This is my friend, and domestic terrorism expert @DavidNeiwert's latest (last I checked LOL)

You really should read it.

Coming soon to a country near you...
Jebus! I jst read this and realized that I needed to add it to the tweet I jst did on @DavidNeiwert 's article (above tweet). This situation is REALLY BAD folks.

And as scary as fuck. The inauguration needs to be moved to a remote location, for sure..
Looks like I have to add a 3rd article to this thread.
(Link in next tweet)

Make no mistake folks, this was a full on coup and it's a long way from being finished.

“You can’t just let them (Congressional collaborators) bypass security and walk right up to...

..[Joe] Biden and [Kamala] Harris at inauguration,”

Seriously, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but that;s how far it's gone, the military needs to come in and protect the Capitol.
OMG, so sorry guys. Somehow I forgot to tweet the link where that quote in #4 came from.

Probably because frankly, it freaked me out pretty good. This is one scary-ass thread...

• • •

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13 Jan
Although not directly involved, 49 yrs ago a murder occurred which could not possibly have been closer to home, for me - literally. That murder has jst been solved.

If enough of you are interested, I'll write out the story & provide the link to how it turned out.

10💙in 15 min?
Wow! 13 and still a few minutes to go. I'll try to make it interesting so it's not one of those, "Back when I was a boy" old man stories. LOL Here we go...

We arrived from New Zealand when I was 7 yrs old (I was born in London and we moved there) For almost the entire...

More of my young life, we lived in Torrance, Calif. For several years of that time, we lived at 2603 Dalemead St.
Directly across the street lived my best friend Todd, and because my father had started a business, his family pretty much took me in. Todd learned...

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12 Jan
Short thread
So interesting to me that after I started talking about how we live in a capitalist system, we should focus on using money, the thing that matters most to them, to punish Rudy and his cohorts and FAUX News for the damage being caused by lying...

..about election fraud. I must have picked up a scent in the wind, because then that started to happen, and now that the Tangerine Idi Amin's mob of StormTrumpers did their thing, the idea seems to be busting out all over.

I have 3 articles here on it for you. I'll...

...start with my favorite of the three. Screw 300,000 dead Americans, this has REALLY upset Trump. This means BIG money to him, beyond the attention it brings him. Losing both of those has made his brain pop...
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14 Aug 20
Ok guys, here's a short thread regarding the Post Office with some facts you could use for context.

Trump claimed repeatedly the PO is losing massive amounts of money (like Trump does) to justify the changes taking place. Since the PO is a public service, in...

...the Constitution itself. And since it's built on a socialist model. It's paid for with our taxes and doesn't need to make a profit. It's also great at doing it's job and people love it. It has a favorable rating in the 93% range.

So since it's a popular and...

...successful socialist organization, it's been a target of Repubs for decades. It also turned a profit between 2003 - 2006.

So under Bush, in 2006 , the Repubs passed a law, The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, requiring the PO to pre-fund health...

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7 Aug 20
Incoming Jstn rant. Hold on tight until the car comes to a complete stop...

Dear Mitch and Senate Republicans

It has become clear that either no one explained the job to you, or that you've been there so long, you've forgotten about it.

You see, we the people...

...of the US, elect you to work FOR us. We work hard, often 2 or 3 jobs, to make enough to barely feed our families and we send you Congress-folk lots of money, a bit to put away for us, and a lot to spend on the things you wise folks decide will best suit OUR...

...interests, as we, actual working folks, are too busy taking care of our responsibilities to study the details of those decisions. THAT is your job description.

Now, we find ourselves in a moment of national challenge unlike anything in history, and we are...

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5 Aug 20
Jstn's Big Pic View (Condensed version)

How the election will play out, what we can do about it, and how are we doing towards that end.

Hopefully, I can keep this thread pretty short and still give the basics of what I have been predicting for more than a year...

#2 (with some fine tuning, as we get closer)

First, you must understand that Trump knows when he is out of office, he will go to prison, as will most likely, his daughter-wife. He will do anything to keep that from happening.

Add to that his admiration...

...for dictators, and his sense of self-importance and there should be no doubt he will never voluntarily stepdown.
As everyone has been watching he has been increasingly floating trial balloons about it, right through his recent comments about delaying the...

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19 Feb 20
I have a lot of stories to put up today, but out of them all, this is my favorite.

I have heard there are record numbers of military people who won't be voting for Trump. The Kurd thing made it much worse, and now this...…
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