I'm trying to stay off of social right now because my spirit needs more rest than this timeline will allow.

I am past furious.
Y'all knew supremacists would wild out. We kept telling you. And you normalized them.

Meanwhile MEMBERS OF FREAKING CONGRESS are *inside,* refusing masks from Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester-a Black woman who statistically is at far more risk than them-and they scoffed.
The whole thing is violent.
The same people who seeded this white supremacist insurgency are the same people who refused masks in the "safe" room where they hid from insurgents-and the same people who are passing out COVID to Congresswomen of color who've been trying to protect us all.
Kick out every last one of them. Those aren't colleagues, they're carriers. Of the diseases of white supremacy, COVID-19, and violence.
Meanwhile all of the DMV, plus Black folks, Indigenous folks and people of color everywhere are hunkering down as we prepare to protect ourselves from even more terror than we've already been dealing with.

And trying not to catch COVID.
I been in my Bible something heavy recently because this is pure, unadulterated evil.
Y'all stay safe, mask up, and protect one another. <3
if I'm quiet, just know I'm workin.

• • •

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8 Jan
We should be precise about *why* this is dangerous. It’s not “we felt the same way” in ‘16.

White supremacy irrationally believes that a loss of white control, power and “purity” is Armageddon itself

Narratives like the dog whistle below want to legitimize fear based in *evil.*
So she doesn’t say “white power.” She says “they’re heart-broken they lost.” Lost *power* is implied.

She doesn’t say “they’re petrified Black people will do to us exactly what we did to them.” She says “they’re scared.” The rest is implied.
And they believe the evil lie so much they are, actually, honest to God afraid. Like, *for real.*

The trouble is that fear? It’s deadly. It is not based in anything good, Godly or true, no matter how much they may selectively Bible thump to support the ridiculous claim.
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7 Jan
I'm somewhere between "glad they certified it last night" and "how did y'all not arrest Josh Hawley and his band of seditionists on the Congress floor?"
I understand the desire to defy the intentions of violent white supremacist insurrectionists by certifying the vote.

But it also normalized and excused the members of congress who incited this. Including the ones who tried to save their lil footnote "legacies" by switching sides
Josh Hawley Josh Hawley
before the riots after the riots
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6 Jan
Everybody who voted for, supported, excused, worked for, and perpetuated this monster...and everyone who dismissed, invalidated, undermined and ignored the warnings and fears of Black folks and POC who TOLD you that it absolutely could and would come to this owns this.

You do not get to wipe the dirt off your hands when the seed you planted has sprouted.
We told you this could and would happen because it’s happened before, and you called us “crazy.”
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6 Jan
Black people didn’t save you. Black people saved ourselves, once again. Black people saved themselves in a state that tried VERY hard to prevent that from happening again.

But that’s the funny thing about justice:

When *Black people* win... *everybody* benefits.

Fancy that.
It’s almost like...the things that we Black folks are fighting for...end up creating more freedom for...*checks notes*


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6 Jan
1. Learn what suppression looks like in your state.

2. Support orgs that fight it. Don’t “clone Stacey.” There are plenty Stacey’s where you live-and LaToshas, Cliffs and Nse’s too. We need teams-not saviors.

3. Fund HBCUs. They gave you Abrams, Warnock AND Harris. They matter.
On voter suppression:

Part of why it is so effective is because it is opaque, complex and pernicious. It can vary state to state and county to county.

To fight it, you gotta get clear on what it looks like. To learn more, start here:

On teams:

Stacey Abrams is incredible. And *she’s* constantly reminding us: so are many more. They did this together. @MsLaToshaBrown, @cliff_notes, @StephLYoung and @nseufot are just four more.

Black talent isn’t magic or exceptional. It’s actually EVERYWHERE. Support it.
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5 Jan
I’m trying to find the words for how downright infuriating it feels to have just been about to press “publish” on a piece about the lack of police accountability and Breonna Taylor, only for my editor to tell me I needed to add Jacob Blake in now, too.

And I don’t even want carceral solutions. I say in the piece-they’re inhumane and ineffective.

But the conclusion that *whatever* the system is, as long as it is built in the eye of white supremacy, it will never treat us equally is the kick in the gut. Even if it is familiar.
I’m an aspiring abolitionist (aspiring because the books on my nightstand prove I have a lot to learn & contemplate from folks smarter than me).

But it’s not the indictments or convictions or lack thereof for me.

It’s the naked hypocrisy. The double standard. The hate.
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