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12 Jan, 7 tweets, 2 min read
1/ Why start an e-mail newsletter?

It’s about being censorship resistant.

It’s about being able to talk directly with your audience without worrying about how the social media algorithm will surface your content.

It's about freedom to build.

A thread👇
2/ I’ve built up a large audience in just under 2 years:

- 100,000 Twitter followers
- 17,000 LinkedIn followers
- 9,000 YouTube subscribers (just spun this up a few months ago)

I worked hard to create content and build this audience, but all of that could change in an instant.
3/ At the snap of a finger I could be deplatformed from any of those social networks, which means I couldn’t talk about Bitcoin with anyone. There is no worse hell for me.

By building up an audience on a channel I control, I’m as close to censorship resistant as I can come.
4/ Additionally, a newsletter allows me to publish content directly to my audience. No 3rd party to distort or hide my content.

I’m not constrained with max character limits, image size restrictions, or blocked from using copyrighted/prohibited content.
5/ “building a following on Twitter is building a castle out of sand" - @naval

Because email is an open standard, when you build an audience via email newsletters, you directly own the relationship with the reader and are not at the whim of an algorithm change
6/ Additionally, newsletters allow for unique monetization through: subscriptions, additional products/services, etc. which may give me more resources to build bigger bolder pieces of content like YouTube short films, etc. (ex: @jamesvjani style videos)
7/ Haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet?

I make Bitcoin simple to understand.

Here’s the link👇


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10 Jan
1/ Fear and Bitcoin.

Whenever Bitcoin has a bull run, naysayers try to cope with missing the boat by rationalizing why it will fail through “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” or what we Bitcoiners have nicknamed “FUD.”
2/ Most of these are completely unsubstantiated, but annoying persist as negative narratives Bitcoin must fight against.

I’m seeing more and more of these pop up while Bitcoin surges, so I’m going to do a rapid fire session where I knock a few of the more popular ones out:
3/ Intrinsic Value

Complaining it has no intrinsic value when their primary government currency has absolutely no intrinsic value (No, the US dollar is not backed by gold).
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5 Jan
1/ [December Bitcoin yield update]

Over the last year and a half, I’ve earned ~1.2BTC with various yield generating services to earn an average of 5% on 30 BTC.

Here’s my journey and how to guide👇
2/ Here are the ways you can earn yield:

Lending (Easiest/most popular)
Yield: 3-6%
- Ledn: rb.gy/3nfhvx
- BlockFi: rb.gy/4wzpri

Covered calls (Harder)
Yield: 1-80%
- Deribit: rb.gy/zbkrlu
- LedgerX: rb.gy/b6dl1n
3/ Earning a yield enables you to stack more sats (what I’m doing), or reduce the temptation to sell your coin through earning an income.

The yield you earn comes with RISK!

Below is my current allocation for Dec (will update MoM)

(yellow = changes)

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2 Jan
$33,000! Image
1,000+ Bitcoin sell wall at $33,000.

Someone really doesn’t want Bitcoin to moon 😂
780! Image
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1 Jan
1/ Bitcoin: a bold new world.

Satoshi published the white paper on 10/31/2008. Right at the moment of peak despair during the 2008 financial crisis. Trust had been lost in a world that ran on trust.
2/ But why October 31st? It certainly wasn’t because Satoshi was a fan of halloween, it must have had a deeper meaning. With all of his actions, he demonstrated a careful precision.

He had been working on Bitcoin for at least a year and a half before publishing the white paper.
3/ “I believe I've worked through all those little details over the last year and a half while coding it, and there were a lot of them. The functional details are not covered in the paper, but the sourcecode is coming soon” - Satoshi Nakamoto
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26 Dec 20
1/ Why Bitcoin may be going through a "Supercycle"

This time is different: COVID, Gold 2.0 narrative, institutional herd, and ease of use have set a new stage.

Instead of a normal bull/bear cycle, Bitcoin would break convention and enter a “Supercycle”

Thread 👇
2/ You probably first heard of Bitcoin in 2013 or 2017 when friends and family were talking about the wild swings in price. Bitcoin’s market cycle is typically around 4 years and some hypothesize the cycle is induced by halvings (a reduction in new supply).
3/ The idea being a reduction in supply + increase in demand = number go up. We can call this Bitcoin’s viral marketing loop.
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18 Dec 20
1/ Happy HODL Day!

Today was the day the term “HODL” was created.

Where did it come from?

Most people think it stands for “Hold On for Dear Life,” but that's not correct. Here's the origin story of "HODL."

A thread 👇

Is yelled out by user "GameKyuubi" on the Bitcointalk forums, the most popular place for Bitcoiners to hang out at in the early days.

It was December 18, 2013 at the top of the 2nd 2013 bull market cycle.

3/ The price action along the path to $1,200 was intense. In the year 2013, we actually had 2 bull runs. One in March 2013, from $10 to $260, and one in the winter from $100 to $1,200.
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