You know that feeling when you get two pounds of ground beef at the store and now you don’t know where they went to?

not in house
not in fridge
not in car

REALLY have to hope I left these at the store.
Please do not implicate Pele in this. He‘s innocent.
Y’all, when Pele sneaks stuff, he takes it to one of two places to enjoy. He is not subtle. I would have found wrappers.

He is innocent.
(aobligatory dog training comment: if your dog gets food because you left it in an available spot, that’s on you, not your dog. dog’s gonna dog. it’s up to you to make an environment so that your dog dogs the way you want him to dog.)
(Pele is a very good dog and he absolutely understands that while we’re present, we’re in charge and he only gets food if we say he can have it. But. He also thinks that when we’re not around, he’s now de facto head of the pack, and so he gets to decide what food belongs to him.)

• • •

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11 Jan
They really think that a violent coup would mean that we’d all continue on in the world we have, except with Trump as President for another four years.
Wealthy private-jet-owning conservative coup cosplayers need to figure out that they wouldn’t actually like the world in which they waged a literal war against their housecleaners, their cooks, their serving staff.
The people who make this world function are so invisible to them that they think they’re just a cog in a machine that you grudgingly grease with a (not always) minimum wage payment.
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11 Jan
Everyone quoting “united we stand divided we fall” maybe needs to ask themselves why they didn’t unite *before* we had deadly violence aimed at the presidential succession.
You want to unite? Great. Two seconds ago, people standing next to you were brandishing weapons and demanding hangings, while you said, “yes, definitely good, can’t wait.”

I think we need more than platitudes.
The great work of unifying this country will require you to interrogate and put aside the white supremacist violence that you have been fomenting.

Your entire philosophy is division.
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11 Jan
Of the statewide offices that aren’t governor, I think the two that Democrats most need to think about launching a coordinated campaign over are the Secretary of State and the state Attorney General.
The Secretary of State governs elections. I think this one is fairly obvious.

State Attorneys General help enforce laws when the federal or local governments refuse to do so. Good AGs can help prosecute wage theft. GOP AGs have filed reams of lawsuits against your healthcare.
Dem AGs can prosecute police overreach when local DAs, who are more tied to the police, refuse to do so.
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10 Jan
I had a conversation with my husband about whether Josh would choose the instrumentalist path back to glory or not, and ultimately decided that the narcissism is too high to manage that degree of instrumentalism.
Dude has not released a statement about anyone other than himself at this point, which is clear error.
That being said, I will point to this tweet if he suddenly tries it.
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10 Jan
I hope y’all understand that Ken Buck is calling for unity because he is in this knee-deep. He knows all about phone calls to election officials asking them to falsify election results, because he made one of his own.…
Of course he thinks we should look the other way on this kind of conduct. He did it.
Do you know how intensely awkward it would be for Ken Buck for Congress to find that a recorded phone call asking an election official to falsely change the results is evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors?
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10 Jan
A white supremacist mob whipped up by the President and egged on by lies about our election and our legal system tried to destroy our government.

Anyone who wants to “move on” and “put that in the past” doesn’t want unity. They want us to not look.
A lot of people were responsible for coddling these people in their utter delusions, but I hold @TedCruz and @HawleyMO particularly responsible.

As former SCOTUS clerks, they knew that the legal arguments that were thrown about were utterly without merit.
This is not a partisan thing to say.

The legal arguments were utterly without merit. The objections being made were absolutely ridiculous, and they knew that.
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