My Chads, in my opinion the market is at a pivotal point. Either we get a full-blown alt-season in the upcoming weeks/months, or this is the top for some time. I wanted to wait a bit, but I had many people ask me for my top Chad picks for the alt season. So let's explore.
2/ Let's start with numero uno. $BTC. What? In alt season? Yeah, because we don't know how much money of BTC will flow into alts in 2021. Having some % of your portfolio in BTC is also mentally reassuring if $BTC continues to crush altcoins and reduces FOMO.
3/ Next up, $DEFI. I have always been incredible bullish on DeFi. It's one of the few use-cases that actually makes sense on a blockchain and it's a trillion dollar industry.

Regulatory also bullish signals.

Now, which DeFi coin do I like?
4/ Normally I like contrarian picks that are 'undervalued', but alt season requires a different mentality. New investors go into coins they see friends in and asset reflexity is strong in bull markets. Asset reflexity basically means if price goes brrr, price continues to go brr.
5/ This means that in an alt season, I am with a large % (let's say 40%) into coins that have a loyal following, are loved by important influencers (e.g. 3 Arrows Capital, @kyled116, @zhusu, or Defiance Capital @Arthur_0x), strong price uptrend.

6/ $AAVE is one of the first lending protocols, original ticker $LEND, and is used extensively in numerous DeFi protocols. A TVL of 2.6billion USD, active developers, and strong uptrend.
7/ $YFI. $YFI is central to the Yearn ecosystem by Andre Cronje. Loved and hated, with big VC's (@polychaincap and 3 Arrows) being token holders. Vault2's are coming. $wYFI token burn with $YFI. $YFI has a strong developer team, a loyal (partly) community, and innovative tech.
8/ $SUSHI. Sushiswap is a DEX that started as a Uniswap fork but rapidly differentiating itself from Uniswap through continuous development. The 2021 roadmap is incredibly ambitious including cross-chain AMM's, leverage trading, and IL protection.
9/ Unlike $UNI, $SUSHI already has fee accrual to its token holders and staking. $SUSHI is amongst the highest DEX's volume and liquidity wise. I'm very bullish on $SUSHI being a competitor to $UNI and will continue to differentiate itself.
10/ $UNI. I love DEX's and think they are an easy narrative to believe in. Uniswap is the largest DEX, used by any DeFi investor, and incredible liquidity. Backed by powerhouses such as @a16z. UNI v3 is also anticipated to be a game changer. Also on Coinbase (normie-friendly).
11/ $GRT. I already talked a lot about $GRT. See:

Other powerhouses include $SNX and $LINK.
13/ Besides DeFi, everyone loves a good L1 narrative. People complain about $ETH: high fees, so slow. Believingin a L1 that can overtake $ETH is an easy narrative. My favorites L1's are the ones that are able to attract developers and have a strong community.

14/ $AVAX is a blockchain with almost zero fees, high throughput and a new consensus mechanism called Avalanche. It's made by the Crypto OG @el33th4xor. Large ecosystem with plenty of builders. Image
15/ $EGLD Elrond was one of the few ICO's which took place during the bear market in 2019 and ended up being on of the biggest winners in 2020. The CEO @beniaminmincu is a real workaholic and it shows. He has strong connections within the industry and invested into Binance.
16/ $EGLD Elrond is a high TPS blockchain with real sharding enabled. Basically what ETH 2.0 is aiming for. Projects such as @orion_protocol and @RampDefi found their way onto Elrond and have also performed well post-listing. $EGLD has a strong uptrending chart as well.
17/ $DOT. $DOT has one of the biggest ecosystems besides ETH and a lot of projects aiming to launch on $DOT. I'm not that sure in how far these projects will actually launch on it, but the interest is there. The recent price action has been weak though, so I will closely follow. Image
18/ Besides DeFi blue-chips and L1 platforms, aim to allocate part of your portfolio at a few lower-cap coins. I'm personally a fan of $YAM, $ALPHA and $SFI, but I will more in-depth talk about each of these in a seperate post.
19/ An example portfolio (excluding stable coins) for alt season would look like something like this for me:

$BTC 15%
$ETH 10%
DEFI Blue-chips ( $AAVE, $YFI, $SUSHI, $UNI, $GRT) 40%
L1 Narratives ( $AVAX, $EGLD, $DOT?) - 20%
Low-cap gems ( $YAM, $ALPHA, $SFI) - 15%
20/ Note that your portfolio should depend on your goals. Do you want a x100? Then $AAVE at these prices probably won't get you there, unless there's a 250K USD BTC. The higher multipliers you want, the more % you should allocate to Low-cap gems. Obviously has higher risk too.
21/ Lastly, be careful and only invest what you are willing to lose. We're at a pivotal point of the market in my view. We could have an incredible alt season, or we could nuke -50%+. High risk, high reward. Want a safer entry? Wait for $ETH to break ATH to enter alts.

• • •

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18 Dec 20
My Chads! Yesterday $GRT The Graph had its incredible launch on Coinbase. It started around 12c, had it's dip to 10c and is now at 17c.

I bought the dip yesterday, with The Graph now being one of my biggest holdings. Let me ELI5.
1/ So Chads, what is The Graph? Before we discuss that, let's talk about what a blockchain is.

A blockchain is in essence a decentralized database that (e.g. Ethereum) can do some calculations. What if you want to use data from this blockchain for your application? That's hard.
2/ Why is that hard?

Because there is no single database to get your information from. All Ethereum nodes together "form" the database. More complicated queries e.g. "How much tokens did X have at time Y" requires you to see the whole history.
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15 Dec 20
My Chads, bullish on $DFD DefiDollar this month.

DFD staking will go live next week, with half of all revenue from DUSD staking going towards the DFD vault in the form of buybacks.

This combined with incentives from $SUSHI Sushiswap and being very low DEFI cap.

So lets ELI5.
1/ Half of the DUSD revenue will be used for buybacks. DUSD revenue is dependent on the curve DUSD pool's yield, as well as the amount of DUSD in circulation (higher for both is better). Therefore, the more DUSD minted, the more DFD bought back.
2/ $SUSHI Sushiswap & DefiDollar are going to incentivize an ETH-DUSD pool, which means that all LPs for USDT-ETH, USDC-ETH, DAI-ETH on Sushiswap can switch to LPing for ETH-DUSD for higher yield. The more that do this, the more buybacks for the DFD staking vault.
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6 Dec 20
My Chads,

If you are crushing trading BTC / futures on leverage, that does NOT mean you are any good at picking projects based on fundamentals.

If you made a lot of money at Uniswap plays, that does NOT mean you are any good at trading BTC / futures on lev.

Let me ELI5.
1/ Trading leverage BTC is a completely different game from fundamental based picks like Uniswap low cap plays. Know your edge / personality and choose what you want to excel at.
2/ Leverage BTC trading means an environment with high liquidity. The best leverage BTC traders are better than their opponents at using TA (using various tools), know the flow of the market (that "gut" feeling), and have the emotional stability to execute.
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6 Oct 20
My Chads, it's been a crazy day in which launched. 8618 ETH collected. A bot became a millionaire. Contracts paused. A buggy website. Before we talk about , we first need to understand and it's interesting features.
1/ has done a x100 and has taken the industry by storm. Why? Because it provided a twist to the Yield Farming craziness. Traditionally, in projects like SUSHI and CRV, LP holders were rewarded by minting tokens which resulted into sell pressure due to inflation. See charts. Image
2/ instead is non-inflationary and its yield for LP providers comes from REAL activities. Which ones?

A) Transaction fees
Each transaction of CORE token has a 1.1% transaction fee of which 91% goes to CORE LP holders.
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30 Sep 20
Interesting tweet by Admiral Chad @DeFiGod1 on how to "make it". However, I think there's more to it.

My Chads, let's explore in depth how we can turn 50K USD into 2M USD.

Spoiler: It's very possible.
1/ To turn 50K USD to 2m USD, you need to make a x40. Now, how can we do this?

A) The Long-Term Fundamentalist.
B) The Narrative Player.
C) The Flip Flopper.
2/ A) The Long-Term Fundamentalist.
The Long-Term Fundamentalist plays a coin based on its relative valuation and long-term potential. Will this be a successful product in the next half year(s)? In order to make a x40 on a single coin, it generally has to be relatively low cap.
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24 Sep 20
My Chads! I'm a bit shocked how many people don't understand providing liquidity on Uniswap. But no worries, let me ELI5 without using Virgin maths.
1/ So Chad, you want to provide liquidity at a Uniswap pool, e.g. ETH:USDT pool. This means you have to provide ETH:USDT with an equal ratio (1:1). Conceptually, being a liquidity provider allows anyone to sell you USDT for ETH, and sell you ETH for USDT. What does that mean?
2/ If ETH price goes up, being a liquidity provider means you are SELLING ETH as ETH price goes UP (Ladder selling, basically).

If ETH price goes down, being a liquidity provider means you are BUYING ETH as ETH price goes DOWN (DCA Buying, basically).
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