefully, the powers of the President to the Vice President, so that we can have a peaceful transition of power..."
"...they are calling for the mobs to come back to Washington. They are calling for continued war."
Rep. Jim Jordan would let a police kill a child in front of him, likely, and justify keeping the police employed
as a police officer
this is a man who would condone violence, condone anything, as long as the perpetrator held some kind of office
a traitor and a dangerous, weak man
Rep. Jim Jordan is a tiny man and anyone with big boots has HUGE boots
refuses to denounce fraud and mass gaslighting, mass lying, mass deluding the public
a small, squeaky, slimy person

and a consequentialist. unable to differentiate that conceding defeat - he was defeated - is NOT THE SAME as telling the truth
the concerns were litigated, over and over and over

this man is continuing to lie to his people. as a result, there was an insurrection on the Capitol building. lawmakers all over the country are being intimidated by these same people
lawmakers in my state, a few miles from where i live right fucking now
Rep. Jamie Raskin here to set the record straight
Rep. Jim McGovern also setting his own record straight. there was actually some concern for foreign interference

there is evidence for that
- Rep. Jamie Raskin
🙏 the clarity
we are all shaken and trying to have composed, civil discussions

"I sheltered for four to five hours with a room that was packed shoulder to shoulder with people. Adding more trauma...were several Republican colleagues who refused to wear a mask."
- Rep. Norma Torres

is this our new normal, Mike Pence, will you allow this

this is unprecedented and calls for unprecedented action
"letting them vote their conscience"

- Manu Raju, with respect to Republicans breaking ranks to vote for impeachment
moreover, there is violence on the horizon. there's more coming

do you need a cleaner case, Mike Pence
they are going after everyone. including people who were "just trespassing," all the way up to the ones who stomped media equipment, journalists, and officers
$50k reward for information that leads to the arrest of whoever placed the pipe bombs
Asha Rangappa with the acute observation that the FBI is great at solving crimes, and they seem be reacting, but they have answered very very few questions to clarify how they missed this in their "proactive capacity"
keep fighting the deflection, Jake Tapper
it matters not at all that there are Republicans in this country. how does that mean we should not impeach a man who withheld protection from our Capitol building? or invoke the 25th amendment

Mike Rogers is deflecting so hard
Abby i am stunned by you all the time

McConnell and Pence are so late to leaving but by all means
loudly and publicly please
John Berman, you do not need to indulge Ken Buck. or i guess you do, unfortunately

a sad sycophant
"you don't impeach a President days before he leaves office...what is the political point right now?" - Ken Buck
and in denial of the evidence in plain sight
"I don't think the President has acted very Presidential...that's not the question here. The level of animosity has been built [over several years]. Both sides are at fault here."
an egregious moral equivalency
quiet in the Capitol building because National Guard troops are sleeping on the floor? why are they sleeping on the floor
"they want to vote for impeachment but they fear for their lives and they fear for their families' lives"

Jamie Gangel reporting on members of Congress
"the lighting of the match is Donald Trump's lies and brainwashing of his followers"

Nia Mallika Henderson
people are getting terrible phone calls. i'm sorry for name-calling. i'm very sorry
do not threaten your lawmaker's family what is wrong with you

what country do you want to live in
no wonder people have to say what they say on record. on c-span. there are "watchers" who apparently show up to your house
everyone is protected and this proceeding will go forward
i can't fight every Tom Cole
i really can't. not every single one who says "no action is more likely to further divide America"

we can make a list though
"if the majority is seeking consensus, this is hardly the way to create it" here we go

talk about robust processes. this withstood a riot, Tom Cole
this is as robust as it gets. we are following the rules under duress
lol do i need to bring up ACB but you know what
there IS a procedural advantage for us and there should be. we fucking won the Senate. fuck you
"we're going to be so divided and fighting again" are you kidding me. this is still Tom Cole
"continue to generate the bitterness so many have opposed" this is nonsense

imagine Hitler were here. right here
we have a chance to impeach him, publicly, as a country
IMPEACH him, Tom Cole
of course we will prosecute. but we have a chance to impeach him, publicly, and set him behind us, and instead "we seek reconciliation"
hi Judy Chu. perfect and succinct

Jim McGovern and the team are going to exhaust themselves today
Steny Hoyer is telling us the genealogy of members of Congress who are lying
to establish that they know what they are doing. they are lying to their people knowingly and willingly
also establishing that there was no "rush to judgment"

does "withholding aid" sound familiar. from the last impeachment. except this time it was us
this is legit, Steny, thank you

he said he's served under several Presidents, he has respect for all of them because they respect the Constitution

that is not true of this President
it is remarkable to have historical perspective right now. those with years of institutional knowledge need to speak up

gives you the ability to narrate a story and the significance of this particular moment
Nancy Mace is a smart, elegant woman and i know that her constituents in South Carolina are threatening her and her family. she just started

she is calling for accountability but not impeachment
Rep Guy R from PA: "take a step back and let cooler heads prevail"

Guy Reschenthaler
Buddy Carter of Georgia calling for healing

i cannot support such an imPEACHment
there was a violent insurrection on the Capitol, and their primary defense is

healing and unity !
forget it nope
we cannot. we have to publicly remove this man from the highest office in our country, and then vote again to never let him hold that office again
Dan Bishop lying to us. telling us that there has been a "constitutional violation"

incitement vs inciting language

that is his distinction
this man is the worst of all
he would let Hitler slip through his fucking fingers
he would do it while rattling our collective conscience with his studied, bookish manner

a violation. really
the insurrection was a physical manifestation of the Big Lie

we were having trouble trying to defeat the lie of election fraud and restore some faith in democracy. running our voices hoarse
now people have died for the Big Lie
"the manifest injury of the United States"
Susan Cole
Jim Jordan: "they want to cancel the President"
right i actually can't listen to this guy at all
this is a deep and branching lie, entrenched now because we never successfully pulled it up
Tom McClintock thinks this was "a confrontational tone in a tense situation" and that he called for protesters to "peacefully and patriotically" march on the Capitol
"that is all he did"
convenient to forget that he sat and watched the Capitol stormed on his television, and he withheld the National Guard
afterward he said time to go home now, i love you
Tom McClintock is thrilled to not be on the receiving end of terrorism, isn't he

he's safe from the mob

he's part of the mob
fascists begging for free speech
no one touched his speech. we just took away a tool. he can buy another
"the craving to crush President Trump has never been satisfied"

Andy Biggs
this is getting more insidious

"the thirst for President Trump's conviction will never be slaked"

"you will have made him a martyr"
after a bloodthirsty mob attacked my home, yep
the President of this country must be removed
"we didn't take those to be impeachable because we didn't think he meant that" or some garbled version thereof

Louie Gohmert
just flail and act bewildered
"with 167 hours left, is he a clear and present danger. and he clearly isn't"

Darrell Issa
the most pragmatic, of course
it's so rare that things are unambiguous
this man is a clear and present danger. he is. he just was and he is still in office

he also has a large base that has been lied to

he also has served only one term
Debbie Lasko, sit down
you know full well what the point is
"violence will not win
insurrection will not win
sedition will not win
terror will not win
lawlessness will not win
mob win will not win

not today

not tomorrow
not ever."

Hakeem Jefferies
mob rule
it is your constitutional duty TO impeach. honor your oath
Ken Buck is just crying that he has been harrassed, effectively
Jamie Raskin would not do this unless his soul were aligned with it
and he is leading it. he is the one in charge of it
"the President could have immediately and forcibly intervened to stop this violence. he did not"

Liz Cheney
come together and impeach this President for a high crime against the Republic. for the Raskin family
Matt Gaetz come on

sometimes people let slip who they are

in the middle of their accusations
(dangerous to say. i am accusing left and right)

Matt Gaetz is blaming the media
"the left in America has incited far more political violence than the right"

Matt Gaetz
big claps for this one
we protested, as is our democratic right, and we were met with force

i was shot in the leg
with a rubber bullet !
nowhere near anything important. just out, protesting the death of Black men and the brutality that coexists - exists at the same FUCKING time - as this mess
we were met with force. there were police on the other side
i am not a large person and i was shot by a police officer
where the fuck were the reinforcements for the Capitol, Adam Gaetz ????? how did we LOSE police officers ??
Matt Gaetz. fuck you. there was an actual insurrection, a violent insurrection, on a sacred (do you know that word) building, during a democratic process
do you think Kevin McCarthy has spent his whole life balking against his name
that's why he can't impeach a Republican President, even now
even when it is so obvious it is exhausting and painful

like staring at bright light for too long
i do not stand for whatever you stand for, Kevin McCarthy

maybe we really should live in separate countries
lol Kevin McCarthy is talking about choosing peace

with Boebart sitting behind him
Lauren Boebert sitting behind Kevin McCarthy, nodding along. let's choose peace
Lauren is inciting violence openly, right now

she is quoting who ?
unattributed quotes
Lauren Boebert is actually quoting no one, as far as i can tell, but spewing violent imagery in Congress
we're supposed to trust that this woman with a gun, in the Capitol building? i am never afraid to tweet but
Dan Newhouse of Washington, voting for impeachment
voting his conscience and fulfilling his constitutional duty with a heavy heart
"snap impeachment"

"ramming this through the House"

Steve Chabot
why are we under duress, Steve Chabot

"this is truly an unprecedented situation" agreed, yes, true
this is unbelievable. these are grown men ?
i had an ex who was too aggressive but i do understand his frustration with some of our peers at school

just hellbent on peace & unity

"the majority could not resist another made-for-TV impeachment"

Beth Van Duyne with some verve
her finger is flying all over the place
"i'll be brief" thank you
fuck off. there was a terrorist attack, Beth
"we are a divided nation"

"harrassed, harangued, and otherwise denigrated the President from the second he became the President"

"clearly not treasonous"

"if you truly want our nation to heal, vote no"
a Republican from Florida
"sanctimonious sermons on being a sore loser"

alliteration from whoever is speaking
"we're the extremists? i don't think so"
Ronny Jackson doesn't want to further fan the flames of unrest

really unable to accept violence at home guys
denial is an early stage of grief. it's been over a week
how is no platform able to consistently show me the name of who is speaking
"no chance" of a fair and complete Senate trial before Biden takes office, from McConnell

• • •

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12 Jan
the ACLU made an excellent argument in a Fleet last night:

"The First Amendment doesn't protect the rights of public employees to say whatever they want when speaking in their official capacity."
"As a matter of law, public employees are regularly sanctioned for speech that fosters a hostile work environment."
refusing to wear a mask, in an enclosed space, while you are performing your official duties as a lawmaker, almost certainly constitutes fostering a hostile work environment
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10 Jan
of "the political path and the judicial path," Rep. Joe Manchin thinks the political path makes no "common sense"

the political path is how we got here

how do we never get here again, Joe ?
he's seeing his neighbors in West Virginia do the right thing. fervent Trump supporters who were recently arrested (and resigned from their jobs!)

he's not against prosecution
the "judicial path" will be pursued regardless, we all agree
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