The times it’s most difficult for you to be an abolitionist are the times it’s most important for you to be an abolitionist.
Bc if you can’t manage to keep integrity to your abolitionist values when it’s hardest for you (ex: when you cheer on the State punishing someone you think deserves it) then idk how you can ever expect anyone else to be an abolitionist.
Abolitionism isn’t just a slogan, and it isn’t just a utopian ideal. It’s a practice. An every day practice. Rooted in the knowledge that retribution and State punishment only compound harm.
The State police and carceral system is maintained because the State relies on us all, in some way or another, internalizing its logic and believing that there are at least some acceptable victims of State violence. We strengthen this system EVERY TIME we concede to that logic.

• • •

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13 Jan
Seeing a lot of you grasping the “economic turmoil was an important component of the Nazis’ rise to power” but not enough (any) of you pointing out that the violent antisemitism of the German public was central to the Nazi Party’s success.
Like, antisemitism wasn’t something the Nazis just slipped in after the fact. They railed about Jewish people in their fucking campaigns, and the German public supported them BECAUSE of that, not despite it.
If your analysis of fascism does not include an understanding of antisemitism, you analysis is incomplete. Period. Antisemitism was and REMAINS a central component to fascist mythologies. And most of the non-Jewish American left is woefully ignorant of how and why that is.
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12 Jan
Seeing this image floating around, and while the message it sends is generally true and important (that fascism unchallenged leads to fascism building power), it leaves out important political factors between 1923 and 1933 we should learn from.

So, here's what happened:
1923 Beer Hall Putsch: Inspired by Mussolini's March on Rome in 1922, Hitler decides that a coup is the appropriate strategy to seize power in Germany. He had the support of elements of the German military (a crucial point in any coup), most notable among them General Ludendorff.
Their intention was to kidnap leaders of the Bavarian government and to accept Hitler as their leader, and, with the support of WWI General Ludendorff, win over the German military, proclaim national revolt, and bring down the German government in Berlin.
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11 Jan
Honestly we need to be less freaked by some reactionaries getting let into an empty building for a couple of hours and start preparing for a much more effective and focused State suppression apparatus that will come along with a Biden administration.
We have, thus far, been organizing against State Counterinsurgent forces that have been incongruent, internally conflicted, inconsistent, and, frankly, strategically clumsy under the Trump administration. They have been brutal, but not nearly as effective as they could be.
Forces under the Trump administration have been fractured. They have alienated their intelligence community, military figures, many State governments, and swaths of private capital. Effective counterinsurgency campaigns require cohesion between all of these factions.
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6 Jan
I want to begin with an acknowledgment that there are people who have done more intensive work on this subject and whom I am still learning from. @avflox comes to mind with her book "Disrupting the Bystander", as well as the feminist moral philosopher, Margaret Urban Walker.
Additionally, my understanding of harm and abuse were helped immensely by Lundy Bancroft's book "Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men" which focuses on male abusers but is a truly vital read on the subject of why and how abusive harm happens.
I think the ultimate answer to this question lies in the individual context of the situation. i.e. what kind of harm happened to each party, what the power dynamics are in the conflict, is it just mutual hurt or is it abuse, what does each party want/need, is repair possible,etc.
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4 Jan
Environment destruction was and remains a key tool in the belt of settler colonialism, not a side-effect or afterthought.
Settlement requires undermining Indigenous relationships to the land itself, which in turn means brutally disrupting the ecology of that land to the point that no relationships can be maintained with it.
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3 Jan
Wow I finally had my first experience of someone digging through my profile to cancel me bc I blocked them and all they posted as proof of how bad I am was me retweeting a qt from a person I don’t even know, retweeting the @PNWYLF, and me posting my $ for my COIN Manual work😂
Just glad to know that I’ve passed the test and that’s all you could find. Anyways please feel free to keep combing through, eventually you’ll get back to the juicy stuff about how broken up I used to be about being disbelieved when I outed my abusive wife. Real page turner.
I’m not interested in using my power to bring shit down on smaller accounts, so I blocked out their handle, but I am interested in being transparent and open about things like this so, here’s the interaction that got them the block, and then their call-out post.
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