In light of that weird ass take abt a lot of n-b people being ~actually cis~ completely derailing an important point abt transmisogyny in trans spaces
Transfems/TMA folks - what are some ways you've noticed transmisogyny perpetuated in trans spaces? What are some things other trans people can do to make those spaces safer for you? What's something you wish other trans people knew about transmisogyny & combatting it?
(no pressure to contribute ofc if you don't have the energy/mental bandwidth rn, etc. If you do want to contribute your experiences/thoughts, thank you in advance for taking the time)
This should go without saying but I don't want to see anyone who doesn't experience transmisogyny questioning in bad faith, talking over TMA folks, sealioning, etc. in the replies.
Quick disclaimer I know not everyone is a fan of TMA/TME terminology, I'm TME so it's not my place to have an opinion on it but I'm using that terminology not to refer to AGAB bc that doesn't map 1:1 onto whether someone is TME.
It's just the most efficient/appropriate term I know of to describe what I'm referring to bc ofc not everyone who is subject to transmisogyny necessarily identifies as transfem
@smallgoodbutchh's acc is locked, but fae made a good point that an idea fae wants to combat is "the idea that transfems are given extra popularity online which makes them privileged so harassing them is punching up" (reposted to be publicly visible with her permission)
Also if you contribute to this thread, I encourage you to drop your payment links/fundraiser links as well, & for any TME folks who find this thread helpful, if you can afford to spare even a small amount, I HEAVILY suggest you tip contributors
This form of educating people is still labour that you deserve to be compensated for
Also if you don't want to explain smth yourself, feel free to drop links to threads or articles you feel explains a concept well, or the @ of an account who regularly makes commentary on transmisogyny you think is valuable (even if that account is your own)
For people who don't know, TMA and TME are abbreviations of transmisogyny affected, and transmisogyny exempt respectively. In this context, by TMA I'm referring to people who are affected by discrimination directed at them because they are/are assumed to be trans women
This includes all trans women & transfems, and some non-transfem AMAB n-b folks, particularly those who are seen as "transgressing against" their assigned gender. It can also include AFAB trans people & trans intersex people who don't necessarily fit either AGAB
But in order for them to be TMA, they would have to experience discrimination specifically because people mistook them for transfeminine (i.e. a transmasc who had been on T and physically "passed" as a man, but presented fem so was mistaken for a trans woman)
(I know there's a little disagreement about the boundaries of who actually falls under the category TMA and I'm not saying this is the absolute definition, just the one I'm using for these purposes)
I'm NOT referring to the types of misogynistic transphobia/transphobic misogyny that is directed at AFAB trans people for their assigned sex/being perceived as women/being perceived as betraying womanhood, etc.
this is an important issue, but not the same as transmisogyny, and trying to claim the word transmisogyny to describe that experience as TME people is inappropriate - it already has a meaning

• • •

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can someone please tell the weird sect of angry 15 y/o kpop twitter that actually it is possible to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and still perpetuate bigotry against other parts of the community
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Big disclaimer RE the alternatives to ableist language thread that I def shouldn't have assumed goes without saying: I'm giving examples of alternative words not just for people to swap them like for like. It's intended as a tool to enable people to criticise harmful behaviour +
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~thread of alternatives to using illnesses as an insult~
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There's a deep irony in B*ck Ang*l going off on one about how He Personally died to reclaim the term queer when he is the epitome of the brand of weak respectability politics that queer was specifically geared to oppose (thread).
I would like to point out that
1. The account he's replying to is not a child - they're 23.
2. Nowhere do they mention the word queer either in the tweet, or in fact in their username, bio, pinned, or anywhere else prominent. So Buck is having a Normal One. Buck Angel replying to a tweet that reads
Queer was deliberately fashioned as a radically inclusive term, including ALL non-normative forms of gender and sexuality. The lack of specificity is intentional - it's broad and all-encompassing, doesn't categorise people into neat, easy to understand boxes, and defines+
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