It's well past time for the media to stop treating Trump like he isn't in control of his actions. He wasn't "paralyzed" on Wednesday, as a WaPo headline misleading says. He was very deliberate in his support of the insurrection.…
The reporting itself shows that Trump supported the riot, was loving the footage of the violence, and tantrumed at anyone who asked him to call off the rioters. So why is the WaPo framing this as a "failure" to act? He was very active in his support of the insurrection.
The details reported do not show a Trump "paralyzed", but a Trump energized and eager, excited that his insurrection was actually playing out how he hoped. He only begrudgingly pretended to want peace in a bid to avoid legal consequences for open sedition.
The distinction between Trump "failing" to call off the mob and the truth — that Trump *refused* to call off the mob — matters a lot. It matters for impeachment, and hopefully, for when he is prosecuted when he leaves office.

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13 Jan
The argument against moving slightly slower on impeachment than it takes to send a tweet was something like, "It's the only way to get Republicans!"

Looks like that was ass-backwards, as anyone who understands basic psychology should have understood.
The notion that people change their minds immediately after an earth-shattering or traumatic situation that proves their priors wrong is not true. It often doesn't start to work until they've had some time to really sit with what happened to them. Which we're seeing here.
Indeed, if you interview anyone who works at a DV shelter, you'll find that one of the biggest advantages of getting a woman away from an abuser is so she can have a moment to herself to think and to realize she needs to leave him for good.
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11 Jan
There are many reasons to impeach Trump again. Not the least of them is that the right is gaslighting and working the refs, trying to downplay the insurrection. Impeachment creates a formal, legal record that works against that.…
The record is clear and unambiguous: Trump incited an insurrection. He told the Proud Boys to "stand by" for their orders. He gave them a place and time. On the day itself, he gave them the "go" signal.
Right wing media is already gaslighting about the insurrection, using their favorite techniques — false equivalence, victim-blaming, conspiracy theories and minimizing — to excuse or downplay what was a violent attempt to overthrow a duly elected government.
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11 Jan
If you're in a constant state of chest-tightened panic about why they haven't impeached Trump like yesterday, I highly recommend stepping away from Twitter for a few hours. It does wonders to help the brain re-remember that not everything is a five-alarm emergency.
Is it annoying that a few Democratic House members have to be placated with a show of letting Pence have 24 hours to invoke the 25th? Absolutely! I am also annoyed. But I stayed off Twitter all afternoon yesterday and found myself relaxed and ready to have proportional reactions.
At the end of the day, whether they introduce the articles today or tomorrow will not matter. In a couple weeks, you'll forget how upset you were about this 24-hour delay. No use shortening your life with massive stress reactions over something that won't ultimately matter.
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10 Jan
Yep, and the parallels to Nazi Germany, where the same kinds of people supported the Nazi party, are hard to miss. Equating people who didn't finish college with the "working class" is missing the picture. By that defintion, Sean Hannity is working class.
In my last conversation with a Trump fan I know, what came across strongly was the petty bourgeois resentment and even hatred of the government employee, who is invariably portrayed as a leech who doesn't work for a living (though they do and have low salaries for their resumes.)
This dovetails with white supremacist urges. For petty bourgeois that want to trap people of color into low-paid service work, seeing Black and Latino people at government desk jobs makes them irate. Nothing will get them raving about "wasting" taxpayer money faster.
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10 Jan
I've been thinking about the Timothy McVeigh attack on OKC, and how that really laid the groundwork for what happened Wednesday. Especially in light of reports showing that the insurrectionists fully intended a McVeigh-style level of violence.
In the aftermath, Bill Clinton barely alluded to what should have been obvious — that an increasingly vitriolic Republican Party and their propaganda machine (which was mostly AM radio figures like Limbaugh) had sown the seeds and McVeigh grew from the soil.
The right pulled a trick that has, since then, become common — in no small part because it works. There was this outsized outrage — they were WAY more outraged at Clinton's words than at the mass murder of children.
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8 Jan
Trump's video speech Thursday was the same thing he always does: Pretends to be "presidential" for a minute in order to pull himself out of a political storm. But he always regresses and goes back to doing what he wants. Don't be sucked in.…
This is a standard manipulation from a narcissistic abuser: Pretend that you're going to do better from here on out, to lull your victim into complacency. He doesn't mean it, and cannot be trusted.
We've been down this path so many times with Trump: He'll pretend he's reformed and give a speech that sounds "sober" and "presidential". Within days or hours, however, he's back to his usual self. It will happen again. It's already starting.
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