If you don’t see the connection between the Nashville terrorist blowing up a city block and the violent Capitol insurrection, you’re not paying attention.
We have allowed and even enabled white extremism to thrive in this country by not addressing them as what they are - terrorists - and by not punishing their actions for what they are - terrorism.
The GOP has wrapped these extremists into their tent for decades. These have always been rebranding off the same them - white extremism and accelerationism.
These calls for “unity” from the terrorist apologists or even those who incited the terrorism is so disingenuous as to be absurd. We absolutely should not allow them to dictate the narrative about what they created.
You see, the implication in all of these calls for “unity” aren’t just disingenuous, but contain an implied threat about exactly what they have enabled:
“If you don’t let these white extremists off, there will be more white extremism.”
This is why believing that disinformation isn’t a threat or that addressing disinformation is “dunking on a 7’ hoop” is such an absurdly bad take. We have seen the real consequences of when disinformation remains unaddressed for decades. This is just the latest iteration.
This same thread crosses generations between the John Birch Society, the Moral Majority, the Tea Party, and MAGA. From Ruby Ridge to the Oklahoma City Bombing to Malheur. From the Army of God and the firebombing of clinics and murders of Dr. George Tiller and Dr. Barnett Slepian.
We have stood idly by for too long watching white extremists terrorize this country and are well past due for a reckoning for this behavior. We should not be deterred in seeking appropriate punishment for those who committed these acts of seditious violence, nor their enablers.
About the violence part:
"As heinous as the attack looked in real time, on live TV and in our social feeds, it was even worse than we knew then. It was even more violent. It was even more treacherous. And Trump's behavior was even more disturbing."

• • •

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28 Dec 20
To all the young people out there: I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that this year sucks and I j knew that you don’t want to hear the bad news and do the have to listen to more bad news and that you don’t want to have to not see your friends and family and have parties and go to bars and restaurants and on lots of dates.
I’m sorry that you’ve been lied to by the contrarians and grifters and sycophants. I’m sorry that what they are saying is easier to listen to than the bad news because they’re saying what you want to hear: you aren’t going to die from COVID so you don’t have to care.
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27 Dec 20
For the idiots spouting off on topics about which they have no experience and know absolutely nothing: HOSPITAL BEDS CAN'T STAFF THEMSELVES.
For any jackass contrarians trying to claim "ICUs aren't actually at capacity, if you look at these charts of ICU and hospital beds in each county"

Want to know what it's actually like to be on the front lines, come spend a night with me in my emergency department.

I'm not even in a super hard hit area, and when I left this morning we had no more open beds. In the hospital or emergency department.
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22 Dec 20
Please read this article and watch the embedded video. I cannot stress this enough. Southern California especially is in crisis mode, with hospitals stretched thin not just with bed shortages but staffing shortages as well.

I’ve heard that some hospitals have had to resort to declaring their entire ICUs DNR. As in, if the patient’s heart stops, the doctors and nurses will not rush in to resuscitate them. They cannot afford to use up the resources.
That’s what triage and crisis standards of care look like. I need people to understand this. People are acting as if we have unlimited capacity for providing top quality medical care when we absolutely do not and we have to acknowledge and accept that reality.
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21 Dec 20
As we have a finish line in sight, the National Academy of Medicine plus 8 other large medical organizations are warning that we may be heading towards triage and need agreed upon standards for the situation in which not everyone will receive care.
“We have reached a point in the crisis at which critical decisions must be made in order to do the most good possible for the largest number of people with limited resources. These decisions effectively signal a shift from conventional to crisis standards of care (CSC)...”
“...This means making unprecedented and agonizing decisions about how resources are used, stretching many resources well beyond conventional limits.”
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30 Nov 20
He came in by ambulance short of breath. Already on CPAP by EMS. Still, he was clearly working hard to breathe. He looked sick. Uncomfortable. Scared.

As we got him over to the gurney and his shirt off to switch a a hospital gown, we all noticed the number of Nazi tattoos. 1/
He was solidly built. Older. His methamphetamine use over the years had taken its usual toll and his teeth were all but gone.

The swastika stood out boldly on his chest. SS tattoos and other insignia that had previously been covered by his shirt were now obvious to the room. 2/
“Don’t let me die, doc.” He said breathlessly as the RT switched him over from CPAP by EMS to our mask and machine.

I reassured him that we were all going to work hard to take care of him and keep him alive as best as we could. 3/
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17 Sep 20
Want to know what causes physician burnout? It's not the hours - we can handle that. It's not the trauma patients or the vicarious trauma - this is what we trained for. It's the brokenness of the system. I'm just so tired.

Read this thread. Every last word of it.
It's not just that we can do better, it's that we must.

Patient are forced to chose between living and having a place to live. And it's not just patient lives on the line, it's physicians as well. Physicians die by suicide at approx twice the rate of the general population.
If the part in which his patient asks “Doc, which kills you faster? Blood pressure you don’t control, or blood sugar you don’t control?" doesn't just absolutely devastate you and rip the depths of your soul in two, then I'm not sure you and I are going to get along.
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