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12 Jan, 5 tweets, 2 min read
1/5🚔Rudy & Russia🚔
- "Giuliani allies were part of "Russia-linked foreign influence network," US govt.
- And, Rudy hired a law firm for Ukraine. A $21M loan commitment came in the next week, despite several major red flags. Firm. . .… via @MotherJones
2/5 . . . cratered in months. $70M debt. Corruption. Where is the money? The firm boss, John Pierce, been close to a Russian Oligarch since 2016, who was a firm client. The lender Virage Capital, has a General Counsel, Burke McDavid, who is fluent in Russian . . .
3/5 ...and spent extensive time doing investment work in Russia when he worked for a law firm. The Giuliani chosen firm also had Papadopoulos, Carter Page and Tulsi Gabbard as clients. The litigation firm had a $70M debt, $65M to Virage, but in . . .
4/5...over 3 years only won 1 trial with a net verdict of $500K. Why would a lender give such a firm so many millions to pursue litigation? What happened to the money? Where does Virage get its over $600M under management. Virage also says hundreds.. .
5/5...of millions in securities, but it's investors are undisclosed. Virage founder worked at Enron. Virage has a location in Cayman Islands Ugland House. $65M debt, $21M commitment after Rudy in two. Firm cratered. What's the deal? Read this. . .…

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13 Jan
1/5🛑Honest Lawyers?🛑
Hecht Partners founder David L. Hecht has had his honesty questioned. Hecht came from Pierce Bainbridge with John Pierce. PB was hired by Giuliani, Avenatti (felon), Dykstra (felon), Papadopoulos (felon, pardoned). Did JP set a bad example? Image
2/5 🛑Honest Lawyers?🛑
John Pierce also talked a big game about Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hecht. David Hecht, now with Hecht Partners, made similar statements -- "We are fixated on world domination." Hecht, Jan 2019 -- Let's take a look at what happened in reality. . . Image
3/5🛑Honest Lawyers?🛑
Pierce was hired by Rittenhouse. Hecht had "resigned" and his lawyer said it would be very mean if he was linked to Pierce. Yet, unknown at the time, Hecht was *still* appearing on emails w/ Pierce in another case. Anyway, JP talked a big Rittenhouse game. Image
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12 Jan
1/4 🎲Carter Page Litigation🎲
- Lin Wood has been kicked off the case by Judge
- John Pierce is one of Page's lawyers that remains
- Read this heavily sourced piece
- It is fascinating
- Will Pierce have issues w/ the Delaware judge too?
2/4 🎲Boeing 737 Max Litigation🎲
- John Pierce recently moved to appear in Boeing.
- History of lawyers related to Pierce on the case is something.
- Simplified, easy to follow timeline here
- Take some time to read this, also fascinating…
3/4 🎲Credibility & John Pierce🎲
- On top of the severely troubling issues in those articles
- Pierce appears to have a credibility problem.
- The Rittenhouse lawyer & fundraiser and candor, hmm
- Check out the pic
Read 4 tweets
30 Dec 20
1/11💵Follow The Money💵
- Mega $$$ Thread - Stick w/ It - Trust Me
- Oct'19: Rudy Giuliani says he needs money
- Nov'19: Rudy hires Pierce Bainbridge law firm
- Nov'19: 1-week later PB gets a $21M loan commitment
from Virage Capital
- Partners started leaving PB in Aug tho👇🏾
2/11 - Feb'20: The PB founder, John Pierce, who is based in LA, basically pilfers $2.5M from payday lender, Karish Kapital in Queens, NY👇🏾
- Feb'20: The day before PB stops paying on another cash advance to WCB
- Mar'20: A new firm Hecht Partners is formed, all partners are ex-PB
3/11 - Apr'20 - Reports say PB owes Virage $65M, after just 1-yr
- May'20: PB down from 70 attorneys to almost none
- May'20: Virage Capital says PB defaulted
- May'20: But Virage then funds PB spin-off Hecht Partners
- Sept'20 - Lin Wood says Giuliani is Pierce's "ex-client"
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8 Dec 20
1/3☀️My Whistleblower Story☀️
- Revelations continue about John Pierce-Giuliani's "close friend-and gross misconduct
- Thru much, he was supported by David Hecht (Hecht Partners), Carolynn Beck (Goldstein & McClintock) & others
- #Whistleblower…
2/3 Beck (Goldstein & McClintock) and Hecht (Hecht Partners) both left pre-Kyle Rittenhouse as a Pierce client. However, both were w/ Pierce thru many troubling issues. You can get a sense here about Carolynn Beck, don't miss the Addendum. #Whistleblower…
3/3 For more on David Hecht of Hecht Partners, see link. Hecht been accused i - lying to a federal court, ii -deceiving his own ex-clients, iii - deceptively splicing messages...and more. Excerpts from actual testimony from ex-clients is here...check it…
Read 4 tweets
6 Dec 20
1/6 Hecht Partners & Pierce Bainbridge & Virage Capital Management 🔥Thread🔥
- Is this Shady Law Firm Conduct or No?
- John Pierce ran PB. Hired by Giuliani. Corrupt firm. Big financial problems.
- UCC's are regulatory filings which typically show loans were made.
2/6 - JP/PB under fire due to taking several loans
while pledging the same collateral.
- So JP/PB kept taking loans, that were not repaid in full
- And kept using the same collateral
- Sometime loans are memorialized on UCC's
- Virage Capital was said to be owed $65M by PB
3/6 - UCC's w/ Virage & PB exist.
- Other lenders have sued PB, Virage stepped in to those cases & said they must get paid first.
- A group of partners from PB left & formed Hecht Partners. All HP partners were partners at PB
- Virage then appears to have funded HP in May
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4 Dec 20
1/5🕵🏾‍♂️Rittenhouse Lawyer🕵🏾‍♂️
🎬Cast of Characters🎬
- Spotlight on John Pierce
- Who's rode w/ JP over years?
- Rudy Giuliani - ex-client
- Michael Avenatti - felon, ex-client
- Carolynn K. Beck (Goldstein & McClintock) - ex-partner & general counsel (accused suborning perjury)
2/5 -🎬Cast of Characters🎬
- George Papadopoulos - felon, ex-client
- David L. Hecht (Hecht Partners) - ex-partner (accused: deceiving own ex-clients, lying to a federal court)
- Len Dykstra - felon, current or ex-client
- John M Pierce - had issues w/ debt, drugs, taxes, booze
3/5 -🎬Cast of Characters🎬
- Lin Wood - Rittenhouse legal colleague, current status of relationship with Pierce *unclear*
- Harmeet Dhillon - ex-co-counsel, Co-Chair of Women for Trump
- Denver G. Edwards (Bradford Edwards & Varlack), ex-partner (lied under oath)
Read 5 tweets

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