really feel like hkers and diaspora hkers have to at least communicate and really get to know each other. this isn’t to split us into camps, but the truth is that issues affect us in different ways, and we almost never have the correct context to understand each other’s plight
neither side is “better”, and both sides’ issues are real. but honestly imo until we realize that we experience things differently due to different context (location, politics), we will just be shouting at each other incomprehensible — same words, but different meanings
i want to say everyone is the same and fighting for the same cause — but that’s oversimplifying 😞 we may have the same values, but our individual contexts lead to diff results

imo we do have to keep this difference in mind, otherwise we are not accurately reading the situation
for instance, we in hk might be excited to see other countries getting angry at China — but this does cause immediate issues for diaspora who literally live among those angry people. it means racial violence directly to their faces, which we will never experience in person
of course the reverse holds true for us. i don’t know how to bridge this gap, but imo the most important thing to do is to acknowledge that such a gap or difference exists.

we are on the same team! but we face very different realities. we cannot play only by one set of rules
it is impossible and unfair for hkers to impose our habits/plans on diaspora, and in turn it is also impossible and unfair for them to hold us 100% to their standards. sharing info and sharing tactics is good, but we gotta understand that said tactics might not be translatable

diaspora hkers and local hkers are members of the same team, but we have different local contexts. we cannot apply one set of expectations for both groups.

we gotta at least understand this point to work together cohesively
and ofc there is a new wave of HK diaspora — and these folks may hold the same ideas and values and habits as local hkers, but find themselves in a new diaspora context. will they help bridge the two groups? who knows? but hopefully both sides can help them in this transition 🥺
to stress: this is not about excluding ppl from the group. this isn’t saying “you don’t live here so you’re not one of us.” no, the point is you ARE one of us but the “us” is spread so wide that we experience different contexts. we just gotta be aware of this and act accordingly
yet another clarification: this is not about uncle roger, though it’s clear that there already are different opinions about him lol

• • •

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this but huge fuckin fantasy series
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when the bus is 1 min late i begin to panic thinking i missed it while looking at my phone
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28 Jun 20
i just want to be a dumb kid. maybe worry about climate change, whine about being single. occasionally go out and be irresponsible.

why tf do we have to worry about our tweets landing us in jail, or worse? what did we do to fucking deserve this

why can’t we just be normal kids
i wish we could worry about our clothes being ugly or mismatching or whatever — but now we worry if the color of our shirts will get us arrested

it’s not like i want to be apolitical/ ignorant: i just want to deal w/ issues that don’t fucking involve censorship or jail or worse
i don’t know how else to explain that HK is a city of actual living people who just want to live out their lives. no one dreams of success or wealth or whatever anymore. we just want to survive and live without being in constant fear
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for those who don’t have fb, an update from the BLM protest

this means police are 100% gonna be there and in close proximity to protestors, so be very careful
however this exchange really worried me. can someone who is Safe on facebook explain to her why people are worried???????????? christ almighty asking for proof of safety in hk is not trolling
“let’s avoid drama”, “stop trolling” — i.e. the HKPF are our friends and your concerns are annoying. stop trying to confirm your safety and just don’t show up if you disagree

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