And the source of a number comes from..?
Do you think a virus without a vaccine or immunity is more or less prevalent in places like Karachi or Lagos than in New York or LA? Do you think public health officials in India and Brazil are classifying deaths as "caused" by COVID...
In the same manner as in the US where states get additional funding from the federal government based on the number of cases they document? Do you think an end-stage pancreatic cancer patient who contracts COVID and dies from pneumonia is a "COVID" caused death?
The lack of standards -- and just lack of consistency in reporting in general -- means we really have NO IDEA how many deaths there have been globally from COVID. These are just numbers some idiot somewhere has on a spreadsheet being used to drive policy preferences.

• • •

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13 Jan
IMO the Democrats had a plan, and they stuck to the plan. It was not that long ago that GA had Zell Miller and Sam Nunn and Max Cleland in the Senate -- Democrats all. When David Perdue won in 2014 -- a strong GOP year -- his margin was only 53-45.
There is a solid Democrat base in GA among the white working class with a historical affiliation to the Georgia Democrat Party if not necessarily the national Democrat Party. Stacey Abrams used that, and organized a registration drive to bring in more African-American non-voters.
The Dems across the country saw an opportunity in no-cause absentee balloting and exploited it. They knew in a Presidential election it is impossible to validate millions of mailed-in ballots in the same way you can validate tens of thousands of such ballots.
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13 Jan
Let me revisit this -- I actually had you confused with another poster who tends to be sarcastic, and I mistakenly took your "Maybe I'm missing something" as sarcasm calling into question my response to your first comment.
"No True Bills" are very rare. In 22 years as an AUSA, I know of only one case in the offices I worked that a "No True Bill" was returned. DOJ policy is that the case cannot be submitted to a different GJ.
There was a rumor last year (or maybe late 2019) that a DC Grand Jury had refused to indict McCabe -- issued a "No True Bill". In response to that rumor, McCabe's attorney, Mike Bromwich, started demanding to know from DOJ if that was true because he knew what the policy was.
Read 4 tweets
12 Jan
Actually they did. The GEORGIA SOS public statement was that the same video showed approximately 30 minutes earlier workers taking stacks of ballots off the table and putting them in the boxes after being told they would be stopping counting for the night.
The boxes, refilled with the uncounted ballots, were then placed under the table. When the SOS told Fulton County officials they had to keep counting, the workers pulled the boxes out from under the table and took the ballots out again, and started counting them.
The full video is available, and was reviewed by the criminal investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations who work for the Georgia GOP Attorney General.
That does NOT address the question of what appears to be multiple scannings of the same set of ballots.
Read 4 tweets
8 Jan
You must not have been alive in 2008.
A light-weight political neophyte with ZERO political accomplishment beats GOP POW war hero who had waited for 12 years for his turn as candidate -- and lightweight wins 365-173, with a popular vote margin of +7%.
Democrats gain 8 seats in the Senate -- on top of the 5 seats they gained in 2006 -- ending up with 59, only 1 short of being filibuster-proof.
Democrats gain 21 seats in the House --but that is on top of the 31 they gained in 2006, ending with a margin of +52.
Dems had 32 of 56 Governors' offices in States and Territories.
So, yeah -- if you are too young you don't at all remember the SHAMBLES the GOP was in after the 2008 elections following two Bush terms. EVERYONE predicted a new political alignment.
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3 Jan
Now on the "Elite Eight" for the Title of "Most Obnoxious Idiotic Liberal Celebrity of 2020".
Only one upset in Round 1, with the 10 seed Babs Streisand upsetting the Late Night Host Mash-up. DeNiro v. Streep got the most votes, and DeNiro was top vote getter at 1047 votes.
Official Results:

Milano def. Rappaport
Balwinaria def. Messing
DeNiro def. Streep
The View def. Perlman
Reiner def. Carrey
Streisand def. Late Night Hosts
Ruffalo def. Prince Markel
Swift def. Madonna

All motions for recounts are permitted.

Next Round:
1) v. 8)
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2 Jan
Here we go -- the most highly anticipated event of 2021 so far (if you leave out a lot of other stuff):…
Lots of fascinating first round matchups. I provide some thoughts and commentary on the field, and three last minute substitutions: Jim Carrey for Leo DiCaprio, Michael Rappaport for George Takai, and Madonna for Kathy Griffin.
Rd 1:
Milano v. Rappaport
Baldwin v. Messing
DeNiro v. Streep
The View v. Perlman
Reiner v. Carrey
Late Night v. Streisand
Ruffalo v. Prince Markel (last minute change)
Swift v. Madonna

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