Excellent video, yet - they refer to toxic masculinity as "traditional masculinity" and then source an example of traditional masculinity to argue against toxic masculinity. Aragorn used to be the norm, prior to WW2. @therapy_cinema
The 'limiting masculinity' they talk about can't help striking me as the effect of abandoning tradition, and embracing divorce. Pursuing money, status, treating women as sex objects - that's not part of any traditional culture that I'm familiar with, and I'm a historian.
Furthermore, the dominance and aggression they speak of is usually a result of abusive mothers. This is why the term 'toxic masculinity' is so offensive to some people. Because toxic women caused it, and toxic women use it to accuse others.
Also, something worth noting: At 5:20 they say that a joke from Bill and Ted has aged poorly (I can't repeat it on twitter). But then, at 16:30 they make the same exact joke. Physician heal thyself! Or - maybe come at it from a place of compassion.
Not to mention, that Bill and Ted joke was supposed to elicit laughter. If you find toxic masculinity in an antagonist - or in a foolish/comedic protagonist - the film isn't PROMOTING toxic masculinity, it's RIDICULING it!
You want to see something really toxic? Watch any rap video. And then remember that - before Hollywood got its teeth into it - rap was largely positive and fun. Maybe the problem isn't tradition and the church. Maybe it's Hollywood and modernity.
Despite this, these guys are cool in my book, because they also did a film analysis of what it's like dating a Feminist Male. 😁
I'm partway through that video - I wonder if they'll realize that Bella is BPD? Or why a woman would be attracted to an abusive guy like Vampyre Dude. It's because being desired that deeply gives her great power over him. Codependent power - but power nonetheless.
FTR James Bond was a homosexual heterosexual narcissist fantasy.

In the books, he actually had some character - he was broken by his wife's murder, and became the broken bird, the self-destructive killer, that women could safely love while feeling superior. AKA Loki in Avengers.
Interesting personal insight from their video: most of my relationship troubles begin when the women I'm seeing realize I'm not Edward, I'm actually a compassionate and sensitive human being. Gonna have to think more about this...
At 11:30 they talk about the rush of dating a crazy person - and how it lasts for a couple of weeks, at most. Problem is that sex causes pair-bonding, and then you wind up trying to rekindle a flame that'll never come back. Traditional Marriage FTW.
One more thought: they say several times, "If you enjoy it as junk food entertainment, all the power to you," and I agree in principle - but have you seen the waistline of your average American lately?

The same goes for their psychological state.

• • •

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