Left-wing mobs terrorize US cities across the country for months by looting homes & businesses, burning them to the ground, murdering former police officers & innocent civilians, tearing down statues & illegally occupying downtown streets for weeks:

Corporations donate billions.
One US Capitol protest w/ a fraction of the death & destruction:

Corporations collude to censor the President, completely destroy a free-speech platform, cut-off political donations, suspend private banking, censor @RonPaul, kick @BrandonStraka + WalkAway off of Facebook & more.
This is not a defense of those who committed violence at the US Capitol. They should be prosecuted.

This simply highlights the hypocrisy of our politicians, media, major corporations & response from US gov’t.

We simply want consistency, both under the law and in reporting.

• • •

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11 Jan
This won’t be a popular tweet, but I didn’t join Twitter to be popular.

Stop waiting around for Trump or ANYONE ELSE to save you.


We are the plan. The past 4+ years have given us ample and invaluable information to guide us forward. We must use it wisely. 🇺🇸
2/ I can understand why so many people who support Trump are committed to the idea that he will still come out on top, because the reality of a Biden/Harris admin & the establishment taking over is so terrifying, but we must be able to accurately analyze new facts when presented.
3/ If Trump had plans up his sleeve [IMO], we would have seen them by now. There is simply no logical reason why we wouldn’t have. There was more than enough criminality to go around before he was even elected, let alone throughout his Presidency.
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4 Jan
The only CHANGES that sensible citizens of the United States want are:

Lower Taxes.

More Freedom.

To bring home the troops.

Term limits.

Overturning Citizens United.

A return to the Rule of Law.

Getting the gov’t OUT of our healthcare system.

School choice.

Open schools.
2/ Open businesses.


A secure border.

A merit-based immigration system.

Voter ID.

Paper ballots [back-up].

Forensic audits and transparent source-code in any Voting Systems.

Judges who interpret the Constitution as written.

Balanced budgets.
3/ No more bail-outs for Wall Street and multi-national corporations.

The ability to shop for insurance across state-lines.

A full audit of the Federal Reserve System.

The Epstein footage.

Complete reformation of our Intel agencies, FBI, DOJ, etc.
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3 Jan
The establishment should be careful about using the word “sedition” after being engaged in a non-stop seditious coup for the past 4+ years against @realDonaldTrump by:

Failing to prosecute Hillary Clinton for blatant felonies resulting from her use of an illegal email server.
2/ Knowingly funneling Clinton paid for Russian propaganda through our intel agencies.

Doctoring FISA applications to get illegal surveillance warrants to spy on the Trump campaign.

Illegally leaking bogus intel to the media and then citing it to justify phony investigations. ImageImageImage
3/ Illegally leaking personal memos to the press [Comey] to prompt a Special Counsel.

Framing @GenFlynn for conducting routine [LEGAL] transition calls after Trump’s victory and hiding the original FBI 302’s, which prove he wasn’t lying to the FBI agents Comey sent to the WH. ImageImageImageImage
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30 Dec 20
BREAKING: Irrefutable [?] evidence presented by expert witnesses from the GA hearing showing that [based on the data that was provided and used on election night] votes were removed and/or flipped from Trump to Biden. You NEED to watch and share this entire presentation.
2/ VIDEO [Part Two] “According to the @GaSecofState website, Trump lost by 12,670 votes. As you saw earlier in this video, far more than that were taken from @realDonaldTrump”.
3/ VIDEO [Part Three] “Because you’re not having people enter these totals into a spreadsheet, that removes the entire layer, the entire argument for any kind of human entry error, because there is no human being entering anything anywhere in here.”
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30 Dec 20
NEW: @RudyGiuliani in GA hearing "Let me conclude by saying ... our Founding Fathers, miraculously, probably envisioned everything that would happen to us. They even envisioned this. A disputed election. Cheating. Stealing. And they made a choice. They made a choice of where to
2/ put the responsibility in a difficult situation like that. Article I, Section II of the of Constitution puts that responsibility right here, in the legislatures of the several states. You are responsible for the selection of the electors. Not the Governor. Not your Secretary
3/ of State, who is covering up everything that he can cover-up. Not anybody else, but you. It's your power. It doesn't come from the state constitution. It comes from the United States Constitution. You are not subjected to needing a special session. The governor has no right,
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29 Dec 20
NEW: @SidneyPowell1 radio interview w/ @toddeherman "The new report has a truckload of evidence of foreign interference in the election in it. That's what people seem to want to deny, even though the FBI & CISA ... issued an advisory and alert back on Oct. 30th & updated on
2/ Nov. 3rd, so for them to deny that now is absolutely absurd. Plus, we have an affidavit from an expert cyber-warfare [individual] who even shows the diagram of all the attacks coming in. We know that the VPN ... the Dominion people left those open and unencrypted on the night
3/ of the election, so that anybody could get in. We know that the packets of information went to Serbia [note: over 100 Dominion employees scrubbed there LinkedIn profiles of any affiliation with the company after the election, many of whom were in Serbia], Liechtenstein,
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