Someone asked me as one who works for Govt if I want “unity.”

To put it plainly—no.

I want healing which requires accountability/consequence & honest reckoning with how we got here.

It requires legislative changes that will discourage these kinds of politicians in the future
I want a robust and ethical and transparent government that people of any and political parties can trust to be functional.

I want public servants of all political parties to put country before party and to be basically trustworthy to tell the truth to their constituents
This is not what we have right now and less there is a reckoning and a whole slate of serious consequences for people who violated their oaths of office—we will not have unity in the future, because true unity requires a willing assent to the same rules/same ethical foundations
I want to go through an accountability/healing/boundary setting and resetting process and a restoration of trust that will ultimately make a deeper unity of commitment to the shared task of governance a possibility.

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13 Jan
When I hear weak and tepid calls for unity, I’m reminded of these words by Martin Luther King Jr. and also this letter which was a resounding critique of white moderates.

“So the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be?” 1/5 Image
Will we be extremists for hate or for love? Will we be extremists for the preservation of injustice or for the extension of justice? In that dramatic scene on Calvary's hill three men were crucified. 2/5
We must never forget that all three were crucified for the same crime- the crime of extremism. Two were extremists for immorality,and thus fell below their environment. 3/5
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11 Jan
Correct. From national security standpoint, we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

We also don’t replicate their violent rhetoric or tactics.
We do what is necessary to dethrone/deplatform and make them face legal consequences.

Then we delegitimize their values in public square
When KKK was at one of their most dangerous peak in the south, one tactic for dealing with them involved agents infiltrating these organizations and then using media: TV and radio to publicly humiliate them.
A precursor to doxing but also to talk about how weak pathetic cowardly and vile their worldview was. This mass media campaign was not aimed at a change of heart on the part of white supremacist leaders—it was aimed at persuading the hearts and minds of the general public
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5 Jan 20
I don’t know where this 2Trilion dollar number comes from as it happens to be larger than the 2020 federal budget allotment for the entire DoD which includes a heck of a lot more than equipment 🤷‍♀️

For those interested in Govt budgets—I’m attaching the 2020
For those of you who want to see the Federal Budget the President proposed for 2020 —go to summary table S-4 on page 110.

And you’ll see that total Defense Related spending was proposed as 726B which is still a whole lot of 💰 but is also not $2T.…
In comparison: healthcare: social security, Medicare, Medicaid, the affordable care act and exchange subsidies constitutes 2.249 Trillion dollars of the Presidents proposed 2020 budget.

And of that the affordable care act subsidies constituted $5B.
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6 Sep 19
#FridayMotivation #Marriage

I sometimes get comments asking me when I’m going to marry my partner. This is a personal decision that I don’t *need* to answer, but I’m happy to share part of our logic/reasoning.

It will be a few years. And there are a few specific reasons.
I want to see my partner get out of debt before we marry.

That’s important to me and she’s agreed.

The second piece is that want her to have a small nest egg that is completely hers.

Power dynamics in marriage are important to me. And changing them in a positive direction.
Not that I ever would—but if I ever went off the rails and became toxic or abusive—I want her to have “walk-away” power with me.

Especially as a woman with a disability—I want her to have a few months savings that I don’t control and that aren’t part of our shared assets.
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1 Oct 18
#MondayMotivation Money for Millennials. Dispelling Myths. Home Ownership Edition.

I know a lot of millennials. I work with a lot of millennials. And something I hear from a lot of you is that you'd prefer home ownership to investing because your parents lost a lot $$ in 2008.
But what you probably didn't know is that the house you personally live in is not an investment. If you live in a house for 30 yrs (which few people do) and pay 30 year mortgage and do normal but required maintenance--you will spend more on the house than it's worth over time.
People can get lucky in 3-5 yr cycles if they bought low and sell when the market is high like right now and where you don't have major repairs. literally everything in a house needs replaced over a 30yr cycle. Paint, walls, electrical, roofs, flooring, window, appliances etc.
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5 Jun 18
#TuesdayThought sometimes people ask if coming out made me lose my faith temporarily.
My answer--No. When I came out I became aware that the container called "straight" was too small for who I am/how I love.
Likewise, my the container in my life called "faith" was too small
Losing things: faith, identity, etc... can be painful.
Surprisingly enough, expansion/growth can be a painful too. A quote that really sustained me is below
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin
A lot of folks can admire the beauty of a flower in full bloom, but they may not appreciate the growth journey that flower took from seed, to a plant, to ripe bud, to a flower in full bloom that risked opening itself up for all the world to see it's full colors.
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