My husband was having a very rare night out with his friends. I started watching videos of this Posie Parker woman on YouTube. She was at first outrageous & a breath of fresh air. I didn’t agree with all of what she said but boy did she speak to something in me.
I got linked to videos of women’s rights conferences, I saw Sheila Jeffreys talking about autogynephilia, I had never heard of this before! I saw feminists taking about the abuse they faced from transwomen, about how most of them were heterosexual men who keep their dicks.
This was a revelation. Your wilting homosexual with his balls cut off were a tiny minority of transwomen. Suddenly becoming clear why women would not want them in any of their spaces.
I saw more videos, I saw a few with Dr Julia Long, including one where she faced down against a terrifying looking creature called “Heather Peto”. Then I discovered Magdalen Berns for real.
I saw a few of her videos before I realised who she was, & that she was dead. I watched all of her videos in one night, many of them twice. Alex Drummmond was a favourite. I had to know what my woke political discussion forum thought of her.
This was a forum that had argued for sympathy & compassion for murderers & Islamic terrorists. Who said there were always mitigating circumstances that lead people to do terrible things.
No such luck. For the crime of being an unapologetic homosexual, & believing women were adult human females, she was “trash” she was “scum” she deserved to die at a young age of cancer.
Murderers, terrorists. Redeemable. Human. A feminist lesbian. Irredeemable. Inhuman. I was done.
The next day I started this twitter account, and like a Phoenix, rose from the ashes.

• • •

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12 Jan
I’d been a bit uneasy for a few years probably. I was always a trans activist but it was before “trans women are literal actual women” stated to take hold.
After stonewall added the T, and the “TWAW” mantra started, I still thought they didn’t really mean it. In a woke online political discussion group I belonged to, I tentatively expressed opinions like TW could use women’s toilets but ...
Sports ? Intimate care? Refuges? No of course not. They could be seen socially as women & toilets were no big deal, but they were still biological males.
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10 Jan
One of the things that really gets me about the Maven of Munchausen... okay one of the MANY things that gets me about her.
She is incredibly dismissive of detrans / desistors, and mainly acts like it never happens, “kids know who they are”
The recent car crash media circus around that munchausen Mom in New York who’s son liked using girl avatars in computer games so he is now on blockers age 11 or 12 & “already talking about bottom surgery” aka castration.
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9 Jan
One of the interesting things about my awakening to the insane gender cultists.
I was in a political discussion group. The people there would fiercely defend the worst people - murderers, rapists, and of course actual terrorists including those who attacked the Bataclan in Paris. They would say for these were troubled people with mitigating circumstances.
Then I heard about the worst person. A person not even they would defend. They described her as “scum” “shit” “trash” and she “deserved to be dead”. This person was Magdalen Berns.
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8 Jan
No normal person is looking at the wokerati on telly like Lorraine calling Eddie “she” & a “wonderful woman” & thinking anything other than “jeez Lorraine has lost the bloody plot”
& I won’t buy “oh the media & the metropolitan elite are always ahead on progressive issues”. In the 90s when people were becoming more accepting of gay people even people who are “allies” now like Richard Maddely were being outrageously homophobic on daytime TV
This gender batshittery that has captured the media, institutions, & many of our positions is a delusion I’m sure is not shared by the masses
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