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12 Jan, 13 tweets, 3 min read
Frequently asked question

I was 17 with $150
doubled with LTC to $300
BTC at $1k crashing to $100
2013-2016 cucked

btc, altcoin, forex, derivatives trades

Losing & reload account

Touched 1Mil
Lost 90% markets dying
MADE IT ALL BACK to lose again
Coping, BACK, lose, half back
What I try to say is

Every fucking time I had that I can become a trader for a living, i fucked up

It's too much pressure.Also take care of my mother & little sister

Too risky trades bc opportunity might not be there tomorrow

Becoming a real one for a living almost impossible
The maths just doesn't add up

Whenever the losing streak or time comes in with bills to pay blocking your account to grow and shrink

Well you need even better trades % to make the same amount.

Active trading daily in crypto & with risk management consistently, nope
Position building worked for me the best actually.Days or months building a giga long pushing 1 BTC to 100 BTC on a yolo account accidentally

But at some point you are on the wrong side or it takes longer and more moves against you

Larger size trading on wrong side is difficult
"You see! Leverage trading is bad!"


You think you can't die because you hold spot? You're in for a surprise.
It's just a miracle that I didn't put a fucking gun in my mouth by now

From 1m to just lose it by holding spot
Or other fuck ups & getting back up

The mental impact this shit has on you lay in bed for 2 weeks and not even getting food

Oh yah you better don't have a gf or wife
Now how are you gonna make it?
Its easier to trade alts bc less competent competition

Most importantly information which can give you an edge

Setting up a trading room with 100 retards is not gonna work.

A room with elite traders ain't gonna work bc non cares to share trust me
Most likely work with less than 8 friends & do projects

Some sources of institutional grade info, or a larger entity you get info from

You can't find good shit on CT with paid subscriptions created by CT bro's

Good info ain't for free either & most likely $1000 a month
But IE

Solana/Serum comes close to having insider info. A billion dollar firm with the CEO telling you what he's building with his reputation at stake & skin in the game

Also shorting won't get you rich anyways tbh. You can only win a limited amount
But yesh trading

It's trying to predict what others do & how one reacts to someone else's order.

Humans aren't rational and you may draw TA, crunch some numbers, gaussian distribution

This isn't physics with defined rules. Also being a maximalist is dumb because rules changes
But anyways since he asked for motivation

I can't provide that. Start doing project's or help other projects

Sadly this isn't a get rich quick & stay rich scheme

From the outside big trader names look fantastic & don't seem to struggle

Grass always greener at the other side
I'm not here to sell you dreams

Some OG's still think they're competent due to past performance but my "luck" streak was there for years

But I know by now that I don't have alpha

However opening a finance book (no not one with charts) helps
My confidence?

I see what I don't know or didn't know even exist. Propaganda like algorithms never work (then learn about delta neutral & inefficiency), books are bullshit and then don't know what a premium is etc etc

I was lucky, risky big trades bc I saw it as my density

• • •

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More from @RNR_0

8 Jan
Infinite ideas due to the speed

Since a transaction only takes 0.4 seconds. Did FTX already think about creating a button

So you can "import" your funds and trade immediately. Then whenever you feel like it, with 1 button push your funds

User defined whitelisted assess
Make it feel natural and effortless.

Excuses to hold funds is due to "wanna trade quick not wait for tx time"

Excuse right now is "too mucht effort"

Also when sending back, make the wallet popup and user clicks a button with "ok"

Case that faggot lost his wallet but unaware
If Binance and other exchanges support Solana

We can basically arbritage, automate it with code and sent USDT back and forth within 0.4 seconds

And arbritage between CEX and DEX. A bit less fractured liquidity perhaps.

I mean speed and tx fees was always the problem
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7 Jan
Okay faggots listen

I've spent 12h long on trying Solana and Serum

Basically to get into it, use your FTX account and you can withdraw your Solana, Srm, & usdt to your Solana wallet since it supports the network

But understand you can use USDT, ETH all on Serum by using ftx
ETH gas fees are too expensive, stop denying

But for example you can pay/deal with your CT friends using usdt and use Serum network so you don't have to be fee cucked

Talking about fee cucked, new people who wanna build, younger kids etc can't enter Ethereum ecosystem.Expensive
Even a Uniswap trade. You buy $600 of a shitcoin. Pay $30 fee, bye 5%
Exit the trade is another $30 maybe and sending your earned money to for example Kraken cost you again money.

Well if it wasn't a winning trade, I hope it was at least a 2x gain because lol
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6 Jan
Rebalanced a second time todsy

Glad I bought all the de defi blue chip shit last night.

But uhm I have not been bullish enough, Romano 2019 would constantly be buying but he would also think that this looks too risky

So rebalanced into sold everything except link. Buying later Image
But that's me. For your friends, family, non-traders for a living

My point still remains
Buy & hodl BTC will beat diversified portfolio in most cases

Diversified portfolio with a rebalance every week beats buy & hodl BTC

But diversify with the lowest positive correlation
Even if you're a maxi, it works like this

Sometimes altcoins like defi blue chips are outperforming BTC temporarily

At the rebalance it sells parts of your altcoins and buy more BTC so the % portfolio is rebalanced

Buy low, sell high
I used to think rebalance was pussy too lol
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4 Jan
A project I've invested in is AllianceBlock. The team exist out of traditional finance.
No hype because not many can comprehend all text

because it's clearly written by an academic flexing with fancy words & text walls.

Will try to prove my point. Thread…
If I only grab a small piece of text from the article and analyze it. This is not even the white paper but only medium.

"Writing that scores at a 15th-grade level is not better than writing at an 8th-grade level. A high-grade level often means it is confusing and tedious. ImageImage
Bitcoin whitepaper
4th Grade Reading Level

8th Grade Reading Level
Raised $257 Million

10th Grade Reading Level
Raised: $232 Million

14th Grade Reading Level
Raised: $153 Million

Lower reading grade grabs more hype

Grade 15
Raised: $0.5 M Image
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3 Jan
Been trying to get more into a writing since I do enjoy the positive feedback & praise (dopamine)

There are so much of these PR company's having non-crypto boomers employed to help crypto projects

Getting more approached since they notice paying people for a tweet is not enough
But best of all, I have a better solo verifiable trackrecord than most

"But Idk if you have enough experience"
- Yeah k but also run a coin since 2016
"But we gun for a 10m marketcap!"
- Cute, I touched 150m marketcap. No ICO cash, solo queued everything 1y, Listed on Binance
Well but I'm only interested of course if there's some potential.

Bc I wanna put own money, whatever they wanna offer ain't worth the headache. 1 ref link tweet is easy

But to me it's just a challange just like via.

Was fun other OG's sold for 20% to see 18000% up 1y later
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2 Jan
Been outside.. Sort off for the first time since October

Blala parents divorced. House got sold. January 7th keys to new owners

My mom wasn't allowed to take her stuff (he changed the keys) and he's now beginning to move

Uh he literally threw our stuff outside... To pick it up
I must admit

Gg well played dad. Chad husband beats his wife, says to police he never did, occupies house for 2 years

Kicked my mom out by bullying her
Tells to the police crying she walked away and waits for her return

Laughs on whatsapp and says fuck you bitch
Pretty Chad. Assured dominance over me by beating his children at the start of age 4

Beating stops physically affecting me. Beat his mom. Now he listens!

Basically put us homeless in 2017
Almost fucked me over insanely bc missing mail for payments like tax bc "his house"
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