@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp I kicked Pompeo out. I want to talke to the people. Not to a politician. I am a 63 years old lady from Germany. I come from an old german family. But I am only born in this family. Mother took me away to another place. I was in former centuries in other lives. I remember 1)
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 2) one life, I must have lost one eye, because I dreamed in this life always that somebody hurts me with a knife in my eye. After my 40. birthday I lost year by year this fear. 2009 a car tried to kill me, because no normal man accelerates when a woman is on a crosswalk.
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 3) All the angels were with me. In 2017, someone took my right of way. I survived that too. In rehabilitation in 2010, I met a man from Persia. He asked me my name and told me where it came from and that my enemies were afraid of me. In 2013, I met an Armenian man in Austria.
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 4) He told me about the beauty of the Persian language and suddenly it was there. I knew everything again. I can afford the luxury of telling you the truth, because I am going on 70. I had my life. Is it the same for you? There was a famous violinist Yehuda Menuhin. His son
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 5) Gerard Menuhin wrote a book. He was persecuted by his own people as a result. He was expelled from his own family foundation. Why? Because he was telling the truth. Here is is book. Everybody can read it
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 6) I do not need lies. I recognized the photos from your country among all the photos in Google. So now look at the pictures from Germany. The pictures after the bombs, because we were so stupid to mess with great powers. Our whole country was burning. Same towers, same city.
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 7) Read what happened. Our cities were bombed by Zio leaders. Accelerant was thrown after them. People were burning in streets. Later, women were raped from 8 to 80, then killed. It is enough. A small stupid country like us. Think of your life, of your country, of your children.
@shiiriiinnnnn @aseyedp 8) veteranstodayarchives.com/2014/11/26/hel…
Same plague that destroyed our countries back then planned Kennedy assassination + deliberately carried out 9/11 so they could start war in Middle East. Please remain calm until we get rid of all this. Please do not seek revenge - life+love are more 🙏

• • •

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14 Jan
#God #GodWins (1)
Retweet @Jane_Banane__ @JanWenzel1969
#flagmeme Flaggenkunde "Deutschland"
Flaggen, die es auf geographische Gebiet gab,
das man heute #Deutschland nennt.
Vor 1918 war es das Deutsches Kaiserreich.
Von 1933-1939 Drittes Reich. Image
#God #GodWins
#Deutschland #flagmeme (2)
@CedricDeclan Diese Flagge gehört nicht dazu
(Ihr Entree? Naja, wer es mag?)
Wenn Sie @FrancisbSurbaum keine Follower wollen,
da wüßte ich eine einfache Lösung.
Gehen Sie doch aus Twitter hinaus😉 Image
#God #GodWins #Deutschland #flagmemes (3)
Ich wurde in dem Land geboren, das Preussen hieß. Ich komme aus dem Stamm Judah +vermutlich aus dem Stamm Gad. Der Löwe steht für Judah (Germany, Weissrussland, Ukraine und für Judah/Zarah Irland/Schottland). Für Gad (Italien) der Ritter. ImageImageImageImage
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12 Jan
@shiiriiinnnnn @kennedy_bouvier @ApKennel

I don't know who this man is and what he writes about.
I don't know what all the others write, because I have no really good translator here. If all the people in Iran seek revenge and if the USA strike back..1)
@shiiriiinnnnn @kennedy_bouvier @ApKennel
2) it is the end for us all and you all know, who has won.
So pray that God protect you all. Keep him in your heart.
Revenge is the most stupid thing on earth. Revenge leads to nothing than to Revenge leads to nothing but eternal
@shiiriiinnnnn @kennedy_bouvier @ApKennel
3) revenge and the next revenge and the next revenge until everyone is dead. You can bring two children into the world, or four, or six, or eight, and none of them will be able to repair the damage of the ancestors. None. None of them
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10 Jan
من پترا هستم از پارس. من فقط یک شاعر ساده بی پول هستم. سرد است. قورباغه ام مرد. من جلوی در منتظر می مانم تا در را باز کنی. تا آن زمان ، یک داستان برای شما تعریف می کنم.
2) نمی توانم به مکانهای مقدس فارس برگردم.
به عنوان یک سرگردان در جهان ، من چیزی را دیدم.
یک قاره بزرگ وجود دارد. مردی سوار خرس است.
در پایین آن یک شبه جزیره کوچک قرار دارد. بسیاری از مردم در آن زندگی می کنند.
انسانهای خردمند. مردم خنده دار.
آنها یک بار یک گاو زرد و سپس یک بادبادک زرد پیدا کردند.
حالا آنها ناراضی هستند.
اما آنها راهی پیدا کردند.
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25 Dec 20
Palästina im Altertum (Quelle: Stefan Andres)
Könige und Propheten
Benhadad, der König von Syrien, versammelte all seine Macht und zweiunddreißig Könige um sich und zog hinaus nach Israel und belagerte Achab in seiner Stadt Samaria.
Er forderte Achab zur Übergabe (der Stadt) auf und verlangte als Tribut Gold und Silber und
Achabs Frauen und Kinder. Achab hatte Furcht, erniedrigte sich und ließ Benhadad sagen: "Mein Herr und König, ich bin dein und alles, was ich habe."
Da kam ein Mann Gottes zu Achab, einer aus der Schar, die Elia anhing. Er gebot Achab: "Du sollst nicht dem Fremden gehorchen,
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