I hate doing long posts because Twitter format isn't made for it, and my joints lately make for lots of mistakes, but I find it necessary: Let's discuss our country, it's history, the pillars of white supremacy and how forgiving treason and insurrection has lead us here today!
So yes, our country was founded on treason basically. From England. It's a fact, an ugly one? Meh. But FF to the Civil War, post war there was push to reunite with the south and quickly and smoothly as possible, and you know who suffered because of this? "Black" people and former
Slaves!!! Were former slaves paid for the atrocities they faced at the hands of their slavers? Were they given equal rights now that they were freed? No. No restitution for slaves. You know who did receive restitution? Slave owners! And laws were enacted to ensure "black" people
Were kept down, and oppressed. Sharecropping appears and is honestly little better than slavery. BP are paid a fraction of "white" counterparts (a practice from when freedman were paid a fraction, and continued late into the 19th century) so BP had freedom, but were still
Not only oppressed, but struggling with money and now terror in the form on literal hate groups whose mission was to kill them and "keep them in their place". Now if this was the only time in our history this happened, maybe we would be in a better place, but no. Every single
Step towards equality and ending oppression we've always coddled through oppressors. Civil rights, Jim Crow, anything. And it seems to only be BP where there's an issue. The Jewish and Japanese American people's received reparations, yet "black" families are still laboring
Under the effect of Jim Crow Laws, and indeed literal hundred of years of oppression, financial and otherwise, and yet any mention of someone fixing this centuries old injustice and suddenly you're somehow oppressing "white" people. Why? Why you ask? Is it lack of education?
Lack of historical knowledge? Pure hate? It's all of this and more. As I mentioned above, historically this is what we have done. Placed the feelings and thoughts of WP before those of BIPOC especially BP (and indigenous peoples). So that brings me to January 6th 2021, a day
Which will live on in history. Since right after the attempted treason and insurrection we have been inundated with cries for peace, unity, calls to forgive these terrorists, white supremacist terrorists, who proudly yelled out, "this is our country not theirs". Hearts full of
Hate for their fellow countrymen. They brazenly committed these atrocities because history has shown that their "white" lives and existence will be placed above "black" people and other BIPOC, and it's true. And this is why us must not happen this time. We MUST have
accountability, we MUST have responsibility, we MUST hold these people to the law for what they did! Republicans, and even some others are calling this revenge. Calling law and order, calling for personal responsibility isn't about vengeance. It's about becoming better as a
Country. Growing as a society. Moving towards equality! We must stop coddling white supremacy if we are to ever change as a country. And this is the chance. We need to work to fix past atrocities and mend the present. Better the future!

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