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Humans cannot change sex.
Sex is binary and immutable.
Sex is not ‘assigned’. It is observed/determined.
Every human ever born, in all of history, was either male or female. This includes people with DSDs (so-called ‘intersex’ conditions), who are all either male or female. /1
There is no third sex.
Gender ideology is absolute garbage from start to finish.
Gender identity is a belief system which I do not adhere to and I object in the strongest terms to having it forced on me – this is compelled belief, which is contrary to humans rights law. /2
I reject the term ‘cis’ and do not accept being called by that term.
Gender ideology is based on regressive sexist stereotypes: that women wear dresses and make-up and like pink, and men have beards, etc.
Gender ideology is misogynistic. It tramples all over women’s rights./3
Women fought long and hard for single-sex spaces. They are entitled to keep them. This is not ‘hate’.

‘Transwomen’ are male, and as such have no ‘human right’ to enter women’s spaces and sports./4
Gender ideology is homophobic: gays and lesbians report being attacked verbally for refusing to include transgender people in their dating pool.

A male cannot be a lesbian - not now, not ever./5
Gender ideology is teaching young girls to drop their safeguards, telling them they are not permitted to challenge a man in a women’s changing facility or toilet in case he ‘identifies’ as female. This is an appallingly reckless and dangerous message to give young girls./6
Nearly all sexual assaults are committed by men. Trans-identifying males offend at the same rates as men – because they are men.

A man can no more ‘identify’ as female and be an actual female than he can ‘identify’ as a zebra and be an actual zebra. It is equally ludicrous./7
It is not possible to ‘identify’ your way into an oppressed group and claim that oppression as your own.

Gender is simply outward expression. A performance. Nothing more.

Questions: if trans women are women, why do they not fight for women’s rights?/8
If sex is not binary, why are there only two options when a pregnant woman has an ultrasound scan, or when archaeologists find a skeleton?

If everyone in the world identified as non-binary today, would all sexism cease to exist at that instant? /9
If a woman ‘identifies’ as a man, does she immediately earn a pay rise? Can women ‘identify’ as men and no longer suffer FGM, forced marriages and all other forms of sex-based oppression? /10
There is no comparison between gay rights and transgender rights. Gay rights fought for gay people to be accepted as they are. They do not need hormones or surgery. Why can’t we accept trans people for what they are instead of affirming their hatred of their own bodies? /11
JK Rowling is not transphobic, has never said anything transphobic, and is a kind, compassionate woman.

My right to reject gender ideology as faith-based nonsense is enshrined in human rights law. /12
I refuse to be coerced into stating that biology is not real when I know this to be a falsehood.

I will never, ever teach my daughter to drop her guard because a man in her changing room ‘identifies’ as a woman. I would go to prison before accepting it. /ends

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