Thread 1/ I'm going to try something for the second time ever online right now, that is, "simulcast" posting on Twitter and Fascistbook at the same time.
The topic of this is detailing how the wealthy and big corporate masters of the @GOP , now called, by me, the
2/ Authoritarian Insurrectionist Seditionist Party (AISP), should be much more than concerned... they should be scared sh!tless, thanks to my extensive research/study of government politics. Here we go...
3/ I have correctly pointed out, many times, how the wealthy and big corporations (<since the Industrial Revolution) have swam or sunk with the Authoritarian regimes they supported when things went south, usually via a revolution against them. The French Revolution is the perfect
4/ example. During that revolution, which began the same year that the ninth state in this country ratified the Constitution, making it the foundation of our laws/rules, 1789, it wasn't just the French monarchy that had their heads separated from their bodies via the guillotine;
5/ their elitist supporters were also held to account for their support of the Authoritarian regime. After me and others have been warning the wealthy and big corporate masters of the AISP for years that it might happen to them, they've FINALLY had it dawn on them that it just
6/ might happen to them, as well. Of course, in the case of the AISP/@GOP , their wealthy and big corporate masters ignored our warnings and are now finding out the hard way just what an existential threat (to them) the AISP/GOP truly are. In fact, they're so scared that they've
7/ begun to try and "divorce" themselves from the people they've supported. I've got really bad news for you, the wealthy and big corporate masters of the AISP/@GOP : way too little, way too late. Quite frankly, you should have listened to those of us who warned you. You didn't.
8/ In fact, with the DOJ now seeking to charge the insurrectionists with sedition and conspiracy, guess who else is going to get caught up with that as co-conspirators? Yep, YOU! Any support you've given to those AISPer/@GOP ers, any at all, is a part of the conspiracy.
9/ The true difference now compared to the past is that the French Revolution was an exception to the rule, because, my research/study revealed that the wealthy/elites/corporations (<again, after the Industrial Revolution) saw it coming and stopped supporting the regime. They
10/ realized that continued support of the regime wasn't just a threat on their was a huge threat to their "bottom lines", aka, their wealth and ability to make more of it. Live by Authoritarian psychopathic greed/upward wealth redistribution....die by it as well.
11/ After all, ladies and gentlemen, the first two Principles of Authoritarianism are upward wealth redistribution and upward political power redistribution. My study/research revealed that, when there was little or no wealth and political power to redistribute upwards, that's
12/ when the revolution started. In our case now, throw in a plague (COVID) and the conditions are more ripe for a revolution. You refused to listen to me and others and "whistled past the graveyard", so to speak. You're about to find out what Authoritarian ignorance & arrogance
13/ can & will bring you. I have posted/tweeted many times that, if there is to be a revolt, I'd much more prefer the "Icelandic" type than the French kind. In an Icelandic-type of revolt, all of the AISP/@GOP politicians and most of their operatives would be arrested & convicted
14/ for their crimes. For suborning/enabling that criminality, esp. for sedition or insurrection, you'll be implicated, too. But, at least you'd still have your lives in an Icelandic-type revolt; you'd lose them in a French-type revolt. I'd give you advice on how to avoid such a
15/ terrible fate, but, since you've acted like petulant and arrogant children, I don't expect you to listen now. Things are about to get bad for you; you had to learn the hard way about how things work in a revolt. Take a look in a mirror; you'll see who's responsible for your
16/ terrible fate. Good night and good luck, AISP/@GOP .... and, if you're truly religious, may God have mercy on your evil and tortured souls. P.S. I'd suggest listening and "reading the room" this time, AISP/@GOP dumbasses.

• • •

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12 Jan
1/ I'm renaming the "Republican Party" again. Several years ago, I stopped calling them the Republican Party or Republicans because they don't ACT like they want a republic; they ACT like a group of people who want a type of Authoritarian regime I call a "Fascist Christian
2/ Plutartheocracy". But, now, thanks to everything that the GOP has done or suborned/enabled in the recent past, it's time to rename them again. This time, I'm renaming them the "AISP", Authoritarian Insurrectionist Seditionist Party. Therefore, whenever I refer to the AISP, or,
3/ AIS, I'm talking about the "republicans"/GOP. Please make a note of it. They're not "republicans" nor the "grand old party" (but they are Greedy Old Perverts, etc.); they're the Authoritarian Insurrectionist Seditionist Party. If you're a member of the "GOP", you're an
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12 Jan
Thread 1/ Gather 'round kids! It's Uncle Andy's Story Time! (aka, myth debunkage time).
There's a video going around of Ah-nuld, who was born and is from Austria and should know better, making the claim that last week's despicable insurrectionist overthrow attempt was comparable
2/ to "Kristallnacht", aka, the Night of Broken Glass, 9-10 November, 1938. No, no, no.....f*ck no. What happened last week was much more comparable to The Night of the Long Knives, February 1934. I'll detail those events in chronological order....
But, a little background:
3/ In early 1933, with the Nazis having 34% of the seats in the Reichstag and having made an uneasy coalition with the Communists (17% of the seats) to form a coalition government, German PoliCons/businessmen approached then-President Paul von Hindenburg and made a proposal:
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17 Dec 20
1/ This thread is about to anger a lot of Authoritarian @GOP ers, but IDGAF about their feelings....
In the spring of 2013, I wrote a Facebook note called, "Which kind of revolution do you want, GOP, French or Icelandic?"
In the note, I informed or reminded people of the
2/ French Revolution and the Icelandic Revolution. Those of us who remember history classes remember the French Revolution... the French monarchy and elites were doing what the @GOP have been doing for the past century, employing the first two Principles of Authoritarianism,
3/ Upward Wealth Redistribution and Upward Political Power Redistribution. When there was practically no more wealth or political power left to redistribute, the French masses conducted a violent revolution that saw all of those French monarchists and elitists have their heads
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15 Dec 20
Huh, fascinating....

1/ the "offending" tweet: "@girlsreallyrule @ACLU 7/ you'd be advocating against the Authoritarian/Fascist GOP and the Authoritarian-suborning/enabling GOP voters and the minor parties. Again: Eddie Snowjob is a SPY, not a traitor. You can be executed for being a spy, btw."
2/ Let's examine that. In the tweet, 6th in the thread, I correctly scolded the ACLU for being Libertarians/Communists/Antifa trying to protect the Authoritarian @GOP; If they stopped doing it, they'd be advocating against them and their Fascism.
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11 Nov 20
Thread, repeating it after blocking someone who refuses to acknowledge the truth and facts of the matter...
1/ In 1974, just days after Tricky Dick Nixon resigned, Gerald Ford, then the president, pardoned him. It was known as a "blanket pardon", pardoning any and all crimes he
2/ committed. Not long after that, an angry BIPARTISAN Congress (yes, the GOP had some sane, intelligent and reasonable people back then; not so now) went about writing a law that changed the pardon rules. The law was vetoed by Ford but Congress overrode that veto. The GOP then
3/ challenged the law in Federal court. Two years later, a Federal appeals court ruled it Constitutional, saying that it was a good compromise. The changes the law made start with no blanket pardons. There must not only be Federal charges, but a conviction/guilty plea, as well.
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