One of my closest friends was radicalized by YouTube. It started a few years ago with "thought-provoking" and "contrarian" vids. But, thanks to the suggested videos algo, got darker and more violent, he lost his wife, kids, and friends, and none of us know where he is today.
I hadn't really processed the hurt of no longer recognizing a guy who was in my wedding. Then I heard the Rabbit Hole podcast from @kevinroose. He went back through the YouTube view history of someone who was radicalized the same way and I felt like I was listening to my buddy.
Years ago, it would be something like a bullshit Ben Carson video. "Doesn't this guy make sense?" Next he would be posting on our FB pages about sharia law and why to fear all Muslims. Eventually, he was out there unapologetically out there as a Proud Boy.
This is my pal who went to a fabulous school, read all the great books, advocated for progressive politics, and had more genuine, longtime friends of color than anyone I knew. Fast forward to him blaming societal problems on those same people. Those fucking videos programmed him.
The Rabbit Hold pod made me feel for him. He's a smart guy and always had a big heart. But those videos created an alternate, dangerous, racist, violent reality. I miss him all the time and hope he can get out of all of this safely.
Already my phone is blowing up with friends saying the same thing about their loved ones. Shit. It's so fucking sad. Come on, friends at YouTube, I know this truly isn't what you believe in nor why you work there. Please do something. Thanks.

• • •

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8 Jan
Please just start vaccinating by age and at all hours of the day. I know how many other at-risk categories there are. But, the strict rules and lobbying for each of them are getting in the way of getting millions of shots in arms.
There are no shortage of groups that have valid arguments for why they should be prioritized. But trying to draw all that up and then comply with it is costing lives. We need to just pick an age and let those people show up. For those that aren't mobile, send a worker to them.
This is the greatest national emergency in our lifetimes. You want to help small business recover? You want jobs back? Get the shots in millions of arms fast. Administer vaccines 24 hours a day. Use that PPP money to pay OT and bonuses to the healthcare workers with the needles.
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6 Jan
Reserving a couple of days for cathartic gloating. 😂 Then a review of what worked in GA. Both SEN candidates and almost all organizers were big users of our democracy tools. It's important we learn from the how and why so we can build back even stronger in '22.
Thank you to everyone who hustled to make this happen, in GA and beyond. The organizing on the ground and in digital was inspiring AF. Even though we were financial supporters of @fairfightaction, you can admittedly count me among those who underestimated @staceyabrams. My bad.
I'm also proud of everyone who responded to the losses of '16 by rolling up their sleeves and rebuilding the tech stack that the Democratic party failed to produce. @claydumas taught us that by housing it outside the party itself innovation and risk-taking became so much easier.
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21 May 20
I’ve been working on a fully distributed/remote basis since leaving a big company in ‘07. I’ve never actually met our back office/CFO equivalent, nor have I ever been in the same room as our corporate lawyers or investment bankers.
When @ABCSharkTank filmed my opening sequence, they wanted to highlight the Lowercase HQ. Well, we’ve never had one. So, the producers faked it by borrowing a @Heavybit breakout room and put our logo on the monitor.
There is a lot of upside to not going into the office. We are closer as a family and the time I don’t spend commuting can be spent outside. That said, my kids being around while I’m negotiating on the phone has led them to adopt some “colorful” language. Whoops.
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12 Mar 20
It’s hard to fathom how bad the next few months are going to be for many people. Health is a real risk, but job losses are inevitable too. While social distancing is smart, let’s also act with compassion for others.
When I lost everything and more in the crash of 2000 and then got laid off in September of 2001, people kept telling me, “You’re a smart kid. Just ride this out for a year or two.” That advice doesn’t help someone trying to make rent month to month and buy food week to week.
I was extremely lucky. I didn’t have a family to care for. But I did have people around me willing to throw me a few chunks of work to help me make basic ends meet while I tried to scrap together a living. But I couldn’t have done any of it without help from others.
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31 Oct 19
If you have friends who work at Facebook, give them a call today. Share with them your thoughts about how the company has decided to profit off of political ads that are lies. Express how that makes you feel and then hear them out. I’ve been doing this and it helps.
I’ve been doing this. Not flaming them, or shaming them. But engaging in actual conversations about the real life effects of their policy. How these lies for profit impact kids at the border, the health of democracies around the world, the plight of women and minorities, etc.
What I’ve found is that the company is an intellectual bubble. They, fairly, worry about slippery slope edge cases of a policy change. But those exercises have allowed them to ignore the actual harm caused by accepting cash for the ability to tell lies to hundreds of millions.
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14 Aug 19
There isn’t a single co I’ve worked in or invested in that could exist without the talents of immigrants and the children of immigrants. No one works harder than the tired, the poor, the huddled masses.

Fuck every one of you monsters who are stepping on the American dream. 🇺🇸
And I will preemptively say this includes:

1) People who came here without permission but have gone on to create jobs, pay taxes, and serve in our military.

2) People who bravely came here with nothing at all. Including legal refugees the WH is kicking out.
And, since you ask every time, YES we are working hard on this issue and related issues. We and our team have been investing millions of dollars and spending countless hours every week on efforts to restore a functioning democracy and curtail this shamefully racist shit.
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