Law 27 Addendum:

If the leader is forgiven for saying and doing things, that nobody else would ever be forgiven for, it is a cult.
Law 27 Addendum:

Cult Like Behavior:

-The leader is forgiven for doing and saying things, that nobody else would be forgiven for

-The group has a message that is fantastical, and vague. It is vague enough such that each follower can imagine what they want to imagine.
MAGA fits this description...

-Donald Trump is routinely forgiven for doing and saying things that no other American Politician would be forgiven for (Hollywood Access Tape being the most infamous example).

-"Make America Great Again" is the perfect slogan, since it is...
very positive, and very vague; vague enough such that every potential voter can imagine a version of America where life for them is great.
Law 27 Addendum:

Cult leaders are often narcissistic men, and this is because narcissistic men are often very good at appealing to the masses (people with IQs below 120).
MAGA fits the bill on this metric;

Donald Trump displays every warning sign of
narcissistic personality disorder.

• • •

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14 Jan
In America From 1990 - 2020

Both The Leftwing And Rightwing

Went Insane
Leftwing Insanity:

-"Gender Is A Social Construct"

-"IQ Isn't Real"

-Blank Slate Theory Egalitarianism / Cultural Marxism

-"Affirmative Action is fine; it's just holding different candidates to different standards based on which racial group they come from"
Rightwing Insanity:

-"Donald Trump is a psychologically stable human being, rather than a narcissist who is far too egotistical and impulsive to be entrusted with nuclear missiles"

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14 Jan

Psychopaths vs Narcissists/Sociopaths
Note: I use the words 'Sociopath / Sociopathy' and 'Narcissist / Narcissism' interchangeably

-Caused by genetics
-Marked by a dysfunctional or inactive amygdala, within the brain. Psychopathy is a neurological disorder
-Zero Fear (Extremely Low 'Neuroticism')
-Zero Compassion (Extremely Low 'Agreeablness')
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14 Jan
"Corporate Machiavelli, what is your area of expertise?"


-Individual Psychology
-Social Psychology
-Machiavellianism; how to manipulate individuals and groups
My own real world application (Machiavellian Execution) of this knowledge was mainly in the business world, and in managing the politics of my own family.
In terms of analysis (Machiavellian Analyzer), I am at the 99th percentile of ability.

I am exceptionally good at quickly and accurately analyzing the psychologies of individuals and groups.

See the 55 CM Essays for evidence of that.
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13 Jan
Lives Are Not Equally Valuable
If a random banker working in New York is murdered, it is a negative event.

Civilization can go on.

If the President Of The United States is murdered, that destabilizes civilizaiton.

If this happens multiple times, civilization could collapse.
This is why the Capitol Building riot of January 6th, is more disturbing than the Black Lives Matter riots of Summer 2020.
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13 Jan
If You Are A Rightwing American

And You Are Convinced That Doctors Telling You

"Wear A Mask To Shield Yourself From The Virus"

Counts As 'Oppression'

I Just Want You To Know

You Have Had An Incredibly Easy Life
1940 America:

US Government: "All Fighting Age Men Will Be Drafted And Must Risk Their Lives In Combat To Defeat The Nazis and Japanese."

Rightwing Americans: "This Is An Acceptable Use Of Government Power"
2020 America:

US Government: "Maybe We Should Mandate People Wear Masks To Contain A Virus"

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13 Jan
Suppose I recorded a podcast with someone, and then I asked that they not publish it, for anonymity purposes, and they *refused* to *not* publish it.

Am I correct to be outraged?
This was a hypothetical question; not an actual situation I am dealing with.

It was a test.

A lot of you failed.

Miserably, and publicly.
I sometimes ask moral questions that *should* be very easy.

If you get it right, my opinion of you does not change positively, or negatively.

If you get it wrong, I mentally note that you are
*Not Trustworthy*.

It is embarrassing how easily people fall into this test.
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