Slander on Women’s Hour Podcast released Jan 12 2021

Dear Emma Barnett.
I'm the person you traduced in your Women's Hour podcast, released today. Please provide the source of the "form of female sterilisation" remark which you accused me of making.
I've spent...
... my entire career in pharmaceutical R&D, was Chief Scientist for Respiratory at Pfizer until 2011 & have since been a successful biotech CEO & consultant to 30 start up companies, some now on NASDAQ.
I do not appreciate the way you cast me & more importantly the statement...
... you allege I've said is a lie. I've never said it.
So I'm courteously giving your the opportunity to produce the authentic source of that alleged remark in the next 48h from this message, together with any relevant context.
I understand that not having contacted me...
... beforehand means you have violated your code as a journalist.
I have also texted this to your program website & emailed your BBC address.
Dr Mike Yeadon

• • •

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22 Jan
Good news. A courageous judge has struck down a fine on a person who’d breached certain Covid rules, on grounds that these aren’t evidenced at all (benefits outweighing the negatives) & represents overreach by the authorities.
A friend has translated key portions of a report on what the judge found (so these aren’t the judges words):

"Having said that, there can be no doubt that the number of deaths caused by the lockdown policy alone is many times the number of deaths prevented by the lockdown.
“For this reason alone, the standards to be assessed here do not meet the requirement of proportionality. Added to this are the direct and indirect restrictions of freedom, the gigantic financial damage, the immense damage to health and the ideal. The word “disproportionate”...
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22 Jan
I like this thread as it sticks closely to the topic: the erroneous & completely unevidenced claim by SAGE that “because this is a new virus, there is no immunity in the population”. SAGE included no cellular immunologist (no one who references any of the now-extensive body of...
...evidence that challenges that most unlikely assertion), so we get a policy response which itself doesn’t work (SAGE, for some reason, is not required to show any evidence that their increasingly bizarre interventions work, whereas those questioning it & offering evidence to...
...the contrary are accused of bad faith at best). If you calm down & take a step back, the most plausible explanation for the time course of the pandemic pivots on well understood principles of immunology, none of which is speculative or cutting edge, and not on ‘lockdown’,....
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22 Jan
This peer-reviewed paper brings together clinical trials of ivermectin in covid19 & is very encouraging. Strong & stat sig clin benefits both in prophylaxis & treatment adds a treatment option & I hope reduces fear in the population. NIH no longer opposes. ImageImage
I am in no way associated either with the authors or with any supplier of the API. Just wanted to amplify the news, given we recall what a fuss was made of discovery that anti-inflammatory glucocorticosteroids have some benefit in the sickest ITU patients. Ivermectin has a...
...wider therapeutic utility profile & in some countries, leaders decided to make it available for population wide administration, an intervention associated with superior outcomes vs covid19 than adjacent territories which didn’t do this. While such observational studies are...
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20 Jan
I’d this morning had exactly the same thought, which has built through the morning to outrage. Whitty is meant to act as CMO for the nation. If there are additional medical ways to diminish pain, suffering & lasting harm, he should engage with them & if suitable, recommend them.
That he’s not doing so in the case of ivermectin, a cheap generic, of which over 2,000,000,000 doses have been prescribed around the world (so it cannot to said to be experimental) & for which there’s MUCH stronger evidence of benefit in all stages of infection with SARS-COV-2...
...than there are with the experimental vaccines subject to EUAs, is an outrageous dereliction of duty as a physician. To be fair, it’s not only in U.K. where this option is being ignored, despite best efforts to get it in front of officials & elected politicians. In France,
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19 Jan
Oldie but goldie. Coincidence that there’s a growing sliver of deaths attributed to covid19 in 4Q20, precisely compensating for the rather surprising observation that deaths from all other causes falls by precisely that same amount, hence no excess deaths? Frankly, that’s so...
...unlikely that it can be dismissed. Why? A population with restricted access to the NHS for up to 9mo, during which time there was a very large fall in referrals & completed consultant episodes for illnesses that lead to mortality, isn’t one where “fewer deaths” is a...
...reasonable expectation. Most people would say if asked “that’ll lead to increased deaths, if anything”. Mr Occam would probably pop his head round the door & wink. A more plausible explanation, consistent with other datasets, is that London reached herd immunity during the...
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19 Jan
I was first drawn into this mess when I met up by chance with a senior manager in NHS England. He’d noticed that, despite ITU beds emptying out late spring & into summer, elective surgery was at an historically low ebb. I’d asked why & he showed me slides from a recent internal..
...meeting. The #1 priority was not, as I’d expected, “Get the NHS back on its feet & start helping those who’d not been seen during the crisis”. No, it was “Run the NHS as lightly loaded as possible, so as to be prepared for the 2nd wave”. I told him viruses didn’t do waves &
...this led to my first, touchingly naive piece in Lockdown Sceptics.
It’s a macabre thought that this might not merely have been a misunderstanding of the (un)reliability of Ferguson’s forecasts. By the way, that group at Imperial still haven’t published their model on 2nd...
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