Compromise sensible information willingly.

A reverse psychology based method to capitalize on your weaknesses.

Laying out a false trap.

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The principle of reverse psychology is to incite someone to do something by encouraging them to do the exact opposite.

Most of the time, people's ego will push them to do the opposite of what you tell them to do.

Which is exactly what you want.
Some information can be a weakness.

Disclosing sensible information can lead to exposing your own weaknesses and give people hints on how to hit you so that it hurts.

E.Q: Telling someone about your address, personal wealth etc..
However, when you do not know how to protect yourself from disclosing that particular information, you should simply expose yourself.


Because if you do not show that you are scared of that information used against you, it will be overlooked.

That or seen as a trap.
Disclose information in a way that invite people to use it against you.

Make them believe that you want them to go that way.

Insist on it. Say it multiple times. With a little smile.

That is how you lay a false trap.
The person will think that you insist so much that there must be more to it.

They will avoid even looking more into it, afraid that it backfires on them.
People tend to expect you to hide your weaknesses.

They will never consider something openly disclosed as a weakness.

Blow everyone's minds. Assume openly everything that you fear.

You're welcome.

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