As usual, @C_Stroop is right that we need to get ready to roll up our sleeves. This doesn't end on inauguration day. Christian Nationalism needs to be in the spotlight it must be exposed to be fought. Small town Christo-fascism is on the rise, and my hometown is an example. 1/
My hometown is Alamogordo, New Mexico. It's a military town. Holloman Air Force base is nearby, and so is the Army's White Sands Missile Range. It's also a hotbed of White Evangelical Christian Nationalism. 2/
Currently, the most notorious Christian Nationalist from Alamogordo that I can think of is Couy Griffin (no relation to me). He's a former pastor, turned County Commissioner, and founder of the group "Cowboys for Trump." I've talked about him before. 3/

Couy Griffin and his Cowboys for Trump attended the the Coup Klux Klan in D.C. I'm not surprised. They went prepared for extremism. Here's a quick video of them outside the kitschy "Running Indian" trading post just outside Alamogordo. 4/
Notice what they say. "Give me liberty or give me death" and "We've god God on our side, and we've got the Truth on our side." Probably every Ex-evangelical I know has heard those words in church. 5/
Shortly before the riots started, Couy, forever the preacher, addressed some of the crowd in D.C. with a megaphone and asked them to pray with him. 6/
Couy is now in hot water, which is nothing new. After the riots he said: "We could have a second amendment rally on the same steps we had that rally yesterday and if we do it’s going to be a sad day because there’s going to be blood running out of that building" 7/
He went on to say: "And at the end of the day, you mark my word, we will plant our flag on the desk of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Donald J. Trump if it boils down to it." Note that last name. Trump's a means to an end for Evangelicals. 8/…
When asked if it was a threat, he said it was. Just like before when said that the only good Democrat was a Democrat, he's under fire and facing calls for his resignation, but I doubt much will come of it. 9/
As I mentioned, Couy is a former pastor. He preached at the New Heart Cowboy Church in Alamogordo. I wondered what the new pastor of the church, Vic Williford, was preaching about or if he was any better, so I forced myself to watch his first post-coup attempt sermon. 10/
It was everything I expected, hometown Christian Authoritarianism hasn't changed. Here's Pastor Williford calmly stating that Biden is a "Demonic Democrat" during his sermon. The dehumanization of Dems is not new, and particularly troubling in days of murderous intentions. 11/
He compares the United States as Sodom and Gomorrah and says that he thinks it must be destroyed by God unless we are brought to our knees by a faithful remnant. How are we supposed to find "healing" and "unification" with the Religious Right that thinks we must be destroyed? 12/
Pastor Williford also references popular conspiracy theories about pedophilia rings. Also, no surprise there. 13/
The link between Evangelicals and Conspiracy Theories is nothing new, and @C_Stroop has raised this before and it's worth reading. 14/…
As you can see, my little hometown is deep into Christian Nationalism, and Alamogordo isn't that unique in that aspect. Towns and churches across the U.S. are in the thrall of Christian Nationalism. 15/
What bothers me specifically about my little town is it's proximity to the military men and women. Those who are stationed near Alamogordo are indoctrinated by the Evangelical churches and take that religion with them back to base, and out to wherever they are stationed next 16/
Ashli Babbitt was a veteran that was radicalized. She very well could have been radicalized in a town or church like the one I grew up in. One of my youth pastors was an A-10 pilot and civil war fanatic (who was a bit sympathetic to the South). 17/
Much like @Artists_Ali, I don't understand why the connection that Evangelicals to the military, especially in the Air Force, is so surprising to people. 18/

I don't believe that the Military has been completely compromised, but I do believe there are many who serve who are compromised, and that bothers me. 19/
As we progress through 2021, I hope that mainstream sources like @ABC @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews and more will take the threat of homegrown Christian Authoritarianism more seriously. It needs to be exposed to be addressed. 20/
There are tons of great voices out there that more people in the public need to be listening to and need to be amplified. Good starting places are:


I know there are more, but that's a great start 21/
The more we shine the light on Christian extremism, the more people will be able to stand up to it. I think shining the light would be a good goal for 2021. America needs to start taking this threat more seriously /end
Typing too fast. He said the only good Democrat was a dead Democrat.

• • •

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17 Nov 20
Since @amconmag and @roddreher want to know, #ILeftBecause the church I grew up in taught me that my father and my friends were going to hell to be tortured forever. But wait there's more! 1/
#ILeftBecause my church endorsed a local republican for political office, while sullying the name of his opponent. They called his opponent demonic, a babykiller, and a heartless man. Oh, did I mention his opponent was my girlfriend's father? He was none of those things 2/
#ILeftBecause I began to see the racism of White Evangelicals. Church leaders were quick to criticize Black members who showed any pride in their Blackness or their children's Blackness. The common rebuke centered around "We are all one in Christ" 3/
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6 Nov 20
This is overly reductive, and basically paints a picture that rural people are stupid. It doesn't take into account a lot of factors, and it doesn't address the root of the problem at all.
There are tons of educated rural folks, and their politicians work hard to keep Black, Brown, and poor people out of higher education.
Evangelical churches fight hard to keep women and children out of college, because if they go, they tend to leave the faith and the homestead.
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23 Jul 20
One part of the radicalization that bothers me the most isn't just that it's anti-public education and anti-science but that it's also that homeschooling turns children and parents into direct action political activists and foot soldiers for right-wing candidates. 1/
I started thinking about this again after my original tweet that the Texas Homeschooling Coalition was seeing increased interest in homeschooling amid the COVID-19 crisis. I'm sure the GOP is thinking about it as well. 2/

There are whispers that Texas is shifting more to the left (I'll believe it when I see it happen). However, to maintain power, the GOP is going to require political activists. Homeschoolers make great activists. 3/
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21 May 20
*Heavy Sigh* This chucklehead, Couy Griffin is from the town I was born in and grew up in. I know folks in his family. This is my roots. This is the kind of nonsense I left. 1/
While this may seem on the surface as "small town politics" this has wider reaching implications. Couy Griffin is more than just a County Commissioner. He's one of many Evangelical threats to the United States. @C_Stroop might be interested in this. 2/
Before becoming a County Commissioner, Couy Griffin was a pastor at New Heart Cowboy Church in Alamogordo. Cowboy churches is a melding of the Evangelical church and Cowboy Culture. Its' like "Gospel Bill" for grown ups. 3/
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19 Apr 20
1/ Today, just south of me, in Austin Texas, right-wing funded protesters, with some obvious Evangelicals were protesting the stay at home order. (Actually just a trump rally since Gov. @GregAbbott_TX is a Trump bootlicker and already making idiotic moves to reopen Texas)
2/ In the above picture of the gathered plague enthusiasts, you might notice the banner that reads "Texas will not take the mark of the beast." My #Exvangelical eyes rolled very hard. Apocalyptic theology is stupid and dangerous.
3/ As @C_Stroop has stated when talking about Evangelicals and end times belief, ". . . there is a dangerous likelihood that, in the conditions we face, their end times speculations could become human-caused self-fulfilling prophecies."…
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23 Mar 20
Man, what a day. I'm so thankful for @C_Stroop and her strategies to counteract Evangelical nonsense. After this angering scene, things just got weird. 1/
On a break from self imposed isolation, I went out to support a few local businesses in the rural Hill Country. Don't worry, I washed my hands, maintained a safe distance, took sanitizer and limited my contact with folks. 2/
At my final stop, dropping off a few supplies and picking up things my family needed, I decided to chill and have a glass of wine (alcohol laws are pretty loose right now in Texas. No glass sales, but bottle sales and outside consumption on private property is still cool). 3/
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