1/ A short thread on the #IranLobby's crocodile tears on Iran & Covid19.

3 days ago, Khamenei banned the import of US/British/French vaccines.

How much time did the #IranLobby spend talking about this incredibly important piece of news? 1.2% of their time Image
2/ It's important to remind you that the #IranLobby had spent MONTHS arguing that Iran's high COVID death numbers were due to US sanctions (ignoring completely the regime's incompetence in handling the crisis.)

3/ So, it is surely relevant for people seemingly concerned about COVID in Iran that Iran's leader was, himself, refusing to allow the import of the highly effective vaccines into Iran. Surely, they would be up in arms about this, right? RIGHT?
4/ I took six accounts as representing the #IranLobby viewpoint. I chose them somewhat at random. I just did a very simple calculation: how many times have they put out tweets/RTs in the past 3 days, and how many dealt with the issue of the IRI banning the vaccine.
5/ I wish I could say that the results were shocking. But of course they weren't. 1.2% of their energy was spent on this issue. Many of them didn't speak about the issue at all. Compare that to how much they talk about the Houthis, or Palestine, or Khashoggi.
6/ In case anyone was still wondering: the #IranLobby doesn't care about COVID deaths in Iran. What they care about is blaming the IRI's *enemies* for Iranian deaths. That's because they are not the defenders of ordinary people, but the Iranian regime.

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12 Dec 20
1/ The #EuropeIranBusinessForum is kicking off just as Iran's regime announced its brazen killing of journalist #RouhollahZam. So it's a good time to consider
the widespread role of IRI money and IRI family members in Western think tanks, NGOs & media.
2/ Just one example:
Amir Handjani reportedly made a fortune in business in the MidEast as, among other things, president of PG International Commodity Trading, which, according to public records, conducts sanctions-exempt trade with Iran on behalf of @Cargill.
3/ He's wealthy enough to own, among other assets I'm sure, a $10.5m condo in Manhattan.
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26 Nov 20
1/ This reaction to my tweets last night about the possibility of an Iranian regime influence campaign directed at the Richmond Hill MP is just wrong enough, and wrong in just the wrong way, that it requires us to pause and think about it for a second.👇
2/ What I mean is that it's a very typical leftie knee-jerk reaction that reduces any complicated issue about Iran and its behaviour to "sanctions". To keep your leftie cred, you're required to scream "sanctions" anytime Iran's bad behaviour is discussed.
3/ Here is another example. Iran shoots down its own plane. Canadian leftie attributes it to...[checks notes]....US travel ban for no obvious reason.
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26 Nov 20
1/ Some Questions for the @liberal_party and @JustinTrudeau :

Your Richmond Hill MP, @MajidJowhari, is seen here in parliament with Alireza Onghaei, the man alleged by CSIS to have laundered money for the Iranian regime.
Did Mr. Jowhari invite him to the Hill? If so, why?
2/ Just a few hours ago, Jowhari told @StewGlobal and @scoopercooper of @globalnews that he knew Onghaei only casually through Persian community social circles. The photo above, and the donation Mr. Onghaei made to Jowhari, suggests otherwise.

3/ Here is the donation info.

Is the @liberal_party investigating this matter? Have they inquired whether there was a quid-pro-quo with respect to this donation? Has the Liberal Party turned over all relevant records to law enforcement and CSIS?

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8 Oct 20

Today, on behalf of hundreds of victims, families & human rights experts, I wrote to @oberlincollege president @ctambar objecting to the employement of M.J. Mahallati, a man implicated in the coverup of the #1988massacre of political prisoners in Iran.
2/ For those who may not know, Oberlin is a prestigious liberal arts university in the US state of Ohio. It's known for its academics, but also its progressive politics.
On its own site, it claims to be committed to fostering a sustainable and just society.
3/ Why, then, does @oberlincollege employ Mohammad Jafar Mahallati?

Mahallati was Iran's ambassador the UN during the #1988Massacre of political prisoners. To learn more about those killings, read this Amnesty Report.
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31 Aug 20
1/ Proud that an op-ed I wrote with my friend @khansarinia is in today's WSJ.

Many Iran dissidents abroad are afraid that the regime will kidnap & murder us. The solution is for Western gov'ts to confront this as a state-sponsored policy.

2/ Our fear is well-founded. The regime has a 40 year history of murdering dissidents, most famously former PM Shapour Bakhtiar, singer/activist Fereydoon Farrokhzad, and a number of Kurdish dissidents at the Mykonos restaurant in Berlin.
3/ There was a temporary pause in this state-backed policy when German prosecutors investigated the Mykonos killings and tied the upper echelons of Iran's regime to them. Pressure worked.

@RoyaTheWriter has written the definitive book on this:

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25 May 20
1/ I've gotten some pushback on this (mostly from white liberals/lefties), so an explanatory word about why this makes me angry: Muslim women dress in all sorts of ways, but millions are forced to wear hijab. @Kathleen_Wynne could have...
2/...chosen to dress the way in the way millions of liberal Muslim women actually dress (or wish to dress). Or she could have chosen to dress the way many are forced to dress (often at gunpoint.) She chose the latter because she associates...
3/... conservative Islamic dress with being most respectful to Muslims. That's just false. There are women currently serving decades-long sentences in the mideast becaues they want to make the simple choice of what to wear. When western politicians choose to put on...
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