where the fuck did the bullshit tautology of "ethno-nationalism" originate, and which asshole started using "ethno-state" instead of "nation-state"?

these two goofy phrases alone ret*rded peoples' understanding of nationalism by god knows how much
seems to have been used before the Yugoslav Wars so I'm guessing the "ethno-nationalism" tautology was some old globalist propaganda that spiked when libt*rds wrote about YW. looks like Implict Dick Spencer is responsible for "ethno-state" bullshit
exactly. almost every single country outside of the multi-racial west is a nation-state with >95% ethnic homogeneity and 99% racial homogeneity, so why use "ethnostate" for white people? to cede ground and validate oxymoronic myth of "civic" nationalism?

• • •

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More from @thuletide

11 Jan
this 4chan post from September seems pretty relevant right now

TL;DR OP claims that they're gonna do false flag terr0r attacks that are supposedly in response to the insanely blatant voter fraud (which was designed to be blatan) and blame them on "white supreemacists"
you can call it a LARP but OP has been proven 100% correct in their predictions up to this point
I mean october btw lol
Read 4 tweets
10 Jan
these insane leftist freaks always paint themselves as victims

they were destroying Spain with constant terrorism and trying to erase Spanish culture and Christianity. they burned down churches, raped nuns, etc. the leftist government did nothing to stop any of it
even mainstream libt*rd historians dont report Spanish civil war the way leftoids do. they lie about literally fucking everything

e.g., the leftist coalition government that OP claims was "democratically elected" was a fraudulent election:
btw if you dont know about the Spanish Civil War I recommend that you study it. there's a good documentary on bitchute by a Libertarian guy but I forgot his name. I think his avatar was a heart in ancap colors

it's impossible to overstate how sick and depraved the leftists were
Read 5 tweets
10 Jan
"Global Corporate Hegemony™ is a private company, it can do whatever it wants :^)"

nice to see leftoids going mask-off and becoming who they are (mindless slaves of globalist plutocrats)
the question now is what is the next step?

people are only willing slaves to globalist plutocrats because all of the natural fabrics of society (family, religion, nationalism) have been ripped apart -- which was the exact intention of the Gramscian New Left / Western Marxists
mainstream "christianity" is satanic and blasphemous, nationalism is literally illegal in most white countries and functionally illegal in america, and the family is so destroyed that people will sell their mother to the FBI for reddit upcummies

subversion stage is 99% complete
Read 6 tweets
8 Jan
they love posting this fake Lenin quote

what "fascism is capitalism in decay" actually means is pretty relevant to the political situation today tho


commies tried and failed to do a "World Revolution" (aka all of Europe + Russia) from 1917 to 23

they got owned because workers in Europe were patriotic/nationalistic and sided with the patriotic "bourgeoise" (+ reactionary aristocracy etc) against globalist commies Image
fascism/nationalism rose all over Europe in response to globalist commies trying to take over European societies and also against *international* capitalism (especially international finance) exploiting the nations

ofc commies claim they wuz oppressed victims, not aggressors, bs
Read 14 tweets
5 Jan
my point: "What the victors of WW2 did to their own societies after WW2 was more destructive than losing WW2"

this genius: "ackshually America should've lost WW2 because of police brutality"
btw ideal WW2 scenario:
>America not involved at all
>UK sides with Germany to defeat Bolshevism
>1000 years of Northwest European global domination

nobody in US even wanted to be involved in WW2 except politicians & their banker pimps (& American jews, for obvious reasons)
we all know why that idealized scenario didn't happen: international bankers held both UK and USA by the balls

the first non-warmongering thing that the United Nations (aka USA, UK, USSR) did was found the global central banking system (World Bank / IMF) in 1944 @ Bretton Woods
Read 4 tweets
29 Dec 20
since the 1600s, scientists divided humanity into around 5 distinct subspecies groups, corresponding to modern "racial" categories

this practice was only abandoned in the 1970-80s, after leftoid ideologues LARPing as scientists colonized academia & media

archive.vn/qDgcL Image
this was done for one purpose only: to trick white people into embracing mass migration from the third world

nobody outside of the western world denies race, and everyone thinks that we've gone collectively insane (true fact)

table from this 2015 paper: archive.vn/upSey ImageImageImageImage
still havent finished my article explaining the origin of this shit but TL;DR:
- USSR was first place to make racism illegal
- Franz Boas/Columbia Uni pioneered "scientific" race denial
- post-WW2 the UN bullied its memberstates into making racism illegal and adopting race denial
Read 6 tweets

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