Currently listening to Dance Gavin Dance for the first time. Will report back soon πŸ”₯ Image
Alright, so like... the mix of Latin and post hardcore influences on 'Calentamiento Global' is SO well done. This might be one of the coolest heavy songs I've ever heard 🀯 It’s SO smooth.
Those little guitar flourishes on the chorus of 'Three Wishes' remind me a bit of Foals, and I'm here for it. This is a bit poppier and more 'fun' than the metal I typically listen to, BUT it's really well done so I can't complain.
I'm getting vibes of both 'They're Only Chasing Safety' AND 90's boy hand pop on 'One in a Million'. WHAT. It’s a little disarming how well they're throwing these disparate sounds together.
*boy BAND pop lol
Those choral vocals at the end.... wow. STUNNING. I love this.
'Parody Catharsis' is bringing back the mid-2000's post hardcore vibes. Nice. That squeaky little guitar line in the second verse was a funky touch too 🎸 Have I mentioned they're really great at melodies that are both uplifting and impactful?
Yesss, the energy on 'Strawberry's Wake' is SO good. You can practically hear the joy radiating from every band member. I love hearing passion that's this infectious.

Definitely blasting this when we can have house parties again πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Side note, but wow has Tilian come a long way as a vocalist after his stint in Tides of Man. There are hints of Anthony Green and even Stephen Christian from Anberlin, and goddamn is his energy and delivery on point in every single song.
Ooooh the eerie intro to 'Born to Fail' is super cool. It's borderline symphonic and I want them to incorporate strings SO badly into their music 🀣 They've done everything else imaginable already, why not that lol
So far, I think 'Lyrics Lie' and 'Born to Fail' are the only songs not quite doing it for me. Everything else is great, though.
Oh my, that riff on 'Parallels' is DIRTY. What a killer groove too. The balance between those ambient Crystal Castles-like sections, the hard hitting passages and the melodic moments is immaculate.
FUCKING hell, 'Night Sway' makes itself known immediately, doesn't it? 🀣🀣 Oooooooo those finger tapped guitar leads right before the chorus are πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Nice use of that double bass too.
Okay, 'Say Hi' is furious as all hell, and I love that they're properly cutting loose whike maintaining that signature sense of melody. It's definitely darker than the other tunes and much closer to the metal I'm more accustomed too πŸ”₯
The urgency of 'Nothing Shameful' is so fucking energizing. Yes. More of this please. That section from around 1:20-1:43 might be the most inpactful moment of this LP for me so far πŸ”₯ Tilian's vocals are also stellar on this one. Goddman dude. My heart felt that haha
What better way to wrap things up than with the woozy dancefloor ambience of 'Into the Sunset'. The implementation of those trap beats is so tastefully done, thank the Gods haha.

Tilian's melodies while signing 'do you wanna stay'... *chills*
Okay, the Bilmuri feature is cringe 🀣🀣 That actually took me out of the song for a sec.
Alright.. that’s 'Afterburner' and my first experience with Dance Gavin Dance. I have to say, their mix of heavier sounds and poppier melodies, as well as Latin, trap, funk, and so on, is so tastefully done, and I appreciate that they never overdo it (aside from Bilmuri).
Tilian is a KILLER vocalist, my goodness, and perhaps one of my new favorites (the chorus of 'Prisoner' is one of my favorites from 2020). There's an underlying complexity to the various moods and sounds and swings from one place to another, but it all hangs together beautifully.
And it's also a whole hell of a lot of fun. The fact that you can HEAR the passion and excitement every member has for their music is a welcome change of pace, and I appreciate the good vibes throughout the LP, especially with the world the way it is.
Yeah, overall I'd give 'Afterburner' a 7/10. It's a blast to listen to, never stays in one place for too long, and deftly executes every idea it shoots for.

Love it. And I'll be diving into DGD's back catalog at some point too..

β€’ β€’ β€’

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