I've given this more thought overnight. Twitter blocking people for any reason is the opposite of an ISP blocking Twitter. Analogously, the first is like censorship, in that it keeps specific ppl from publishing. The 2nd keeps everyone from reading, hence it's a book burning.
To expound: when Twitter suspends an account, that person can still SEE Twitter. They just can't log in as a specific user account and post. They still have access to read, and (I think?) they're not prevented from starting a new account. Even if they can't, they can read anon.
But blocking the whole website, that's more than censorship. Not only can their users not post to Twitter (censorship), but they also can't READ Twitter (book burning). The effect of the latter is isolation from information that challenges their authority (like this tweet).
P.S. I think they topic of what is and isn't censorship is complex, and I'm not saying Twitter has no right to decide who posts to this site. They do, because Twitter is ALSO like a pub, with other users who have the right to not get pissed on by drunkards.
What I am saying, is that if you concede the ISPs point that Twitter is censoring, then what they're doing is book burning, by the same logic.
And yes, you can call the ISP and they'll give you your Twitter back. (If you can get through-I feel like their phones are likely getting DDoSed rn). But that makes the ISP authoritarian, because reading books (Twitter) has become a privilege not a right.

• • •

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11 Jan
This pro-gun person is making the argument I've been making some before Sandy Hook. The best way to deal with gun violence while protecting rights is licensing the same way we license cars. A license (title) for the gun, and a license to shoot regardless of what you own..
As I've said for a decade: if you only control guns on supply side, everyone will 3D print their own. But if you have to have a license, you can make all the guns you want, just better make sure you take responsibility for it or you're liable for any crimes committed with it.
I've held this position as a gun owner. Now that we're going to have some power in DC, I wish lawmakers would consider it.
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13 Oct 19
This is the first "testimony" I've born in nearly 20 years.

I don't fully fit the criteria bc I do not believe in a higher power, at least not the way "belief" or "higher power" are generally understood. But I am spiritual.. 1/x #MyQueerTestimony
I don't have a testimony of the literal truthfulness of the LDS Church. In fact, there are parts of the Church that are toxic and abusive. But there are many beautiful elements of the Church, and I celebrate those.
One of my favorite parts of the modern LDS Church is moments like these, where believing Mormons reach out unconditionally to those of us on the fringes of Mormonism. For so long, Mormon society was inaccessible to me -- while I was still LDS even --
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24 Feb 19
So one time @TamraSkye told me about how this one baboon troop changed from violence and dominance to a peaceful troop when all their aggressive male leaders died. I looked it up today...
So this troop got into a garbage dump where there was some tainted meat. Since the aggressive dominant males kept away all their underlings, they were the only ones who ate the tainted meat, and they died of TB.
Instantly, the culture of the troop changed. They became caring and non-aggressive, almost pacifist.

Those behaviors have continued for decades, even after the first generation of peaceful males died.
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19 Jan 19
My autistic brain can only track 2-3 complex tasks at once.

Because of all the emergencies the past two weeks, I am tracking five major categories with several sub-categories of tasks in each.

This causes me to freeze up, locked in cycles about what to start on.
The aspect of the brain that figures out how to do tasks is called "executive function," and mine is impaired both by autism and PTSD.

If I had 3 tasks to focus on, I'd be in the flow today. But 5 is too many and I'm stuck.

Which is partly why I'm on Twitter so much.
There are actually only two choices of task I can work on in the next hour. (Another task is waiting for someone else, at 4:30, which is very distracting!) But the overwhelm of the other tasks is still bleeding in, and I therefore am still stuck on which of the two tasks to start
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