Where we are today is exactly where Paul Weyrich expected us to be. Since the beginning of the 1980’s, their plan was to take over the US government with the New Right and the hijacking of religion and abortion. Their plan was to remove all centrist Republicans. To attack the
left at every moment. To block everything. It was all about gaining as much power as they could. What we see in the Republican Party today is that New Right. Their plan was take over the US government by 2030. What we have just witnessed was exactly that. Nine years earlier than
expected. Fortunately, what they didn’t anticipate was it failing. And it has failed terribly. But it has left us in a very dangerous situation because now they will be desperate. But we must persevere. When there is a Republican, who pushes extreme religion and piggy backs on
pro-life. Thus is a member of that New Right that wants to gain ultimate power and take over the US government no matter what. No we do not now take a step back whilst they tell us we need unity. These are members of a party that will do everything to gain ultimate power.
They are what Paul Weyrich envisioned. They are here and they are dangerous.
This is why they use the term “radical left.”
For those who want to read more and to understand what has just happened in D.C.

Read This ⬇️

And if you want to read my full explanation
It’s here

If you want to understand more than I suggest you add this to your reading list.


• • •

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5 Jan
This is how I don’t fall asleep.
Thinking of particles and anti-particles and electrons being aware.

This is my life and reasons I sometimes don’t fall asleep.

Thinking of particles. 🤦‍♂️
I was thinking of the “double slit” experiment. Firing electrons at a wall through two vertical slits. With classical physics the observation pattern should have been two vertical lines, but it created an interference pattern, meaning it behaved like a wave. Which is fine with
particle wave duality. But they were not sure which slit they were going through, there were two. The next time they set up a measuring device. But this time they created two vertical lines, as we originally expected, the electrons behaved as particles and not waves, almost as
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24 Dec 20
As it is Christmas Eve I thought I would share this. I don’t believe in religion, I think religion is an opiate of the masses that comes down from a past of people wanting to control others. I think religion is not good for humanity because it ties people to this controlled past.
However, I do believe in the example of Christ, of a good human being. The example of Christ being that you live for other people, away from yourself, you will be happy. If you live for yourself you will never be happy and likely never sleep well. I truly believe that if you
have other people in mind then that brings you happiness, because it raises you up. I think that those so who say that they are religious and yet do horrible things to others makes you diseased. There is no example of that Christ they say they believe in. It’s just control.
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22 Dec 20
I am an avid reader, particularly of biographies/autobiographies.
I purchased Matthew McConaughey’s “Greenlights.”
It is by far the worst book I think I have ever read, I couldn’t finish it. It justifies domestic violence and emotional and physical abuse. What was I thinking??
It talk of him having to tell the truth as a child, but if he does lie, don’t get caught. And to steal and don’t get caught. That his father beat his brother because he wouldn’t steal from his boss. This is around the time that I put the book down.
I think Donald Trump and his followers will love this book.
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19 Dec 20
Adolf Hitler died 75 years ago but his ideology is alive more now since the end of WW2. Nazism is springing up all over the world. And believers in democracy think they can oppose this with letters and going high. Trump/Hitler comparisons reached a high point in 2017 and then
suddenly declined. Media articles on this comparison have dropped yearly. Yet right-wing extremism has risen yearly since 2017. Those who cannot remember the past are likely to repeat it. But also, those who cannot forget the past are condemned to misunderstand it. What I
believe here is quite important. Trump wasn’t a mistake. He was a test. The fact that he has been voted out are lessons learned by the Republican Party in preparation for version 2. What matters here is not that Trump might be a fascist, is a fascist, it’s that his supporters
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16 Dec 20
In July 1933, during Hitler’s first summer in power, a young German pastor named Joachim Hossenfelder preached a sermon in the towering Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Berlin’s most important church. He used the words of Romans 13 to remind worshippers of the importance of
obedience to those in authority. The church was festooned with Nazi banners and Stormtrooper flags, its pews packed with the Nazi Party faithful – including men in the brown shirts of the Sturmabteilung, the Nazis’ paramilitary movement.
This is one of the most explicit examples in which the German Protestant Church invoked Romans 13.
Romans 13 is important because it was used by the Trump administration too.
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14 Dec 20
Thread: Where did “Make America Great Again” come from? Yes we know Reagan used it. But do you think it came from Trump?
It came from the Council of National Policy. I’ve mentioned them in my threads before. But who are they. What do they want? They represent white Protestant
property owners. They dreamed of restoring a nineteenth century patriarchy that limited the civil rights of women, minorities, immigrants, with no tax to vex the rich and no safety net to aid the poor. They believe they only have until 2031 to achieve this. They are
already are way above the game. They own thousands of radio stations all over the country spewing this to listeners. They had to up their game after Obama legalized gay marriage. MSM are not combatting this as they have to put profits first, particularly after the collapse of
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