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A thread about Zodiac Signs in the Quran, Part 1 (from Aries to Virgo):
⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ I am simply sharing this information that i find very interesting, i am not telling you what to believe in. credits to sachal smith.
The chapter this is all about is the 53rd of Quran is called “An-Najm”, meaning ‘The Star’. The most fascinating aspect of this chapter is that it flows with seemingly unconnected subjects, but with a profound rhythm and symbolic esoteric meaning.
The verses of this chapter in a descending order represent allegorical description of the successive signs of astrological zodiac. Thus, it creates the most beautiful symphony of spiritual and psychological relevance to the reader wherein, the profound guidance it delivers-
through the esoteric undertones are the hallmark of this chapter. Here, I have attempted to unravel its meanings by using hermetic principles of astrology.

(‼️ I recommend reading the verses first and then the interpretation.)
Aries ♈︎: The setting of star mentioned in verse (1) refers to the position of star Sirius at the moment of Aries rising. Its one of the brightest stars, and has been mentioned by name later in this chapter because it was considered to be a dear object of worship by pagan Arabs
When Aries rises, Sirius is situated at the bottom most position called Imum Coeli or IC in the sign of Cancer. Therefore, Quran is saying in verse (2) that a star as bright as Sirius may set, but the rising of Aries cannot be hindered.
Due to this, it has characteristics of life, energy, strength, dynamism, self-confidence, and a dauntless attitude. In verse (7) ‘the uppermost horizon’ represents Aries, because of it being the first sign in zodiac.
Taurus ♉︎: Taurus always follows the sign of Aries, and so is below Aries, as mentioned in verse (8). The distance of two bow’s length in verse (9) allegorically refers to the space between the bull’s horns in the constellation of Taurus.
Astrologically, the sign of Taurus is concerned with security through material support, which primarily means food and shelter. Therefore, in these verses one might easily spot the theme of well being and reassurance due to the mention of gardens and trees.
Also, notice the ‘lote tree’ in verse (14) which is an ever green tree stationed at the highest place in heavens. In Taurus, the spring season gets firmly established with trees producing flowers and fruits in abundance, bringing about affluence on Earth.
The verse (17) is important here because it expresses the ethical perspective of Taurus in contrast to the opposite sign Scorpio. It says that the eye of Taurus is neither timid, nor overconfident due to being devoid of lustfulness (Scorpio Trait).
Gemini ♊︎: Gemini is represented by ‘the twins’ symbol in astrology, which refers to duality in every form of human activity. Human beings are affected by it because they use languages and symbols for communication purposes, which when taken literally can be very misleading.
This duality leads to superficiality, and that in turn leads to vanity; because some symbols eventually become idols, and the mind gets conditioned by social environments to live perpetually under its self-deceiving hypnosis.
The sign of Gemini gives mankind languages and symbolism that has its own utility, but to consider this function to be ‘the truth’, is like considering reference symbols to be as actual reality, or words to be the real things.
Therefore, in these verses of Quran (19-23), whilst referring to the sign of Gemini, Quran condemns the symbolism of idols such as al-laat, al-Uzza, and Manaat because those are deceptive.
Also, the twin symbolism of Gemini is emphasized in verses (21-22) by stating that there should be no unjust division, partiality, or difference between activities meant for materialistic desires, and that for spiritual life.
The Quran also strongly reprimands superficiality, vanity, and assumptions; but supports working with tangible facts of existence.
Cancer ♋︎: Cancer is astrologically considered as the sign of home, comfort, ease, happiness, and emotional freedom. Here everyone is flexible, casual, and understanding. It is a place where mistakes usually go unnoticed, because formality and laws are normally ignored.
It is the start of Summer, where all bode well under the high Sun. At this time, the laws are of utmost importance for development of the human spirit.
Therefore, verses (24-25) suggest that a person should not totally be devoted to the fulfilment of his desires by undermining law and order. And since the angels were known to be law enforcement agents of God,
the pagans in verses (26-28) had turned them into females so as to mitigate the punishments, because they considered females to be more compassionate and forgiving towards criminals. The verses (29-30) suggest that these are the times when humans need to act with discipline
and walk their talk, for if they do not, then what they shall sow in summer, will reap in winter. In brief, the Quran says that one can make the most out of good times by acting in lives with nobility and discipline.
Leo ♌︎: In this verse, the sign of king (Leo) is admonished of conducting any acts of tyranny in a language so regal and grandeur that befits only to be spoken by a true sovereign. Because summers have firmly set themselves in during this time,
therefore astrologically, it is the sign of high and the great. Here, Quran not only informs about the best times that humans ever experience, but also warns them that any form of ingratitude or defiance at these times will be severely dealt with.
Virgo ♍︎: The sign of Virgo is symbolized by a virgin imagery, which is meant to represent perfectionist attitudes. Virgo tends to be extraordinarily meticulous, dexterous, and very specific about their lives and activities,
and therefore are hereby taught a lesson of simplicity, moderatism, and contentment. Virgo is also the sign of organized religions, or religious establishments with hierarchical orders of clergy who are deeply devoted to traditionalism, and lifestyles of inordinate perfectionism.
The Quran teaches here to such folks that they do not try to be extra pure, because they are not born out of virgins; rather the only person who has ever been reported to be of Virgin birth, known as Jesus, was actually against traditionalism.
This brings us to the end of Part 1, Part 2 is coming soon and will include the rest of the Zodiac signs. I hope you shall find this explanation interesting and useful, and may it strengthens the truth in all of us. I should here mention a Quranic verse which says:

• • •

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